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Gannan Health Vocational College

Gannan Health Vocational College is a full-time higher vocational college of medicine and health, affiliated to the Ganzhou Municipal People's Government. In March 2016, it was established with the approval of the People's Government of Jiangxi Province, and was filed with the Ministry of Education in April of the same year.

The college is located in the University Park of Rongjiang New District, Ganzhou City. It covers an area of 780 acres, with a total construction area of 188,400 square meters, including 40,000 square meters of teaching buildings, 36,000 square meters of laboratory buildings, 14,000 square meters of libraries, 11,000 square meters of student cafeterias, and students The dormitory is 50,000 square meters and other ancillary facilities. The library has a collection of 265,000 books, including 50,000 e-books. There are advanced computer rooms, multimedia classrooms, voice classrooms and a 400-meter standard plastic track sports field; the total value of teaching equipment is 52 million yuan; there are more than 160 off-campus training bases.

  The college has a team of teachers with a reasonable age and educational structure, and a high level of education and teaching. There are 366 faculty members, including 91 with a master’s degree or above, 81 with a title of associate professor or above, 88 "dual-professional" teachers, 1 national vocational education teacher, 1 provincial-level excellent teaching team, provincial and municipal levels There are 4 "May 1 Labor Medals", 1 provincial "female pacesetter", 8 Ganzhou special allowance experts and education experts, and 13 teachers hold important positions in various national, provincial, and municipal academic organizations and associations.

In recent years, the faculty of the college has presided over 127 scientific research projects, including 81 natural science fund projects, national and provincial projects; 494 papers have been published in various magazines at all levels; 134 people have participated in the compilation of national and provincial textbooks. Among them, 22 national-level textbooks and provincial-level textbooks are the chief editor; 2 academic monographs have been published. 170 people won awards in various education and teaching skills competitions at all levels.

The college now has five professional departments, including nursing, pharmacy, medical technology, medical basics, and humanities and social sciences. There are 5 higher vocational majors in nursing, midwifery, pharmacy, medical laboratory technology, and rehabilitation technology. , Recruiting high school graduates to hold three-year higher vocational education and recruiting junior high school graduates to hold five-year consistent higher vocational education; and jointly run the school with Nanchang University School of Medicine, Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Central South University School of Continuing Education, etc. Undergraduate adult higher education and self-study examination aids, and the Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine Continuing Education Department jointly organized online distance education.

The college takes the docking of the medical and health industry as the entry point, highlights the characteristics of health vocational education, actively explores the "industry and education integration, school-enterprise cooperation" school running model, and further promotes the reform of the talent training model. The Municipal People’s Hospital, the Fifth People’s Hospital of Ganzhou City, and the Ganzhou Tumor Hospital jointly organized "targeted classes" and cooperated with Taikang Home Investment Co., Ltd. in the forms of "order class", "titled class", and "factory lieutenant school". , Qingfeng Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Wise Stone Group Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Jin Youran Technology Co., Ltd. and other medical and health companies have carried out in-depth cooperation; in 2016, it was designated by the National Disabled Persons’ Federation and the Ministry of Education as a "National Vocational College Disabled Rehabilitation Talent Training Reform Pilot Units" actively provide strong intellectual support and talent support for local economic and social development.

Facing the future, the college adheres to the path of connotative development, emancipates the mind, advances with the times, pioneers and innovates, deepens the reform of education and teaching, continuously strengthens the construction of the teaching team, innovates the school-enterprise (hospital) cooperation mechanism, and explores the development of the characteristics of health vocational education Model, leading the rapid development of health vocational education, making more contributions to the construction of wealthy, beautiful and happy Jiangxi and the revitalization of the Jiangxi Soviet area, as well as to the development of the medical and health undertakings and the medical and health industry in our province and our city.