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Liaoning Vocational and Technical College of Metallurgy

Liaoning Metallurgical Vocational and Technical College is a provincial full-time general higher vocational school approved by the People's Government of Liaoning Province, registered by the Ministry of Education, and organized by Bengang Group. It is the only metallurgical higher vocational college in Liaoning Province.

The predecessor of    College was the Apprentice School of Benxi Coal and Iron Company, founded in 1950, and later changed its name to Benxi Iron and Steel Company Technical School and Benxi Metallurgical Advanced Technical School. In 2004, it merged with Benxi Iron and Steel Health School and changed its name to Liaoning Metallurgical Technician College. Liaoning Metallurgical Vocational and Technical College was established in January 2009 on the basis of the merger and reorganization with Benxi Iron and Steel Education and Training Center (Benxi Iron and Steel Workers College of Engineering). After years of accumulation and accumulation, the college has formed a unique school-running feature. Has been awarded "Liaoning Province Vocational Education Advanced Group", "National Vocational Training Textbook Construction Outstanding Contribution Award", "National Excellent Vocational Skills Appraisal Institute", "National High-skilled Talent Training Demonstration Base", "Liaoning Province Generalized System of Employment Training" "Teacher Training Base" and "National Top 100 Enterprise Training Units" titles.

   For half a century, the college has relied on industry advantages to build core competitiveness, and gradually formed a higher vocational professional framework that combines science and engineering with distinctive characteristics, and now offers 21 higher vocational majors. The college consists of the Department of Metallurgical Engineering, Department of Automation and Control, Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Information Engineering, Department of Management Engineering, and Department of Ideological and Political Affairs. , Technical service qualification internship factory (Yitong Management Industry) and Gaoyuan Company are a multi-functional talent training base integrating vocational education, party school training, and production technical services.

The college has strong teachers, advanced teaching equipment and first-class teaching facilities. It has 34 on-campus training bases integrating teaching, training, and production technology services. It is equipped with 1,468 sets of various training equipment, which satisfies the integration of students' theory and practice. Teaching. The college has a superior school environment, advanced teaching infrastructure, and integrates modernization, digitalization and landscaping, which has laid a solid foundation for talent training.

   The college has a variety of vocational skills training, assessment and certification qualifications, and implements a "dual certificate" system. Students can also obtain corresponding vocational skills qualification certificates while obtaining graduation certificates. The college has a vocational skill appraisal office, which undertakes the vocational training appraisal work for the primary, intermediate, advanced, and technician levels of 17 occupations including electrician, fitter, welder, and turner in Benxi City.

  In the education and teaching, the college establishes the concept of "Emotional Quotient is more important than IQ, Skills is more important than knowledge", adhering to the school motto of "Humanism, Learning, Honesty, and Perfection", and actively cultivate the "craftsman spirit" of students. In order to further highlight the iron and steel characteristics of the college and create superior majors, the college adheres to the road of “school-enterprise cooperation, integration of engineering and learning”. Enterprise cooperation has established a long-term and stable off-campus training base. Adopt a variety of talent training models such as directional enrollment and order training to truly combine theoretical teaching with field practice, and combine internship training with job needs to jointly cultivate skilled talents.

  The college has a long-standing reputation in the province with a very high employment rate, and has established a good social reputation, ensuring that our students can find a better employment unit before graduation. Successively with Benxi Iron and Steel Group, Shougang Group, Baosteel Group, Liaoning Lingyuan Iron and Steel Group Company, Northeast Special Steel Group, Tianjin Rongcheng Iron and Steel Group, Shandong Rizhao Iron and Steel Group, Zhongtian Iron and Steel Group, Qingdao Haier Group, Hebei Cangzhou China Railway Equipment Company, More than 40 well-known domestic enterprises such as China (Non-ferrous) Metallurgical Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. and MCC Jingcheng Yingkou Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. have established long-term employment cooperation relationships. The employment rate of college graduates has remained above 90%, ranking the forefront of similar universities in the province.

   An excellent vocational and technical college is far more than just teaching and educating people. Its greater effectiveness is to contribute and provide services to the cultivation of talents and economic growth of a city and a region. The new positioning of "relying on Bengang, based on the industry, serving regions, and facing the whole country" has enriched the wings of the college to take off. At present, the college is comprehensively promoting education reform and development, striving to build a "domestic well-known, industry-leading, and distinctive higher vocational college", and is committed to serving regional political, economic, cultural, social and ecological civilization construction.