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Jiangxi Fenglin Vocational College of Foreign Economics and Trade

Jiangxi Fenglin Vocational College of Foreign Trade and Economics was established in 2003. It is a full-time general higher education institution with the approval of the People's Government of Jiangxi Province and the record of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China.

The college is located in the Yongxiu Group, Ganjiang New District, Jiangxi Province, a 40-minute drive from the downtown area of Nanchang. The school’s various learning and living facilities are complete, and the teaching and administrative rooms amount to more than 76,000 square meters.

With the aim of serving Belt and Road enterprises, the school aims to introduce international high-quality educational resources, and highlights the characteristics of foreign-related schools. It has successively cooperated with Canada, the United States, Russia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, and the Philippines. More than 20 universities in 12 countries have established educational exchange relationships.

Adhering to the educational model of the ancient academy, the college promotes the educational philosophy of self-cultivation, practicing the school motto of staying away from the crowd, fading the glitz, studying with concentration, and achieving self-achievement, comprehensively promoting liberal arts education, focusing on cultivating students' critical thinking, and striving to strengthen their bones and understand them. The goal of cultivating practical talents with heart and ability.

Since its inception, the college has actively explored and implemented a teaching model that integrates production and education, and alternates between work and study, which has effectively improved students' skills and personal abilities. Through years of development and construction, the college has gradually formed a team of Chinese and foreign teachers mainly composed of senior corporate technicians and returned scholars. There are currently 115 full-time teachers and 60 part-time teachers. Among the full-time teachers, there are 23 teachers with senior professional titles, 39 teachers with intermediate professional titles, and 42 teachers with doctoral and master's degrees.

New era, new journey, new deeds. The developing Jiangxi Fenglin Vocational College of Foreign Economics and Trade will not forget its original aspirations, keep its mission in mind, fully implement the party’s educational policy, firm up the direction of socialist education, adhere to the fundamental task of cultivating morality, and strive to make new achievements for regional economic development. Greater contribution.