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Shenyang City University

Founded in 2001, Shenyang City College is a full-time undergraduate college born in the tide of China's higher education reform. It is also a distinctive application-oriented university that grew up with the rapid development of China’s social economy. Its predecessor was Shenyang. University College of Technology and Engineering. In 2013, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, the school was officially converted to an independent private general undergraduate college and changed its name to Shenyang City College.


   picturesque university

The school is located in Dahunnan Free Trade Zone, Shenyang City, adjacent to the famous airport Taoxian Airport, and is located in the scenic Green Island Forest Park. The campus is backed by Phoenix Mountain and surrounded by Green Island Lake. It is in a landscape garden covering an area of 1,300 acres. Fifty teaching buildings with more than 260,000 square meters are lined up in rows, distributed at the foot of the mountain and beside the lake. The campus is full of lakes and mountains, shaded by phoenix trees and willows, with an elegant environment and pleasant scenery. It is one of the most beautiful universities in China.

   The school has advanced teaching facilities and first-class living facilities. The first and unique student community in China, with a warm and homely college student service center, a 4-person student apartment, with independent toilets, shower rooms, and 24-hour hot water. Indoor and outdoor golf courses, spinning, gymnasiums, basketball halls, bowling alleys, aerobics halls, badminton halls, tennis halls, table tennis halls, swimming pools, football stadiums and other sports venues, as well as college student service centers, shopping supermarkets, Chinese and Western restaurants, tea The restaurant, Furong Restaurant, Baihe Coffee, Juice Park, hairdressing shop, laundry room and other comprehensive service facilities provide great convenience for students' life and sports.

All multimedia modern classrooms, fully functional Apple Bookstore and floating library, 10 Gigabit core campus network all over the campus, computer squares, and advanced facilities built in accordance with the actual working environment and real production business processes, including experiments, training, The practical teaching platform and innovation and entrepreneurship incubation center integrating actual combat provide superior conditions for students to become talents in learning.

  A university that cultivates applied talents

In line with the principle of "Facing the future of the city and serving the development of the city", combined with the needs of economic and social development and industrial transformation and upgrading, the school consists of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the School of Civil Engineering, the School of Journalism and Communication, the School of Business, the School of Green Island Hotel Management, The School of Language and Culture, the School of Film and Television Media, the School of General Education, the School of International Students, the Department of Physical Education, and the Department of Aesthetic Education. Established 33 majors covering seven disciplines including science, engineering, economics, management, literature, law, and art, forming 6 major professional groups with distinctive characteristics, namely (1) cultivating artificial intelligence for China 2025 And the professional group of intelligent manufacturing talents, covering intelligent science and technology, mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation, computer science and technology, automation and other majors; (2) To cultivate specialty tourism and intelligent hotel management talents for the booming tourism industry, covering Majors in hotel management, tourism management, financial management, human resource management, English, applied psychology, etc.; (3) Cultivate a professional group of construction information technology and engineering management talents for the urban construction industry, covering architecture, civil engineering, engineering cost, and environment Design, architectural environment and energy application engineering, etc.; (4) Cultivate professional groups of cultural creativity and film and television product production talents for the film and television media industry, covering radio and television directors, broadcasting and hosting art, performance, theater film and television art design, photography, and visual communication Design and other majors; (5) Cultivate a professional group of big data public opinion analysis and omni-media communication talents for the new media industry, covering journalism, network and new media, communication, Chinese language and literature, Chinese international education and other majors; (6) The modern service industry cultivates a professional group of social economy and financial business management talents, covering finance, economics, public finance, accounting, business administration, international economics and trade, law and other majors.

In accordance with the training requirements for applied talents, the school's professional construction closely meets the needs of social and economic development, the curriculum setting directly serves the formation of vocational capabilities, and the training model is closely integrated with the industry, forming the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, and being close to society and close to the industry. , Close to the actual school model, the school has successively signed school-enterprise cooperation agreements with more than 400 enterprises and institutions, "groundedness, quick start", to achieve a seamless connection between professional studies and employment and entrepreneurship, which is a major feature of Shenyang City College. .

  University serving social and economic development

Combining with the industrial development and urban construction needs of Liaoshen area, the school vigorously carried out applied scientific research, and successively established the Green Island Public Opinion Research Institute, the Green Island Environmental Resources Research Institute, the Green Island Xinsong Humanoid Football Robot Engineering Center, and the Green Island BIM Project. Center, Green Island Media Center, Green Island Inclusive Finance Research Institute, Child Psychology Research Institute, Team and Leadership Research Institute and more than ten research institutions. Developed and implemented seven "highland construction projects" for discipline construction, technological innovation, academic research, technology application, product production, brand creation, and talent training, and made every effort to build a highland for humanoid football robot scientific research, a highland for journalism discipline construction, and a research and academic study of Liaohe culture Highland, BIM application technology highland, Green Island hotel brand highland, film and television product production industry highland, modern business management talent highland. Relying on the talent advantages and intellectual resources of universities, actively undertake government socio-economic development research projects and enterprise industrial engineering research projects, study social transformation and development and new problems encountered in the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and provide the society with high-level technical and intellectual services. Good to "face the future of the city and serve the development of the city".

   A university with a broad international perspective

   As a new university that has grown up under the background of education globalization, it is another major feature of Shenyang City College to unswervingly follow the development path of education internationalization. The school advocates that undergraduate students have an international study tour experience during their four-year study period. For this reason, the school organizes the "Global City University Forum" and international education exhibition every year; successively with the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Australia, and Japan , South Korea and other countries and nearly 100 universities in Taiwan have established exchanges and cooperation relationships, designed and carried out various international study and study programs such as student exchange, mutual recognition of credits, double degrees, overseas internships, and British and American summer camps; The Federation of Universities (NCUK) cooperates with the establishment of pre-master's courses to provide students with convenient channels for studying in the world's top 100 universities, including the University of Manchester and the University of Bristol, and create a broad stage for students to carry out international exchanges. After enrolling, students can choose pre-master’s courses and “3+1, 3+1+1” study abroad programs according to their wishes. The school will arrange separate classes for these students, strengthen foreign language learning and curriculum docking, and help students go abroad. For the dream of studying abroad, you can also choose short-term study tours such as overseas exchanges, overseas internships, Anglo-American summer camps, etc. according to your own family situation, to broaden your international horizons and increase your international experience.

   A university with a high sense of social responsibility

  Shenyang City College adheres to the school-running philosophy of "adhere to the education of people and focus on ability training", and regards helping students to become adults and talents as the school's lofty social responsibility, and earnestly implement strict management, sincere care, students' benefit, and parents' peace of mind. The school has established a three-in-one education system for life tutors, professional head teachers, and political counselors, and provides a life tutor for every two dormitories for freshmen to help solve the difficulties and perplexities encountered by new students in their lives after enrolling. ; Equipped with a professional head teacher for each class, responsible for building a good class style and style of study, helping students do a good Pursue progress in ideological and political aspects. In order to achieve all-round and full-process education, the school has created and implemented a student community management system, and established 6 student communities, including Yuanzhongyuan, Wutongyuan, Jinjuyuan, Baihuayuan, Rose Garden, and Baihe Garden. Equipped with full-time community counselors, aiming to build a home for students with all-weather service.

The school has formulated the standards for the construction of teachers’ ethics and style of “caring, able to teach, willing to contribute” and “close to the industry, close to reality, and close to students”. Establish love awards, dedication awards and other system measures to encourage and require all teachers in the school to earnestly perform their duties of educating people, love their jobs and work, teach and educate people. In the education and management of students, the school emphasizes "Strict words take the lead, love is in it", and the university has formulated the "Ten Emphasis, Ten Prohibition" campus civilization regulations and implements morning exercises, morning exercises, morning reading, intensive self-study at night, lights out and going to bed on time, and going in and out. The system of swiping cards and conducting public welfare labor can achieve the goal of educating students to become talents by cultivating students' "correct life attitude, good behavior habits, and lofty social responsibilities".

  The most culturally innovative university

In order to promote the overall development of students’ moral, intellectual, physical and beauty, the school vigorously strengthens the construction of campus culture, comprehensively deepens the reform of sports and aesthetic education, and establishes the campus culture construction concept of "loving sports, advocating art, caring about current affairs, and pursuing fashion", and plans and designs sports carnivals A series of campus cultural activities with school characteristics such as festivals, graduation receptions, international food festivals, club festivals, club leagues, graduation seasons, performance seasons, etc., which not only greatly enrich the cultural life of students, but also provide a broad scope for improving the overall quality of students Stage.

In order to stimulate students' interest in sports and sports hobbies, the school has carried out a bold reform of traditional sports teaching and established 20 sports clubs. Students can choose their favorite sports clubs according to their hobbies and physical conditions, and participate in sports club training. During the school, students can master 1-2 sports skills, cultivate 1-2 sports hobbies, and then develop the habit of lifelong exercise.

In order to cultivate students' artistic quality and cultivate their artistic sentiment, the school established an aesthetic education teaching department, invested in the construction of an aesthetic education activity hall, set up special aesthetic education credits, hired industry experts with high artistic attainments as aesthetic education teachers, and organized singing In the ten major art troupes, including dance, instrumental music, drama, folk art, calligraphy and painting, students have learned and mastered certain artistic talents by participating in aesthetic education activities, effectively improving their artistic accomplishments and expanding their overall quality.

   Not only that, the school also vigorously encourages students to make full use of the big stage of the university during their stay at school, actively participate in various student organizations and club activities, enrich their experience and increase their talents. The school has established more than 100 interest clubs and hobby associations to encourage and support students to combine their own interests and hobbies, participate in their favorite club activities and social practice activities, increase their knowledge and expand their horizons. The school has formulated a student cadre selection system, which stipulates that all student cadres shall be selected through open elections and democratic elections. Through the establishment of an open, fair and just system platform, students are encouraged and guided to participate in public service and self-management. To hone the will and work hard to become a talent.

  Develop a fruitful university

   After more than ten years of construction and development, the school has made considerable progress and fruitful results in running the school, which has been highly praised by the society and the provincial and municipal authorities. In 2015, the school was listed as one of the first batch of pilot construction units for applied transformation and development in Liaoning Province, and was rated as the undergraduate college with the most school-running characteristics in China by the China Education Development Association. In 2016, the school was rated as the most competitive school in China by the China Education Brand Research Institute. In 2018, Shenyang City College ranked 27 in the ranking of private colleges and universities in China published by the Alumni Association of iResearch, and its teaching quality ranked first in private colleges and universities in Liaoning Province. It has become the application-oriented talent training required for Shenyang's transformation and development. The new highland has become a new driving force for Shenyang's innovation and development, a new benchmark for urban cultural construction, and a new model for the reform and development of colleges and universities.