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Yichun Preschool Teachers College

Yichun Preschool Teachers College is based on the former Gaoan campus of Yichun University and approved by the People's Government of Jiangxi Province (Ganfu Zi [2014] No. 12) to establish a general college.

The school can be traced back to the Gao'an Normal School, which was founded in 1906; in 1946, it was changed to the Jiangxi Provincial Gao'an Normal School; in 1949, when the educational structure of Jiangxi Province was adjusted, it was renamed Jiangxi Gao'an Normal School; in 2005, the people of Jiangxi Province The government decided that Gao'an Normal University was incorporated into Yichun College and established the Gao'an Campus of Yichun College; in 2014, it was established as Yichun Preschool Teachers College with the approval of the People's Government of Jiangxi Province.

The school is affiliated to the People's Government of Yichun City and is located in the New Education and Sports Zone of Yichun City. It covers an area of 1019 acres, with a construction area of 404,000 square meters, an investment of 1.78 billion yuan, and a school scale of 12,000. The school has completed the overall relocation in March 2021.

The school currently has 10078 full-time students and 526 faculty members, of which 170 have associate titles or above, and 144 have master degrees or above. In the past three years, school teachers have presided over more than 50 provincial and municipal projects, published more than 200 academic papers, and published nearly 80 books; more than 70 teachers and more than 700 students participated in various competitions and won the first prize (First prize) 76, second prize (second) 74, third prize (third) 84.

The school recruits three-year college students from the starting point of high school across the country, and five-year college students from the starting point of junior high school across the province. The school has preschool education colleges, elementary education colleges, art and design colleges, foreign languages colleges, music and dance colleges, and sports colleges. , Marxism College, Innovation and Entrepreneurship College, Continuing Education College 9 colleges and 1 affiliated elementary school, opened preschool education, early education, infant and child care services and management, mental health education, music education, dance performances, flight attendants, Primary school education, primary school mathematics education, primary school Chinese education, Chinese, social sports, primary school English education, business English, marketing, e-commerce, art education, visual communication design, software technology, intelligent product development and application, network planning and optimization technology A total of 22 majors including elementary school ethics and rule of law education.

The school upholds an excellent school-running tradition, relies on a good social reputation, is based in Jiangxi, radiates across the country, and actively strives to provide people's satisfaction education, which is widely recognized by the public. After the reform and opening up, the school has won the honorary title of "Civilized Unit of the Province" 9 times and was hailed as "The First Banner of Jiangxi Normal University"; in 1997, it was recognized as the National Normalization School by the former State Education Commission; in 2000, it was recognized by Jiangxi The Provincial Department of Education was listed as one of the 13 key normal colleges and universities in the province; in 2005, the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education evaluated and identified as one of the 21 colleges and universities that have the qualifications to train elementary and kindergarten teachers; in 2005, the school was in The province is the first to carry out the targeted training of kindergarten education and elementary teachers; in 2019, it was once again rated as the "provincial civilized unit", the preschool education college was rated as the "provincial education system advanced collective", and was awarded the "provincial education system" in 2020 The title of "Advanced School for Civilized Campus Construction" and "Water-saving Colleges and Universities" in the province.

The school closely focuses on the main strategy of "1226" development and builds a brand for kindergarten schools. "1" is closely linked to a main line, namely, to implement the spirit of the National Education Conference and the central, provincial, and municipal decisions and deployments on accelerating the development of education under the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. "2", implement two responsibilities, that is, implement the main responsibility of the party to manage the party and strictly govern the party, especially the party building, the construction of party style and clean government, and the ideological responsibility; implement the important responsibility of the school's high-quality, leap-forward and comprehensive development. "2", to realize two dreams, that is, strive to realize the dream of "westward migration" of the junior college in about one and a half years, and realize the dream of Yichun; and strive to realize the dream of "upgrading to the undergraduate" of Yichun Junior College in about 5 years. college town. On this basis, the two dreams are specifically subdivided into a new area of education and sports to move westward, a junior college upgrade, and a "three-step" strategy to become a well-known and influential normal university in Jiangxi. "6", made six major breakthroughs, namely, breakthroughs in ideological and political work, breakthroughs in Chunhua's "three styles" (teaching style, style of study, and school style), breakthroughs in team building, breakthroughs in brand image, and breakthroughs in school culture. There is a breakthrough in "personal feelings" (a sense of honor, a sense of gain, and a sense of happiness).