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Shangrao Preschool Teachers College

Shangrao Preschool Teachers College is based on the Primary Education Teachers Branch of Shangrao Normal University and integrates the teaching resources of the original Shangrao Normal School and the original Wannian Normal School. It was approved by the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province and the Ministry of Education on February 6, 2017. A public full-time general higher education school established for the record. Its earliest predecessor was the Shangrao Teacher Training Institute founded in 1939.

The school covers an area of 586.5 mu, with a total construction area of 268,600 square meters. There are 402 on-the-job faculty members, of which 307 are full-time teachers, 97 are associate professors or above, 162 are masters or above, and 3 are special-grade teachers. There are 10397 students enrolled.

There are pre-school education department, elementary education department, English education department, art education department, ideological and political education department and public basic education department. There are 7 majors in preschool education, early education, elementary education, Chinese education, English education, science education, and art education.

In the past three years since the establishment of the junior college, the results have been fruitful. The preschool education major belongs to the provincial advantage and characteristic professional construction project, the national territory awareness publicity and education model school, the first provincial college student anti-drug knowledge competition advanced school, in 2019, it won the "non-English major students' oral skills" competition in the national vocational colleges The second prize, in 2019, won the third prize in the "Preschool Education Professional Education Skills" competition of the national vocational colleges and universities, and won a total of 12 collective awards at or above the provincial level. More than 30 people won individual prizes in the competitions above the provincial level. prize.