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Jiangxi Tellhow Animation Vocational College

Jiangxi Tellhow Animation Vocational College is an institution of higher learning established by Tellhow, a high-tech enterprise in China’s top 500 manufacturing industry, approved by the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province and filed by the Ministry of Education. Provincial high-level higher vocational college construction project unit. The college started in 2004, and its predecessor was Jiangxi Tellhow Technology College. In 2008, Jiangxi Tellhow Animation Vocational College was established. In the past 16 years, the college has fully implemented the party’s educational policy, always adhered to the socialist direction of running a school and running the school in accordance with the law, fulfilled the fundamental task of cultivating people with morality, adhered to the principle of education for public welfare, in-depth development of industry-education-integrated school-enterprise cooperation, and promoted connotative development. The school-running strength continues to improve.

After successive development and upgrades, the college has been approved as a national cultural industry demonstration base, a national crowd-creation space, a modern apprenticeship training unit of the Ministry of Education, an innovative pilot area for talent training model in Jiangxi Province, a provincial military-civilian integration unit, and a Jiangxi vocational college. The training base for "dual teacher" teachers has three provincial-level scientific research platforms, the Red Culture and Creative Research Institute of Jiangxi University, the Jiangxi Provincial Key Research Base of Culture and Art, and Tellhow Chinese Cultural Exchange Center, as well as the real-time interactive virtual reality technology research center and virtual reality. Real-world data research center, VR application research and development center, AI application research and development center, digital art research institute and other on-campus scientific research platforms are the first higher vocational colleges in Jiangxi Province to start training VR (virtual reality) talents and recruit foreign students. Relying on its distinctive school-running characteristics and outstanding school-running achievements in recent years, it was awarded the “Top Ten Demonstration Schools for Vocational Education of People's Satisfaction-Jiangxi Vocational Education”.

The college is adjacent to the provincial government, surrounded by the Xianghu Ecological Scenic Area and the Badashanren Meihu Scenic Area. It has a planned area of 2,200 acres and currently has more than 8,000 students and more than 400 full-time teachers. There are seven departments: International Animation Academy, Huawei ICT Academy, Virtual Reality Academy, Creative Arts Academy, Music and Film Art Department, Intelligent Science and Technology Department, and Network Economics and Management Department. The disciplines and majors mainly cover the five disciplines of literature, engineering, art, management, and economics, forming a discipline and professional system that focuses on engineering, intersects various majors, and combines art and technology. The college has built nearly 200 training bases inside and outside the school, including VR motion capture training room, virtual reality interactive laboratory, VR innovation center, VR research center, new media content creation training room (VR content production), etc.

The college adheres to the integration of production and education and innovative development, and has successively carried out school-enterprise cooperation with famous domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions such as Tellhow, Huawei, Tencent, JD, Perfect World, France Dago, Cummins, Jiangxi Daily, and further promote the integration of production and education. Development; vigorously cultivate dual-qualified teachers, promote the apprenticeship talent training model; create a "three bases and one core" characteristic curriculum system to cultivate college students' basic life skills, basic life knowledge, and basic social skills, and help students establish socialist core values.

The college actively develops foreign exchanges with Tsinghua University, Communication University of China, Beijing Film Academy, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, University of International Business and Economics, Guizhou University, Jiangxi Normal University of Science and Technology, University of Auvergne, France, University of Northampton, Kyoto, Japan Well-known universities at home and abroad, such as the Graduate School of Information University, Osaka Entertainment Design College in Japan, Chubu University in South Korea, East Asia School of Management in Singapore, Mala Tech University in Malaysia, and Hireng University A series of activities such as "Howe Forum" and "National College Animation and Digital Creative Development Forum".

The college focuses on cultivating technical and technical talents in emerging industries, and actively explores talent training methods that meet the needs of Jiangxi’s local economic and social development. It has delivered more than 10,000 applied talents with solid theoretical knowledge and professional capabilities to the society, especially for Jiangxi’s emerging industries. The virtual reality (VR) industry has made a positive contribution. The college will further strengthen the connotation construction, accelerate the pace of development, focus on improving the quality of education and the level of running schools, and strive to become an influential and exemplary application-oriented university in China.