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Jiangxi Vocational College of Media

Jiangxi Vocational College of Media is a public full-time general institution of higher learning approved by the People's Government of Jiangxi Province, affiliated to the Jiangxi Provincial Broadcasting and Television Bureau. Over the past 30 years since its establishment, the school has delivered tens of thousands of professionals to the country and the Jiangxi press, publication, radio, television and media industry. It is currently one of the main bases for cultivating news, publishing, radio, film and television professionals in the country.

The college has two campuses, located in the Qingshan Lake District of Nanchang City (formerly Jiangxi Broadcasting Film and Television School) and Jiangxiang National Ecological Demonstration Zone in Nanchang City (formerly Jiangxi Vocational and Technical College of Press and Publishing), covering an area of nearly 400 acres, and the campus environment is elegant , Rich in humanities and advanced facilities.

The college has 9 secondary departments and colleges, including the Department of Publishing and Printing, the Department of Art Design, the Department of Media, Film and Television, the Department of Information Management, the Academy of Film and Television, the College of Continuing Education, the Department of Basic Courses, the Department of Vocational Education and Management, and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Center. (Ministry, Center), there are currently nearly 4,500 full-time students; “National Modern Printing and Publishing High-Skilled Talent Training Base”, “National Press and Publishing Industry Special Occupation Skill Appraisal Station”, “Jiangxi Press and Publishing Industry” There are 6 industry-university-research institutions at or above the provincial level, including "Special Occupational Skills Appraisal Station", "Jiangxi Employment Training Base", "Jiangxi Publishing and Digital Publishing Vocational Education Base", and "Jiangxi Digital Printing Industrialization Incubation Center".

The college has distinctive professional characteristics. In keeping with the structural characteristics of the press, publishing, and broadcasting, film and television industries, the company has implemented professional layouts, and has initially formed 3 major professional groups and 25 majors with media, art, and publishing majors as the mainstay. Now it has 1 major supported by the central finance, 2 demonstration majors in the national press and publishing system industry, 1 special major in Jiangxi Province, 2 provincial-level quality courses, and 1 provincial-level quality shared course; won the provincial (department) 8 grade teaching achievement awards.

The college has sufficient teachers. The total number of full-time teachers in the school is 206, of which 72.4% are teachers with a master's degree or above, 32.6% are teachers with senior professional titles, 78.5% are teachers with "dual teacher" qualifications, and 85.9% are teachers with corporate work experience. It has 1 leading talent in the national press and publishing industry, 1 national industry technological innovation pacesetter, 2 professional leaders in the national press and publishing industry academies, 3 outstanding teachers, and 3 provincial-level backbone teachers. At the same time, it has vigorously introduced or specially hired vocational education experts, industry experts, enterprise technical backbones, skilled craftsmen, etc. to give lectures and lectures in the school, and build a "dual-teacher" teaching team that combines professional and concurrent, high-quality, and reasonable structure.

The college has advanced teaching facilities. The school has built more than 20 professional integrated classrooms, training rooms (studios), production training centers, and 2 provincial key training bases (digital imaging skills training center, packaging and printing comprehensive skills training center). School-enterprise cooperation has built more than 150 off-campus training and practice bases, forming a "four-tier progressive" practice teaching platform with integrated classrooms, training rooms (studios), production training centers, and off-campus training and practice bases.

The college takes the initiative to serve the strategy of "Strong Province in Cultural Industry" in Jiangxi Province. Relying on the Jiangxi Provincial Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television Bureau Training Center, and Jiangxi Publishing Group Publishing and Media Training College, we vigorously develop professional training for news, publishing, radio, film and television talents, and accumulatively undertake various trainings for more than 10,000 people each year. Actively carry out foreign exchanges and international education, cooperate with the Communication University of China, Beijing Film Academy, Wuhan University, Zhejiang Media College, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication and other domestic undergraduate colleges to carry out talent training and training; cooperate with Japanese Tsukioka Co., Ltd., and Edinburgh Ronby A number of well-known foreign universities and institutions such as Asia University, the Republic of Korea International Capacity Development and Exchange Association have established cooperative relations, and have selected outstanding students to study and exchange in overseas cooperative units.

The college has vigorously promoted the reform of education and teaching, and the overall strength and core competitiveness of the school have been significantly enhanced. In recent years, students have won more than 120 awards at the provincial level and above, such as film and television production competitions, publishing creativity competitions, printing industry vocational skills competitions, packaging design competitions, advertising art competitions, and college students' extracurricular academic science and technology works competitions; the employment rate of graduates has been for many years. At more than 92%, it ranks among the top vocational colleges in the province, and many graduates have become elite backbones in the press, publication, radio, television and media industry. The college has successively won the "National Press and Publication System", "National Press and Publication System Advanced Collective", "National Press and Publication System Civilized Unit", "Jiangxi Province Civilized Unit", "Jiangxi Province Education System "Quality Improvement Year" activity advanced Unit" and other honorary titles; currently it is the vice chairman unit of the Press and Publishing Vocational Education Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, the leader unit of the school association group of the National Press and Publishing System Vocational School, and the vice chairman unit of the National Media Vocational Education Alliance.

The college adheres to the school motto of "Reliance on Virtue, Strict Learning, Perseverance, and Innovation", and adheres to the school philosophy of "Relying on industry, highlighting characteristics; facing the market, opening up schools; focusing on ability, promoting employment, expanding scale and creating brand", based on Jiangxi, Facing the whole country and looking at the world, we will unswervingly follow the path of vocational education innovation, comprehensively strengthen the connotation construction, and continuously improve the level of running schools and the quality of talent training, and we are striving to build a distinctive, industry-leading, domestically well-known media colleges and universities !