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Liaoning Sports Vocational and Technical College

Liaoning Provincial Sports Technical College was established in 1985 with the approval of the provincial government. In 1999, it was approved by the Provincial Department of Education to train full-time general higher vocational college students (college code 12591). It is a provincial institution that trains and trains outstanding athletes and high-level sports. Sports colleges for professional talents, the college has two majors: social sports and sports training. After many years of teaching, training and scientific research practice, all aspects have reached a considerable scale and achieved gratifying results. The college has 24 sports teams in 9 sports including ball games, judo, wrestling, swimming, weightlifting, badminton, table tennis, and tennis. It has successively cultivated world-renowned athletes such as Wang Junxia, Sun Fuming, Ding Meiyuan, and Wang Nan, and cultivated 14 athletes in total. Olympic champion; 56 people won 151 world championships; 119 people won 220 Asian championships; 1,216 people won 1067 national championships. They have cultivated a large number of outstanding competitive sports talents for the country and Liaoning. "Cradle of Champions" has been awarded "Outstanding Contribution Unit" by the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government many times.

The college is located on the bank of the beautiful Nanhu Lake, adjacent to Northeastern University in the east, and the ring road in the west, echoing the north and south of Hunhe Paradise. The college covers an area of 140,000 square meters, with two teaching buildings of 7,741 square meters and 10,62 square meters. Student dormitory, 3,884 square meters of student canteen, 64,1,500 square meters of various modern sports venues, such as swimming pool, gymnastics hall, basketball and volleyball hall, tennis hall, football field, track and field, etc.; the college has a computer center, voice Room, physiological anatomy laboratory, massage room, library, reference room, and equipped with necessary teaching facilities, can be used for nearly 2,000 people to live in school for study and training.

Over the years, the college has adhered to the party's educational policy, adhered to the path of running a school with characteristics, constantly updated the concept of running a school, deepened education and teaching reform, and has new developments in terms of school efficiency, training quality, teaching conditions, management mode, and system construction; The college attaches great importance to quality education, continuously optimizes the knowledge structure of students, and focuses on cultivating students' practical ability and innovative consciousness.

   The academy has strong faculty and talents. Dozens of excellent coaches have coached national teams at all levels. There are 158 full-time and dual-qualified teachers in the college, including 6 professors, 25 associate professors, 22 lecturers, and 9 teaching assistants. They can better guarantee the teaching. Quality, complete the teaching task. In addition, our school has also hired famous professors from Shenyang Institute of Physical Education, Northeastern University and other schools to teach some courses, which has promoted academic exchanges between schools and promoted the improvement of teaching standards.

In order to stimulate students' enthusiasm and enterprising spirit, the college has implemented a scholarship system. While strengthening theoretical and practical teaching, it also focuses on the cultivation of comprehensive abilities. It also cooperates with the Provincial Labor Department, the Provincial Sports Bureau and the Municipal Sports Bureau to invite experts. Lectures, through technical appraisal, for students to handle grade certificates for massage, track and field referees, football referees, basketball referees, volleyball referees and social sports instructors, which greatly improved the students' competitiveness in employment. The college implements standardized management, and adopts measures to reward the best and punish the poor to encourage students to develop good behaviors and ideological qualities. In order to facilitate student life, the college has continuously improved its logistic service system and equipped each room in the student apartment with TV, telephone, desk, chair, wardrobe and other facilities. The campus environment is clean, safe and orderly. The college also regularly organizes cultural and sports activities such as speech contests, talent shows, calligraphy, essays, fun sports games, etc. The campus culture is vivid and colorful, and the entire college is full of a strong atmosphere of sports culture.

   In order to satisfy the students' desire to continue their studies, with the support of the Provincial Department of Education in 2001, our college has successively negotiated with Liaoning Normal University, Anshan Normal University, Shenyang Sports College, and Shenyang University to establish a "college-graded viaduct". In the past 6 years, our college’s graduates have been promoted to the above-mentioned undergraduate colleges and continue to study a total of 168 people. The admission rate ranks first among all schools. In 2006, the Shenyang Institute of Physical Education recruited 30 graduates from our school in the 2006 college promotion plan, which fully proved our school's strong ability to run a school.

   The good wind relies on its strength to set sail in time. In the new century, the college will be guided by the spirit of the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the important thinking of the "Three Represents", under the correct leadership of the Provincial Department of Education and the Provincial Sports Bureau, take advantage of the vigorous development of China’s sports industry and seize Opportunities, deepening reforms, advancing with the times, based on the present, focusing on the future, taking education as the foundation, teaching as the center, striving for survival by quality, and promoting development by innovation. The school motto of "seeking truth" will make a greater contribution to the development of physical education and the realization of the strategy of revitalizing the northeast old industrial base!