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Jiangxi Teachers Technical College

Jiangxi Teachers Technical College is a public full-time general college approved by the People's Government of Jiangxi Province and registered by the Ministry of Education. Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province, where the school is located, is an important transportation hub in East China and an excellent tourist city in the country. It is known as the "Copper Capital of the World", "The Capital of China" and "Smart New City".

The school was founded on the basis of Yingtan College of Jiangxi Normal University. In May 2001, under the research of the Yingtan Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee, Yingtan Normal School and the Preparatory Office of Yingtan Education College (two brands of "Jiangxi Normal University Yingtan Specialized Department") merged to form the Yingtan Branch Committee of Jiangxi Normal University. The predecessor of Yingtan Normal School was the Shangqing Normal School founded in 1960. In 1980, it was renamed Yingtan Normal School. Yingtan College of Jiangxi Normal University was renamed from Yingtan Branch of Jiangxi Normal University. In June 1987, the Provincial Education Commission approved the establishment of the Yingtan Specialty Class of Jiangxi Normal University; in March 1988, the Provincial Education Commission approved the establishment of Yingtan Education College. In 1994, with the approval of the Provincial Education Commission, the Yingtan College of Jiangxi Normal University was renamed Yingtan College of Jiangxi Normal University. In April 2001, it was renamed Yingtan Branch of Jiangxi Normal University. In November 2001, it was renamed Yingtan College of Jiangxi Normal University. After the establishment of Yingtan Vocational and Technical College in April 2002, it cooperated with Yingtan College of Jiangxi Normal University to run a school. In February 2015, Jiangxi Normal University was established on the basis of Yingtan College of Jiangxi Normal University.

The school's basic positioning is to train key teachers in elementary schools and kindergartens and technical and technical talents. It serves regional basic education, vocational education and the development of characteristic industries, and cultivates talents suitable for needs. It is one of the teacher training bases in Jiangxi Province and vocational education in Jiangxi Province. Innovatively develop "quality schools".

The school is adhering to the school motto of "self-reliance and ethics", promotes the school spirit of "benevolence, wisdom and trust", implements the strategy of strengthening the country by education, benchmarks against the table, accelerates the construction of high-level vocational schools with Chinese characteristics, and strives to improve the quality of the comprehensive reform of vocational education "Courage to be the first" to create excellence.

The professional construction school currently has the School of Literature and Journalism and Communication, the School of Preschool Education, the School of Foreign Languages, the School of Mathematics, the School of Economics and Management, the School of Nursing and Optometry, the School of Internet of Things, the School of Art, the School of Physical Education, the School of Aeronautical Engineering, the Department of Teacher Education and There are 12 teaching units including the Department of Ideological and Political Theory Teaching, offering 10 majors in teacher education and 24 majors in vocational education. The preschool education major was recognized as a "national backbone major", and computer application technology, mechatronics, and English education were recognized as "provincial backbone majors." Five provincial-level boutique online courses and one provincial-level "Curriculum Ideological and Political" demonstration course have been established. The primary education major teaching resource bank was recognized as the second batch of national vocational education major teaching resource bank, and the modern apprenticeship pilot project for computer application technology major was recognized as the "provincial modern apprenticeship pilot project."

Faculty The school has more than 480 full-time teachers, of which 89 are associate professor or above, more than 262 are postgraduate or higher degree teachers, 5 are on-the-job doctors, 15 are PhD candidates, and 81 are dual-qualified teachers. "5 people, 13 "young and middle-aged backbone teachers in universities in Jiangxi Province", 3 national outstanding teachers Zeng Xianzi Education Fund winners, and 2 national-level high-level talents and high-skilled talents.

School conditions The school covers an area of 1250 acres, with a construction area of 316,000 square meters, teaching and research equipment worth 39.639 million yuan, and a collection of 650,000 paper books. There are 11 teaching and training centers and more than 200 experimental and training rooms. There are teaching practice bases such as affiliated primary schools, affiliated kindergartens, and early education centers. The school is a demonstration incubation base for college students' innovation and entrepreneurship in Jiangxi Province, and a demonstration base for standardization of Mandarin testing in Jiangxi Province. "Industrial Robot Professional Ability Examination Station" is the first and only dual-professional qualification examination station in the province.

Talent training Since the establishment of the school, more than 60,000 graduates have been trained, making positive contributions to the economic and social development of Jiangxi. There are 11,228 full-time college students. In recent years, the employment rate of graduates has ranked among the top of similar institutions in the province, and the rate of obtaining teacher qualification certificates for teacher-training graduates has reached more than 90%, which is much higher than the average pass rate of similar institutions in the province. In the past five years, students have participated in competitions such as the Vocational College Skills Competition, the "Internet +" College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and the Mathematical Modeling Competition, and have won 10 national awards and more than 200 provincial awards.

In recent years, our school teachers have presided over more than 100 research topics at or above the provincial level, and published more than 700 papers at or above the provincial level. Among them, more than 200 academic papers have been published in core journals, more than 30 monographs have been published, and more than 150 patents have been authorized. The school is now the "Key Research Base of Philosophy and Social Sciences in Jiangxi Province" and the "Practical Base of Overseas Chinese Character Culture Research in the School of Humanities, Shanghai Jiaotong University". The school currently has 1 "discipline leader" in the Internet of Things in Yingtan City. The teacher has won 1 second prize of Jiangxi Science and Technology Progress Award, 1 China Nonferrous Metal Industry Science and Technology Award, and the first sports humanities and social sciences outstanding in Jiangxi Province 1 first prize for achievement.

In recent years, the school has been awarded as "Jiangxi Province Civilized Unit", "Jiangxi Province General College Graduate Employment Advanced Unit", "Jiangxi Province University Ideological and Political Education Work Advanced Unit", "Jiangxi Province Higher Education Student Status Management Advanced Unit", and "Jiangxi Province" Provincial University Logistics Management Advanced Unit", "Jiangxi Province University Personnel Management Advanced Unit", "Jiangxi Province Language and Writing Advanced Unit", "Jiangxi Province Rule of Law School", "Jiangxi Province Art Education Characteristic School" and many other honorary titles.