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Jiangxi Institute of Fashion Technology

Jiangxi Institute of Fashion Technology is a full-time general undergraduate college approved by the Ministry of Education. It is a professional college for the fashion industry, focusing on cultivating senior professionals in creative design, engineering technology, marketing and management. The school's philosophy of running a school is "establishing a school with characteristics and building a high-quality school". The orientation of the college is:

  ——Development goal orientation: a distinctive, high-level applied technology university.

  ——Orientation of the type of school: application-oriented general undergraduate colleges.

  ——The orientation of the school running level: focus on undergraduate education, give consideration to junior college education, and carry out postgraduate education in a timely manner.

  ——Service-oriented positioning: rooted in Jiangxi, radiating across the country; facing the industry, serving the society.

  ——Disciplinary professional orientation: Taking clothing education as the characteristic, construct a discipline professional system with coordinated development of art, engineering, management, economics and literature.

  ——Talent training goal orientation: Adhere to the fundamental task of Lide to cultivate people, and focus on cultivating high-quality applied technical talents with good character, physical and mental health, solid foundation, strong ability, comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical education, and labor, and innovative spirit.

   College is located in the southern suburbs of Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. It has a one-thousand-acre campus, tree-lined and culturally beautiful, complementing each other. The school building of more than 400,000 square meters, European style, majestic atmosphere. The neon clothes palace, the clothing museum, etc. carry a heavy cultural heritage.

The college now has Fashion Design School, Fashion Engineering School, Art Design School, Fashion Media School, Business School, Entrepreneurship School and International School. There are 23 undergraduate majors and 15 junior college majors, basically forming a characteristic of clothing education. The discipline and professional system of the coordinated development of art, engineering, management, economics and literature. There are 4 provincial-level characteristic majors, 2 provincial-level excellent teaching teams, 2 provincial-level talent training model innovation experimental areas, 1 demonstration training base supported by the central finance and provincial finance, and 1 provincial-level key discipline. There are 8 provincial-level quality courses, including 8 undergraduates and junior colleges, 1 professional comprehensive reform project, and 2 outstanding engineer training programs.

   There are more than 13,000 students of various types in the college, including more than 7,400 undergraduates. It has a high-quality teaching staff: 658 full-time teachers, including 441 teachers with a master's degree or above, 25 teachers with a doctor's degree or above, and 214 teachers with a professional title of associate professor or above. Several young teachers with a background of studying abroad have been introduced, and the academic structure and academic background structure of the school's teachers have been greatly improved. The college has also hired a group of well-known experts in the industry and famous experts and scholars from the United States, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions as guest professors and senior consultants.

The college attaches great importance to scientific research, and has established the Southern Clothing Research and Development and Promotion Center, the Jiangxi Provincial Cultural and Art Science Key Research Base, the Chinese Clothing Culture Research Center, the Clothing Fashion Trend Institute, the Clothing Culture Institute, the Ethnic Clothing Institute, and the Visual Arts Institute Waiting for a batch of research institutions. Established long-term cooperative relations with many domestic clothing brand companies, and jointly conducted technical research and new product research and development. The design and creativity studios set up by eight famous domestic designers at the school have become a window and platform for teachers and students to stay on the cutting edge, keep abreast of the market, and serve the society. In 2017, the faculty of the school published a total of 297 academic papers, of which 86 were core papers, especially 7 papers were included by EI, and 2 papers were reprinted in full by "Photocopying Materials of the National People's University". The college won 1 third prize of the Jiangxi Provincial Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award, 1 youth project approved by the Ministry of Education, Science, Planning and Education, 65 provincial-level projects, 2 municipal-level projects, and 1 teacher participated in the foreign One of the school’s national-level topics, and two teachers participated in the two provincial-level topics of other schools. The college has won 2 first prizes and one second prize of Jiangxi Teaching Achievement Award; 173 authorized patents, including 110 utility models, 63 appearance patents, and 26 invention patents are being publicized. In addition, there are 130 software copyright registrations.

There are 7 practical teaching centers, including Jiangxi Modern Garment Engineering Technology Research Center, Garment Design Experimental Center, and Garment Engineering Experimental Center, and 141 experimental training rooms for clothing performance testing and clothing three-dimensional cutting, covering all majors of the school. , Independently designed and built a clothing museum integrating collection, display, teaching and research, and built a large-scale professional T-stage clothing performance hall. Outside the school, together with the Shishi City Government of Fujian Province and the Gongqing City Government of Jiangxi, the Apparel Research Institute of Jiangxi Institute of Fashion Technology was established locally. Actively liaise closely with local governments in the clothing industry clusters inside and outside the province, such as "Wenshang County, Shandong, a famous clothing and leisure city in China", "Qingshan Lake District, Nanchang, China Knitwear Base", and "Shiling Town, Guangzhou, China Luggage Base", to carry out base construction and coordination Educational cooperation. In the country, it has established 105 off-campus training bases with many well-known companies such as Bosideng, Lilang, Dongmeng and Ashton. Continuously promote the transformation of industrial and social resources into teaching resources, and deepen the integration of production and education. The school-enterprise cooperation model has been further deepened and achieved good results.

  The campus culture of the college is rich and colorful, with more than 40 student clubs, which set up a stage for students to develop their personality. The competition culture is more distinctive. In recent years, our students have participated in the "Hosa Cup" Chinese Swimwear Design Competition, "China Cup" National Menswear Design Finals, "Mingrui Cup" Chinese Wedding Dress Design Competition, "Jordan Cup" Chinese Sports Equipment Design Competition, and China Professional Model Competition. , China Model Star Contest, "Humen Cup" International Youth Fashion Design Contest, World's Best Model Contest and other competitions have repeatedly won gold, silver and bronze awards. The academy has held twenty consecutive "Runhua Award" clothing design and model competitions. The radiant catwalk has become an important stage for the successful students of Jiangfu to show their talents and achieve their dreams. Our school has won gold and silver in all kinds of competitions. Won the "Newcomer Award" of Chinese Fashion Design for four consecutive years, and three students won the "Newcomer Award" King of Kings laurels.

   The demand for college graduates is in short supply every year. "High-level, high-paying, high-decent" employment is a beautiful landscape of our college's graduate employment work. In order to hire more outstanding talents in our college, many brand companies have come to the college to set up scholarships and set up order classes. Since the establishment of the college, more than 70,000 Jiangfu graduates have started their own businesses, and a large number of well-known alumni such as China’s top ten fashion designers Liu Jianghong, Wan Mingliang, Liu Xiaofei, Chen Kun, Wei Xinkun, etc. have been hailed by the domestic clothing industry as the “Jiangfu phenomenon” ". Many authoritative media such as "People's Daily", China National Radio "Voice of China", "Ban Yue Tan", "China Education News", Xinhua Net, "Jiangxi Daily" and many other authoritative media have made special reports on the employment situation of Jiangfu graduates. Over the past 27 years since the establishment of the school, more than 80,000 Jiangfu graduates have become popular in China and self-reliant and entrepreneurial. They have become a beautiful landscape in the industry and are known as the "Jiangfu Phenomenon" by the domestic clothing industry.

   In recent years, the development of the college has been recognized by more and more society. It has successively won the "National Top Ten Professional Characteristic Schools", "China Top Ten Employment Quality Demonstration Schools", and Jiangxi Province Employment Advanced Unit. For three consecutive years, it has been rated as an advanced unit of the province’s education system in the "Regulatory Management Year", "Innovative Development Year", and "Quality Improvement Year", and has been rated as an advanced unit for safety and stability in Jiangxi Province for many times. In November 2016, the school was rated as the "Demonstration College for Talent Construction in China's Textile Industry" by the China Textile Industry Federation. In May 2017, he won the 22nd China Fashion Design "New Talent Award" Education Award.