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Shenyang Beiruan Information Vocational and Technical College

Shenyang Beiruan Information Vocational and Technical College was established with the approval of the Ministry of Education in March 2012. Its predecessor was the Northern Software College of Shenyang Aerospace University, the first batch of provincial demonstration software colleges established in 2001. The college is located at No. 53, Shenbei Road, Shenbei New District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province.

Since its establishment, it has formed a production, academy, and research talent training and employment base that integrates research and development, talent training, and achievement industrialization. It closely integrates professional practice and creates multiple teaching practice platforms, namely, the Gewei collaborative translation production line (national-level). Teaching practice platform), aeroengine knowledge-based design support platform (national defense special teaching practice platform), process regulation collaborative preparation platform (national defense special teaching practice platform), special information platform (provincial special teaching practice platform), grid-micro collaborative collaboration platform (Provincial special teaching practice platform), digital ecological campus platform (provincial special teaching practice platform), intelligent inspection cloud platform (provincial special teaching practice platform), forming a characteristic computer application professional group (provincial demonstration major) , Aviation engineering professional group (computer + numerical control + aviation), business management professional group (computer + foreign language + business), digital media animation professional group (computer + creative design). Cultivated more than 10,000 large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, information industry, modern service industry, and new-type industrialized enterprises in the fields of national defense, ordnance, aerospace, equipment manufacturing, software "Internet +" applications, computer, aviation, and numerical control , E-commerce, foreign language and digital media professionals are an important base for training skilled leading talents and practical talents in Liaoning Province. As the only vocational technical college with aviation characteristics in Liaoning Province, it is a transportation base for Chinese aviation companies in urgent need of talents. As a leader in the software development and software service industry, it is an important base for training software development talents in Liaoning Province. As a pioneer in the integration of industrialization and industrialization in the country, it is an important base for the integration of industrialization and industrialization in the Shenyang Economic Zone. It has undertaken a number of major national projects and is the largest collaborative translation base for engineering documents in China. With a high proportion of graduates entering colleges and universities, it is a high-quality student base for colleges and universities in the province to transport talents. Beisoft’s innovation and entrepreneurship practice base "Youth Number Crowd-creating Space" is a comprehensive service platform for crowdsourcing and crowd-creating college students.

Since its establishment, the college has given full play to the advantages of the school-running system, always upholds the educational concepts of "love education" and "happy learning", closely integrates the needs of the country and Liaoning regional economic and social development, and follows the training rules of skilled talents and the physical and mental health of higher vocational students. Characteristics, determined to reform, comprehensively innovate the talent training model, pay equal attention to both "teaching" and "education", to focus on skills, to take multiple measures, and to focus on quality.

Since its establishment, the school has been adhering to the school motto of “getting knowledge by studying things, knowing the little ones”, and always insisting on governing the school according to the law and standardizing the running of the school. With "resource sharing, diversified and open, efficient and practical, striving for first-class" as the development goal, the school spirit of "gratitude, patriotism, truth-seeking and innovation" has been formed, the teaching style of "learning, learning, learning, thinking and prospering", and "advocating morality and practice" "Inspirational" style of study. The trinity progressive moral education system of "grateful, patriotic, and inspirational" led by the concept of "Education of Love" and the "open" teaching management system led by the concept of "Happy Learning" have become distinctive school-running features. It demonstrates the huge advantages of new schools, new systems, new ideas, new models, new practices, and new results. School-running practice has achieved excellent results. It has successively won the first prize of the National University Internet Application Innovation Competition, the China Software Cup University Software Design Competition with three second prizes and two third prizes, and the Liaoning Provincial Teaching Achievement Award two second and third prizes There are five awards, two first prizes and more than ten second and third prizes in the Liaoning Vocational College Skills Competition, and more than ten first, second and third prizes in the Shenyang Vocational College Skills Competition; the computer application technology major was rated as a provincial in 2014 Class Demonstration Major, Computer Professional Group was selected into the high-level characteristic professional group of vocational education in Liaoning Province in 2017, becoming the only representative of private higher vocational colleges in the province.

The college has a computer department, a modern business and management department, a aviation engineering department, a digital media department, a discipline inspection department, a party committee organization department, a party committee propaganda department, a party committee united front department, a party and government office (human resources department), and an ideological and political course teaching and research department , Labor Education and Research Department, Sports Education and Research Department, Aesthetic Education and Art Education and Research Department, Employment Guidance Teaching and Research Department, Student Work Department (Armed Department), Security Department, Educational Affairs Department, Teaching Supervision Group, Admissions and Employment Department, Development Planning Department, Logistics Management Office, Practice Center, Information and Network Center, Quality Assurance System Diagnosis and Improvement Office, Production and Education Integration Office, Youth League Committee and other units.

The college currently has 21 majors and directions, namely software technology, computer application technology, big data technology, e-commerce, digital media technology, aircraft mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance, animation production technology, applied English (foreign affairs), mobile application development, Numerical control technology (integration of two industrializations), civil aviation safety technology management, drone application technology, business data analysis and application, mechanical design and manufacturing, mobile commerce, cross-border e-commerce, cloud computing technology application, rural e-commerce, architectural interior design , Internet marketing and e-commerce live broadcast, flight attendant.

The college and its organizer, Shenyang Gewei Software Co., Ltd. (referred to as Gewei Company), have carried out in-depth production and education integration, school-enterprise cooperation, and implemented dual education for all majors in the college. Gewei Company is a high-tech enterprise with the integration of industrialization and industrialization, military-civilian integration, and industry-education integration as its core business. A production, learning, and research base integrating research and development, talent training, and achievement industrialization. As a multi-language collaborative translation technology national and local joint engineering laboratory (national innovation platform) and the Ministry of Education approved and listed in the early key construction and cultivation of the integration of industry and education enterprises (national level), Gewei is a company facing Beisoft and the city. Software and big data talents in other universities and related industries in the province and in the province, as well as the training and innovation talent incubation base for the integration of the two applications, the machine translation industry base and the translation talent training base.

In the critical period when the industrial Internet has entered the fast lane of development, the "On-chain Liaoning Industry Map and Production Factor Service Platform" of Shenyang Gewei Company, the academy’s industry-education integration unit, has served 11,000 enterprises across the province, and 10,000 enterprises above designated size are in the same city. Soft carry out in-depth "integration of production and education", and set up order-oriented training classes. To ensure that the students of Beiruan can get a good job and get a good job. At present, the employment rate of fresh graduates in our college ranks third among more than 100 colleges and universities in the province, and all enrollment majors in our college are 100% recommended employment units.