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Yingtan Vocational and Technical College

Yingtan Vocational and Technical College is approved by the People's Government of Jiangxi Province and registered by the Ministry of Education to set up a public full-time general college. The predecessor of the college was Shangqing Normal University founded in 1960 and Yingtan Education College founded in 1987. In 2002, it passed the comprehensive evaluation of the provincial government's ability to run schools and established Yingtan Vocational and Technical College. In 2020, the college moved to the new campus of Binjiang Road, Xinjiang New District.

The campus covers an area of 500 acres with a construction area of 100,000 square meters. It has a fully functional and well-equipped teaching building, training building, training factory, smart classroom, graphic information center, standard sports field, gymnasium, etc., student apartments Full coverage of air-conditioning, campus wireless network, and complete living facilities. The new campus is closely connected with Xinjiang River. The campus has a beautiful and pleasant environment, advanced and intelligent facilities, strong cultural atmosphere, and convenient transportation. It is an ideal place for studying and studying.

The college pays attention to the construction of the teaching staff and implements the "Strategy of Strengthening the School with Talents." There are currently 176 teachers, including 34 teachers with a title of associate professor or above; more than 24% of teachers have a master's degree or above; 29 "double-qualified" teachers. The college strengthens school-enterprise, school-school exchanges and cooperation, and has long-term hired industry experts and skilled craftsmen to teach in the school. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the planned investment is 10 million yuan, focusing on the introduction, training and training of high-level teachers in various majors.

The college currently has 5 departments, including preschool education, elementary education, computer application technology, Internet of things application technology, digital media application technology, computer network technology, animation production technology, mechatronics technology, material molding and control technology, Electrical automation technology, new energy vehicle application and maintenance, product art design, visual communication design and production, accounting, tourism management, e-commerce, marketing and other 26 majors. In 2020, 100 million yuan will be invested in the construction of the new campus to update and purchase various professional teaching facilities, experimental training equipment, and books and materials. With high-end talents and advanced education technology, we will vigorously upgrade the modernization and intelligence level of higher vocational education. .

The college adheres to the school motto of "Honesty, Dedication, Excellent Skills, and Self-reliance", relying on the development advantages of Yingtan "Big Education", proactively adapting to the needs of the new economy and new business development, and actively serving the national industrial ecosystem construction and vocational skills improvement actions, centering on the industry Do professional work and strive to achieve synergy with industry and industry. In-depth promotion of school-enterprise cooperation and integration of production and education have created excellent conditions for students' practical training, internship and employment. The college was once rated as an advanced unit in the employment of ordinary colleges and universities in Jiangxi Province. The demand for graduates exceeds supply and is well received by employers.