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Jiangxi Software Vocational and Technical University

Jiangxi Software Vocational and Technical University is the country's first software vocational and technical university. It was founded in 2003 by Pioneer Software Co., Ltd., a top 100 software enterprise in the country. At the beginning of its establishment, it was successfully selected as one of 35 national software vocational and technical colleges. On December 18, 2018, the Ministry of Education approved the school to be upgraded to an undergraduate-level vocational school, becoming one of the first 15 undergraduate-level vocational education colleges in the country. On May 27, 2019, the Ministry of Education approved the rename of Jiangxi Software Vocational and Technical University.

Since running the school, the school has always adhered to the attributes and characteristics of vocational education, keeping in mind the mission of “learning software, serving the motherland”, adhering to the school motto of “entrepreneurship and innovation, knowledge management”, and insisting on the school-enterprise integration, industry-university interaction” school model, and practicing the “three good one” The professional and eleventh project" talent training system has formed a school-enterprise in-depth integration of development ideas of "training students with entrepreneurial education concepts", "inviting engineers as teachers" and "training with real projects". With domestic software as the core, the school has trained more than 50,000 outstanding software talents for the society in the fields of transportation, energy, health, education, and smart cities. In recent years, the school has successively won the provincial advanced grassroots party organization in colleges and universities, the advanced collective of ideological and political work in colleges and universities in the province, the advanced unit of conscription work in Jiangxi province, the advanced unit of comprehensive management work in the province, and the excellent grade school for the employment of ordinary college graduates in the province.

The school is located in Wanli, Nanchang City, covering an area of 1,732 acres. There are more than 13,000 college students and more than 700 full-time teachers. There are blockchain colleges, software engineering colleges, network engineering colleges, economics and management colleges, information technology colleges, VR and art colleges, new media colleges, Marxism colleges, continuing education colleges, international colleges, entrepreneurship colleges and other secondary colleges. Teaching units such as the Public Basic Course Teaching Department. There are 15 undergraduate majors and 32 higher vocational majors including blockchain technology and application, software engineering, and network engineering. Our school adheres to the attributes of vocational education, firmly grasps the professional advantages, and has formed a software vocational university with distinctive characteristics.

The main characteristics of the organization-software companies run software universities. Pioneer Software Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994 and has more than 20 years of experience in software development, data mining and software education. It has made great progress in the fields of blockchain, domestic software, service outsourcing, mobile Internet, e-commerce, smart cities, and IT education. It has been selected as one of the top 100 software companies in China for 16 consecutive years. It has established Nanchang Software R&D Center, Beijing Research Institute, etc. Software research and development institutions. Our school and the company carry out extensive cooperation and application in many industries such as smart transportation, energy Internet, blockchain technology application and VR technology.

The characteristics of the talent training model-deep integration of school and enterprise, seamless connection between industry and academia. Our school insists on being market demand-oriented, using the entrepreneur’s employment concept to cultivate talents, and insists on the development path of school-enterprise integration, industry-university interaction, and collaborative education. Real projects give students practical training. The school OA system, school charging system, teacher evaluation system, eleven engineering evaluation system, network examination system, equipment management system, student management system, campus resource management system, and student achievement management system developed and promoted by our school's teachers and students , School dormitory management system and other information systems have obtained software copyright and software product registration.

Disciplinary and professional characteristics-prominent advantages in information technology majors. Our school focuses on the extensive application of information technology and the development of information security technology. The professional disciplines set up have always been set up around information, software, network and other IT fields. Students have won more than 200 awards in many information technology competitions in China and in the province. Become the most famous "hacker" pioneer in the industry. The school took the lead in setting up a major in blockchain technology and application in colleges and universities across the country, and established the country’s first blockchain academy. In order to further promote blockchain technology and applications, in September this year, the school and Ant Group jointly established the Ant Blockchain University, The Ant Blockchain (Jiangxi) Research Institute has settled in our school.

Social service characteristics-serving regional economic and social development. The pioneer town invested and constructed by our school takes military-civilian integration as the core and new energy industry as the leading factor. It has introduced a number of leading companies in the field of smart energy and military-civilian integration, such as CECEP, Huawei, and Beidou, to drive mass entrepreneurship and innovation. , Was named Jiangxi Province Military-civilian Integration Innovation Demonstration Base. In the field of Internet economy, Jiangxi Province has built an e-commerce demonstration base, and established a leading domestic e-sports talent training base and a digital publishing talent base. At the same time, our school led the establishment of the Jiangxi Blockchain Society and the Jiangxi Blockchain Industry Association to promote the development of the block chain industry in Jiangxi.

Characteristics of labor education-adhere to the all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical education, art and labor. The school builds a labor education curriculum system and carries out education in daily life labor and service labor. Students build up a sense of labor through participating in the construction of a garden-style campus, self-management of dormitories, self-management of campus grids, and students planting tulips by themselves, and holding Nanchang Tulip Flower Show.