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Dalian Automotive Vocational and Technical College

Dalian Automobile Vocational and Technical College is a provincial full-time general higher vocational college approved by the People’s Government of Liaoning Province and filed by the Ministry of Education. It is an advanced unit of vocational education in Dalian, a municipal automobile training base, a national vocational skill appraisal agency, and Dalian safety Advanced campus unit. The college is located in Dalian City, Liaoning Province. It is the earliest higher vocational and technical college established in Liaoning Province with a name for the automotive industry.

Dalian is the world-renowned romantic capital, the second largest city in Liaoning Province, the first city in the country to establish development zones, and a new automobile industry city in my country. Dalian is a modern coastal city suitable for reading, living, working, and entrepreneurship due to its mild climate, convenient transportation, developed economy and rich products.

The college has two departments, namely, the Department of Automotive Technology, Department of Automotive Services, Department of Public Basics, and Department of Ideological and Political Affairs. Equipped with vehicle inspection and maintenance technology, new energy vehicle technology, automotive electronics technology, automotive body maintenance technology, traffic operation management, automotive manufacturing and assembly technology, automotive marketing and services, logistics management, insurance, asset evaluation and management, accounting, and the Internet 12 majors including finance.

The college has a team of excellent teachers with high quality, high skills, and high professional titles composed of associate professors, senior lecturers, and senior technicians. Among them, there are 20 teachers with the title of associate professor or above, many of them are academic leaders in Dalian, and many teachers from the college have participated in the compilation of the nationally compiled textbooks for many times. At the same time, the college also hires experts and scholars to teach in undergraduate colleges, research institutes, and large enterprises inside and outside the province.

The college set up majors closely around the industrial chain of automobile production, processing, sales, and technical services in the regional economy, with the largest automobile production base in the country, FAW-Volkswagen, the largest automobile engine production base in the country, Volkswagen FAW Engine, and the top ten domestic automobile companies—— Zhongsheng Group, Pangda Group and many other large-scale automobile enterprises cooperated in running schools, introduced advanced enterprise equipment into the campus, introduced real products into the workshop, introduced enterprise elites and experts to the stage, and realized “there are factories in the school and factories in the school” through the “three introductions”. A new model of school-enterprise cooperation based on "China has schools".

The college highlights practical training links, strengthens skill training, and uses real product production as the carrier to provide practical teaching plans, syllabus, teaching materials, "three-type" teachers, training experimental sites, combination of work and learning, teaching quality assurance system, and teaching assessment The evaluation system promotes the integration of classroom and workshop, the integration of students and technicians, the integration of lecturers and technicians, and the integration of teaching and technical services. Make sure that students will be employed after graduation, and that they will become talents.

The college adheres to the training model of "integrity of virtue and ability, integration of theory and practice, combination of work and study, and part-time study". It is guided by "establishing a school with characteristics, governing a school with experts, building a school with concepts, and strengthening a school with specialties". The school style is based on truth-seeking and harmonious endeavor. It takes "finding the best development space and satisfactory work for students" as its own responsibility, and fully implements "service as the purpose, employment-oriented, industry-based support, and student ability training". "The idea of running a school as the core is to cultivate high-quality, high-skilled and practical talents that meet the needs of production, management and service in Dalian, Liaoning and even the whole country with the automobile industry as the main body, and embark on a unique development path for higher vocational education in China.

The college cooperates with undergraduate colleges of the same major in the province, and students in our college can go to Liaoning University of Technology, Shenyang University of Technology, Shenyang University and other full-time undergraduates to continue their studies.

Our college has participated in the National Vocational Skills Competition for 11 consecutive years, and has won 57 medals of various kinds as of this year, which has greatly improved the quality of vocational skills education and the employment rate of graduates has reached 100%. In the past few years, our hospital has not only won honors for the provinces and cities where it is located, but also laid a solid foundation for its own construction and development, created conditions for the delivery of high-quality and skilled talents to the automobile market, solved problems for the government, and made positive contributions to solving social employment. Contribution.

The Chinese automobile industry, which is rising strongly, has unprecedentedly broad development prospects. It is a vigorous and prosperous sunrise industry. It urgently needs all kinds of professional and technical talents. Dalian Automotive Vocational and Technical College will let you fly with your ideals. Flying in the tide of industrial development!