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Liaoning Vocational and Technical College of Mechatronics

Liaoning Vocational and Technical College of Mechatronics is an engineering higher vocational college approved by the People's Government of Liaoning Province and filed by the Ministry of Education. The school was founded in 1965, and its predecessor was the Liaoning Instrument and Meter Industry School, a national key technical secondary school. In 2002, it was independently upgraded to a higher vocational technical college. It is now the construction unit of a high-level professional group with Chinese characteristics, the second batch of national demonstration universities for deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform, the national high-quality junior vocational colleges, the first batch of 1+X certificate system pilot institutions in the country, and the national key construction vocational education teacher training Training base, national numerical control technology shortage talent training base, national machinery industry backbone vocational colleges, national machinery industry school-enterprise cooperation and talent training outstanding vocational colleges, national machinery industry service advanced manufacturing high-level backbone vocational colleges, the first batch of national demonstrations Sex Vocational Education Group (Alliance) Cultivation Unit, Ministry of Education’s first batch of educational informatization pilot construction units, Ministry of Education’s third batch of modern apprenticeship pilot units, Liaoning Province Vocational Education Reform and Development Demonstration School, Liaoning Province Vocational Education High-level Modern Higher Vocational Education The establishment of a school for the establishment of a school.

The college is a higher vocational college with "engineering majors as the main body, electromechanical and instrumentation majors as its characteristics, and full-time academic education, vocational training, and scientific research and technical services." There are two campuses, Langtou and Meter Park. The campus covers an area of 572 acres with a total construction area of 190,400 square meters.

The college has Department of Automatic Control, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Materials Engineering, Department of Information Engineering, Huafu Instrument College, Huanghai Automotive Engineering College, Northern Gold and Jewelry College, Innovation and Entrepreneurship College, Marxism College, Basic Teaching Department, Physical Education Department, 12 teaching units including the University Quality Education Center. There are 9 professional groups including intelligent control technology, instrumentation technology, equipment manufacturing technology, material molding technology, Internet technology, digital media technology, automotive engineering technology, jewelry processing, manufacturing service industry, and 32 enrollment majors (directions).

The college currently has 10,346 full-time students and 476 faculty members, including 177 teachers with senior professional titles. The proportion of professional teachers is 84.6%. It has one of the first batch of leading teaching teams for advanced manufacturing in the national machinery industry vocational education services, one national "dual-teacher" training base, one national vocational education teacher teaching innovation construction team, four provincial-level excellent teaching teams, and provincial-level colleges and universities 9 famous teaching teachers, 5 provincial professional leaders, 5 outstanding young backbone teachers in provincial universities, 1 provincial "dual teacher type" famous teacher studio, 1 provincial teacher skill inheritance innovation platform; with provincial "tens of millions" Talent Project" has 1 talent at 1,000 levels and 38 talents at 10,000 levels; 1 National May 1st Labor Medal, and 17 members of the Vocational Education and Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, Machinery and other industries.

The college’s existing teaching equipment is worth 153,688,900 yuan. It has 7 training bases supported by the central government and 12 provincial finances, 1 public large-scale training base, 10 innovative training bases, and 181 on-campus training bases. Training room and 135 high-quality off-campus training bases. In the past three years, students have participated in the skill competition and have won more than 200 awards at the provincial level and above. Among them, more than 40 awards have been won in the National Vocational College Skills Competition.

The college has 4 key professional sites for national teacher training bases, 5 national vocational skills appraisal institutes and various national examination sites, 26 appraisal examination jobs, and an average of 20,000 vocational technical training and skill appraisal examinations. There is a university science and technology park, 4 public technical service centers and 11 school-enterprise collaborative innovation centers. Among them, the Intelligent Detection and Control Technology Collaborative Innovation Center and the Equipment Service Technology Collaborative Innovation Center are the National Technology Collaborative Innovation Center. In the past three years, it has carried out more than 300 technical service projects, obtained 220 patents, and received more than 13 million yuan in technical services, and was awarded the honorary title of "Excellent Service Organization in Liaoning Province".

The college has established a long-term and stable internship and employment base with more than 200 enterprises in the province. The employment units include Aviation Industry Shenfei Company, China Aviation Development Liming Company, Anshan Iron and Steel Group Company, Bochuan Group Company, Shengu Group Company, Yizhong Group Company , Linggang Group, Shenyang Xinsong Robot Company, Dalian Hengli Petrochemical Company, BMW Brilliance and other leading enterprises in the equipment manufacturing industry in the province. The year-end employment rates of graduates in the past three years were 97.48%, 98.11%, and 98.72%. The college served as a representative of higher vocational colleges to make typical exchange speeches at the provincial employment work conference for four consecutive years.

The college is committed to the characteristic development path of "the joint development of district schools and enterprises, and the combination of production, education and research". Dandong Huafu Group co-founded Huafu Instrument College, and built a regional innovation and entrepreneurship education platform-Dandong New District Innovation and Entrepreneurship College through the "government, school and enterprise" cooperation. The Liaoning Instrument Vocational Education Group, led by the college, was established by the Provincial Department of Education as the first exemplary vocational education group in our province.

In recent years, the college has successively won the "National Huang Yanpei Excellent School Award", "Provincial Vocational Education Advanced Collective", "Provincial Civilized Unit", "Provincial Safe Campus", "Provincial College Propaganda and Ideological Work Advanced Collective", and "Three Outstanding Social Practice Team of the Youth League Central Committee" "Provincial Advanced Youth League Committee", "Provincial University Health Supervision Quantitative Hierarchical Management A-level School", "Provincial Drug Prevention Education Demonstration School" and other honorary titles. (Party and Government Office updated in April 2021)