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Jiangxi Vocational College of Art

Jiangxi Vocational College of Art is the only public comprehensive art college in Jiangxi Province, and is supervised by the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism. Its predecessor was the Jiangxi Literary Cadre School founded in 1951. The school’s Sanyi site and five changes of school name have gone through the development process from technical secondary school to undergraduate, then to technical secondary school, and from the foundation of the Jiangxi Literary School to a junior college. The college had a history of undergraduate education. In 1960, Jiangxi Culture and Art College was established to train a class of undergraduate art students.

The college currently covers an area of 139.74 acres on the old campus and 301 acres on the new campus. There are six departments and four departments: music, dance, drama, fine arts, opera, comprehensive arts, 6 professional departments, technical secondary school, basic department, ideological and political theory teaching department, continuing education and training center, 4 teaching departments, a total of 12 majors .

There are 3,378 college and technical secondary school students, including 2,471 in higher vocational schools and 907 in secondary vocational schools. There are 1,219 freshmen in the 2019 grade, including 920 in higher vocational schools and 299 in secondary vocational schools, breaking a record high.

There are 291 faculty and staff, including 70 teachers with senior professional titles and 52 masters; 3 were awarded the title of "Four Talents" in the province's propaganda and ideological and cultural system, 2 were selected as "Jiangxi Province Hundreds and Thousands of Talents Project", 1 Enjoy the special allowance of the State Council.

In the 68 years since the establishment of the school, the college has cultivated a large number of well-known art masters at home and abroad, and a large number of grassroots literary and art workers for the country, and has made significant contributions to the prosperity and development of culture and art in Jiangxi and even the whole country. Famous film and television director Gao Xixi, Dean of Beijing Dance Academy Guo Lei, young dancers Liu Zhen, Li Chunyan, Zhang Sun, Zhu Han, drama film and television actors Deng Chao, Song Yuncheng, Cheng Su, opera masters Tong Weiwei, Zhong Hanqiu, "Plum Blossom Award" winner Chen Li , Boston oboe performer Zhou Weilin, etc. are all alumni of the college.

School characteristics

In recent years, through the development idea of “centering on the stage, cultivating talents; relying on culture, facing the market”, the college has continuously strengthened its strength in running schools, and its characteristics have gradually become distinct.

1. Relying on the cultural industry, highlighting artistic characteristics.

Relying on the rich cultural resources of Jiangxi, the college actively adapts to regional social and economic development, keeps up with the needs of the times and society, and optimizes the professional layout. On the basis of consolidating the professional group of performing arts featuring stage practice, such as music performance, dance performance, theater performance, and opera performance. Actively develop majors such as flight attendant, character design, environmental art and design, and calligraphy art, and gradually form a distinctive feature of performing arts as the main body and supplemented by art design, social culture, and film and television technology.

In the past three years, students from the dance department and music department of our school have won the first and second prizes and four third prizes in the Chinese dance performance and plucked string performances in the National Vocational College Skills Competition. The dance work "Chasing Nuo 》Participated in the 12th National "Peach and Plum Cup" Dance Education and Teaching Achievement Exhibition in Hangzhou this summer, and once again boarded the highest stage of the Youth Professional Dance Competition; teachers and students of the Department of Drama won the teacher group and student group in the Chinese Classics Reading Competition Double and double first prize; art students participated in the 11th National Aesthetic Education Teaching Achievement Exhibition and won 13 first prizes; comprehensive art students won the college group in the CBDF "Academic Cup" International Ballroom Dance Competition and the CBDF National Championship Latin dance champion; the Department of Traditional Chinese Opera successfully participated in the Third National "Pear Flower Cup" Youth Opera Education and Teaching Achievement Exhibition in Beijing. During the Spring Festival in 2019, 368 teachers and students from the college participated in the Jiangxi special program of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, which effectively told Jiangxi stories and spread Jiangxi culture.

2. In-depth integration of production and education, close cooperation with the school team.

The college's opera majors have made significant contributions to the protection, inheritance and innovation of Jiangxi's intangible culture. The tea-picking opera of southern Jiangxi and the "drama performance-Gan opera" have successively won national cultural inheritance and innovation demonstration majors in vocational colleges across the country. By promoting the integration of production and education, the college closely cooperates with the art academy to explore the modern apprenticeship training model of order training and the combination of learning and performance. Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, it has trained six professional talents of Gan opera performance for the Provincial Gan Opera Troupe. At present, the cooperation model of theater troupes is being used for the Provincial Gan Opera Troupe, Peking Opera Troupe, Acrobatic Troupe, Fengcheng Tea Picking Troupe, Shanggao Tea Picking Troupe, and Nanchang County Tea Picking Troupe. The training of reserve talents for Gan opera, tea-picking opera and acrobatics has effectively resolved the talent gap crisis caused by the lack of talent in professional academies.

In 2018 and 2019, successively successfully hosted Chinese intangible cultural heritage Gan opera and tea-picking opera training courses, and the first batch of Gan opera and tea-picking opera performance rotation classes in Jiangxi Province, which effectively promoted the professional ability of Jiangxi opera practitioners. Therefore, the college was awarded the "Excellent Adult Continuing Education College (Training Institution)" in Jiangxi Province.

3. Serving cultural development, creating fine art works.

The college actively serves the development of local culture, and carries out cultural and artistic training in various forms, different levels, and rich content for the country and all parts of the province.

In recent years, they have undertaken the performance task of "Elegant Art Entering Campus" by the Provincial Department of Education.

According to the cooperation plan between the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Jiangxi Province, and appointed by the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, from February 14th to 19th, 2019, the China·Jiangxi Province Art Troupe composed of 19 teachers and students of the Academy will be in Nagasaki, Japan The City Lantern Festival made its first appearance and gorgeous debut. Participated in the China Jiangxi Cultural Tourism (Bulgaria) Promotion Conference and China Jiangxi Cultural Tourism (Greece) Promotion Conference organized by the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province in Bulgaria and Greece in May, and presented a platform to showcase China’s excellent traditional culture and unique Jiangxi Audiovisual feast with unique charm. At the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China on October 1, the extravagant actors of the National Day parade Jiangxi floats with the theme of "Golden Ganpo", there were 2 from the College's Comprehensive Art Department, highlighting the beauty of Jiangxi and sharing the great glory!

On April 26, 2019, at the invitation of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee, the college selected teachers and students to participate in the province’s special struggle against gangsters and evil in the province, and participated in singing and dancing "Breeze China", red home book recitation "Lovely China"; May 6 On May 8th, the college selected programs "Allegro-Vocational Education Dream" and "Blue Sky Imagination" to participate in the launching ceremony of Jiangxi Vocational Education Week in 2019; May 8, according to the overall arrangement of the provincial party committee and government, the college selected the program "Qinglian 》"Amusement Park" participated in the "2019 Jiangxi Cultural Development Tour Series Art Exhibition-Jiangxi University Excellent Art Performance Exhibition" activity.

In 2018, the two drama works selected by the college were successfully selected into the "Jiangxi Provincial Literary and Art Creation Funding Project", which was the only unit in the drama category that won two projects; successfully completed the first China Independent Brand Expo and the development of Chinese brands delivered by the provincial government The Jiangxi Pavilion of the International Forum explains the task.

In 2017, on behalf of Jiangxi to participate in the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China theatrical performance held in the Great Hall of the People; on behalf of the Jiangxi Provincial Government to Xinjiang to participate in the 20th anniversary performance of Xinjiang aid.

development Goals

The college fully implements the party's educational policy, serves the strategic decision of Jiangxi's "culturally strong province", and establishes the concept of "strengthening the school with quality and specializing" in the context of the new era of cultural and tourism integration. Take Lide to build people as the foundation, promote employment as the guidance, and follow the requirements of optimizing structure, expanding scale, highlighting characteristics, and improving quality. Adhere to the establishment of schools with characteristics, in-depth advance mechanism innovation, teaching reform, in-depth development of industry-education integration, school-enterprise cooperation, work-study integration, knowledge-action integration, highlighting advantages, condensing characteristics, building brands, and enhancing strength. Efforts to build the Jiangxi culture and art reserve talent training base, cultural and art cadre training base, art boutique creation base, intangible cultural heritage inheritance and innovation base, cultural and art scientific research base, and build the school into an innovative art with distinctive characteristics and high quality Vocational colleges, to achieve a new leap in the development of the college.