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Fushun Vocational and Technical College

Fushun Vocational and Technical College and Fushun Teachers Technical College are full-time public institutions of higher learning approved by the Ministry of Education; Liaoning Provincial Higher Vocational Education Reform and Development Demonstration School; Vocational Education Training Supported by the Central Finance as determined by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance Base; a national demonstration training base for vocational education and training in the petroleum and chemical industry determined by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association.

The college (school) is located in Wangli Street, Shenfu New District, in the core area of the Northeast Revitalization "One Belt and Five Bases" development. It is one step away from Shenyang, the capital of Liaoning Province. Modern trams, subways, and bus lines extend in all directions. It is a modern exterior design. An innovative campus with intelligent internal facilities and ecological garden landscape. The college covers an area of 740 acres and has a building area of 172,000 square meters. It is a comprehensive modern higher vocational college with functions of teaching and practical training.

While strengthening teacher education, the college (school) relies on the new petrochemical materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, environmental protection equipment, biotechnology, Industrial clusters such as technology and modern service industries and industrial clusters such as petrochemical power equipment, industrial robots, Internet of Things, auto parts, etc. vigorously carry out higher vocational education, and carry out product research and development, project cooperation, talent training, scientific and technological research, etc. with more than 40 large-scale enterprises In-depth school-enterprise cooperation.

The college (school) has a digital library, more than 100 modern on-campus laboratories and training bases, more than 150 off-campus training bases, and can carry out vocational skills appraisal for 50 types of work.

The college (school) has a total of 14 teaching departments and 43 enrollment majors, with petrochemicals, construction engineering, mechanical equipment manufacturing, preschool education, elementary school teacher education and modern service industries as the main body, covering chemical engineering, construction, teacher education, and materials And energy, manufacturing, electronic information, economic management, art, Internet of Things and other categories. There are currently 7 provincial-level teaching teams; 2 national-level professional construction leaders, 5 provincial-level professional construction leaders; 2 national outstanding teachers, 3 provincial-level teaching teachers, provincial-level talent training model reform and innovation experimental zone 1 There are 3 provincial-level docking industrial cluster demonstration majors, 8 provincial vocational education innovative training bases, 3 vocational education training bases supported by the central government; 2 central professional service industry development capabilities enhancement projects; national and provincial quality products 13 courses. The college (school) has a team of teachers with doctoral and master's degrees as the backbone and double-qualified teachers as the main body. We hired Qing history expert Yan Chongnian and other well-known domestic scholars to serve as visiting professors, and hired a group of workers and technical stars represented by "National Mechanical Seal King" Zhao Linyuan as student skill instructors, and established a professional steering committee with corporate senior management and technical experts as the main body. A school-enterprise cooperation platform of "government-led, industry-led, and college-advanced" has been constructed, and the enterprise participates in the teaching and management of the college (school) throughout the entire process. Based on the teaching reform based on the work process, various teaching models highlighting vocational skills training, such as "work-learning alternation", "order training", and "competition training", have been adopted. The theoretical teaching and practical teaching have achieved remarkable results. , National Mathematical Modeling Contest, National College English Contest, Liaoning Province Automobile Skills Competition, Liaoning Province CNC Skills, Mitsubishi Electric Cup and other competitions have achieved excellent results.

The college (school) has jointly run schools with China University of Political Science and Law, Dongbei University of Finance and Economics and many other well-known universities, and provides students with undergraduate learning pathways such as higher vocational promotion (college to undergraduate), self-study exam, Open Distance Education, and Open Education of TV University.

The college (school) cooperates with Pohang University in South Korea, Hanlin Sacred Heart University, Shilla University in South Korea, Kyungsung University in South Korea, Iwaki Japan-China Friendship Association, etc., and cooperates with the United States, Germany, Australia, Canada, Finland, Belgium and other countries. Many universities have established friendly cooperative relations and exchanged students with each other.

The student employment rate has stabilized at more than 95%. The college (school) has signed employment agreements with more than 100 large-scale enterprises in Fushun Petrochemical New City and Shenfu New City. Graduates have worked in China Shenhua, China National Petroleum Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Sinopec, China Metallurgical Corporation, Dalian Intel Corporation, Oracle Corporation, Mitsubishi Electric, Sany Heavy Industry, Beiqi Foton, Beijing Diaoyutai State Guest House, Beijing BOE, Qingdao Haier, Guangzhou Yabao Education Group, Yiwu Northeast Chamber of Commerce, Dalian Aierfang Kindergarten, Shenyang Liuyi Kindergarten and many other high-quality enterprises are employed.

The college (school) has been awarded by the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government for many consecutive years as Liaoning Provincial Civilized School, Liaoning Province Vocational Education Advanced Unit, Liaoning Province Employment Work Innovation Unit, Liaoning Province Employment Work Advanced Group, Liaoning Province Scientific Research Advanced Unit, Liaoning Province Safe Campus , Honorary titles such as Advanced Collective of Ideological Work in Colleges and Universities in Liaoning Province.