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Dalian Vocational College of Business

The college is located in Dalian, a coastal city with pleasant climate and beautiful scenery. The college covers an area of 300 acres, with a building area of more than 60,000 square meters. The college currently has a comprehensive teaching building, 2 professional teaching buildings, 3 student apartments, 1 star foreign teaching building, 1 lawn football field, 10 standard blue and volleyball courts. There are 10 departments, 48 3 majors; 4 training centers, 2 affiliated schools. There are various modes of running schools such as the pilot national academic qualification examination, higher education self-study examination, distance education, and open education. After graduation, students will be awarded a nationally recognized college or undergraduate diploma. The college has established close cooperative relationship with many famous universities at home and abroad.

Cooperate with the University of Houston in the United States. The students will study in this college for the first two years, and then study in the United States for the next two years (the 98th class of students are going abroad). After completing the courses, they can obtain a bachelor's degree from the University of Houston. , And can apply for a master's degree.

In addition, the college has established close relationships with Central Television University, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Jilin Institute of the Arts and other related institutions, and has good cooperation projects. The college also cooperates with Renmin University of China to hold a Master of Business Administration (MBA) seminar to train senior management talents for various enterprises and companies, and can apply for a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

The college has made extensive contacts with labor and personnel departments, enterprises and institutions inside and outside the province, strengthened the employment guidance and placement force, and signed appointments with some units such as China Electronics Leasing Corporation, Wanghao Group, and Harbin Foreign Trade Group Corporation. contract.

The college will waive 30% of the tuition fees when enrolling students who reach the score of the college entrance examination. The college also establishes scholarships (Wanghao Group Scholarship, Dalian International Investment Company Scholarship Fund) to reward students with excellent academic performance. The college established the "Work-study Center" to create opportunities for students to work-study, understand and adapt to society.

Dalian International Business College is based on the principle of "high starting point, high standards" and its unique school model has attracted the attention of all walks of life and won praise from many peers. It is now in the ranks of famous universities in the country. The Ministry of Education, the Provincial Education Commission, and provincial and municipal leaders attach great importance to the college and identify the college as a window unit and a pilot college.

This is the vibrant and hopeful Dalian International Business College! Welcome students and parents to visit and guide!