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Liaoning Geological Engineering Vocational College

Liaoning Geological Engineering Vocational College is a full-time general university approved by the People’s Government of Liaoning Province and filed by the Ministry of Education. It is a full-time general university focusing on the training of professional talents in land and resources. It is the only higher vocational college named after geology in my country. Higher vocational colleges.

Over the years, the college has adhered to the socialist direction of running a school, following the school-running philosophy of "taking morality as the foundation, reform and innovation as the driving force, characteristic quality as the core, and service development as the purpose", focusing on the integration of industry and education, and led the establishment of Liaoning. The Geological and Mining Vocational Education Group promotes the precise connection between the education supply side and the industry demand side, and has formed a professional pattern of "for the job group of the land and resources industry, with resource majors as the main body, and the development of other majors assisted by serving the local area".

The college covers an area of 335,000 square meters, with a building area of 118,000 square meters, and 7,334 higher vocational students. There are 10 departments including the Department of Resources, Department of Surveying and Mapping Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Electrical, Department of Architecture, Department of Environment and Ecology, Department of Animation and Film, Department of Economics and Trade, Department of Basic Education, Department of Sports, and Department of Ideological and Political Education. There are 25 majors in mineral geology and exploration, gem identification and processing, engineering measurement technology, construction engineering technology, and mechatronics technology. Among them, the three majors of gem identification and processing, construction engineering technology, and mechatronics technology are provincial demonstration majors, and mineral geology and prospecting are high-level characteristic majors in Liaoning Province.

The college has a total of 250 faculty members, among which 73 are associate professors or above, and 82% are full-time teachers with a master's degree or above. There are 22 provincial and municipal-level famous teachers, professional leaders and key teachers, 3 Dandong 100 natural science leaders, 28 Dandong science and technology review experts, 23 college-level professional leaders, and the proportion of "double-teacher" quality teachers is up to 86%.

The college has built 14 comprehensive training bases on campus that integrate "talent training, social training, vocational skills appraisal, innovation and entrepreneurship, and technical services". Among them, the central government supports gem identification and processing, electrical engineering and electronics, animation design and It has produced 3 national-level vocational education training bases, 6 provincial financial support training bases, 156 on-campus internship training rooms, and more than 80 off-campus training bases.

The college actively promotes the school-enterprise cooperation mechanism of “shared talents, shared process, shared results, and shared responsibility”, innovatively implemented the Liaodi-style tutor system, implemented the “35+10” teaching model, and continuously improved the “order training” and “ A variety of talent training models such as "integration of work and study", "internship", "modern apprenticeship", etc., vigorously promote the "dual-certificate" system, and the rate of graduates obtaining vocational qualification certificates for positions reached 98%, which has improved students' vocational ability and employment competitiveness . In recent years, more than 300 awards have been won in skill competitions at the provincial level and above, and the average employment rate of graduates is 97.6%, which ranks among the top in the province.

The college insists on serving the needs of the land and resources industry and regional economic and social development, and the quality of services has been continuously improved. The college is the staff training base of China's non-ferrous metal industry, the talent training base of Liaoning Geological Exploration and Mining Group, the training base of special equipment operators in Dandong, the eighth vocational skill appraisal institute of Dandong, and the jewelry testing center of Dandong. Awarded as a demonstration base for employee education and training.

The college adheres to the fundamental task of cultivating people by virtue, and continuously strengthens the connotation construction, and has achieved remarkable results. The college has successively won honorary titles such as the National Home of Model Workers, the Top Ten Units of Professional Ethics Construction in Liaoning Province, the May 1st Award of Liaoning Province, the "Safe Campus" of Liaoning Province, the Advanced Unit of Spiritual Civilization Creation of Liaoning Province, and the Advanced Unit of Ideological and Political Work in Liaoning Province .

The college adheres to the school motto of "Being loyal to learning, advocating truth and seeking innovation", closely focusing on the goals and requirements of modern vocational education, further condensing characteristics, enhancing connotation, and scientific development, for the local economic construction, Liaoning new round of comprehensive revitalization, The development of the resource industry provides strong technical support and talent support.