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Liaoning Vocational University of Technology

Liaoning Vocational University of Science and Technology is located in the Binhai New District of Jinzhou City, surrounded by mountains and the sea, with a beautiful environment. The school implements the strategy of “administering the school in accordance with the law, building the school politically, strengthening the school with talents, building a school with culture, establishing a school with quality, innovating and rejuvenating the school, safeguarding the school with safety, and creating a prestigious school”. Follow and explore the law of vocational undergraduate education, adhere to the guidance of social needs, improve the education mechanism of integration of production and education, combination of morality and technology, and combination of work and study, and cultivate high-level technical skills with a sense of social responsibility, innovation, craftsmanship, and practical ability Talents serve the regional economic and social development and the strategy of strengthening the country with talents. The school has an excellent team of teachers, a sound management system, and a strict discipline mechanism. There are nine professional groups in organic electricity, automobile, construction, computer, software, finance, commerce, tourism, and nursing. In 2020, there will be 6 undergraduate majors and 23 junior college majors enrolling 7,700 students. There are 14147 graduates in 15 classes. The basic conditions for running a school have reached the standard of 8,000 students, the land is 490,000 m2, the teaching and living rooms are 240,000 m2, the value of teaching equipment is 40 million yuan, and the books are 640,000. The teaching practice conditions meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education. The school is based on morality and people as the foundation, professional construction as the foundation, with the development of quality education as the theme, and strengthens professional practice ability training, so that students can form the excellent quality of "people's heart to the party, morality, spirit, and career". Cultivate socialist builders and successors with comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, physical, art, and labor.

In 2008, the school was rated as "Advanced Collective for Management of Liaoning Colleges and Universities" by the Department of Education of Liaoning Province; in 2011, it was rated as "Excellent Private School in Liaoning Province" by the Liaoning Provincial Private Association; in 2012, it passed the provincial education department's professional education level Qualified evaluation; in 2014, it was rated as "advanced grassroots party organization" by the Liaoning Provincial Department of Education; in 2016, the school party committee was rated as "advanced grassroots party organization" by the Liaoning Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Jinzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China; It was upgraded to an undergraduate level vocational college approved by the Ministry of Education; in 2020, it was renamed Liaoning Vocational University of Technology with the approval of the Ministry of Education, with a school size of 12,000 students.