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Jiangxi Health Vocational College

Jiangxi Health Vocational College is a public full-time higher vocational college of medicine, affiliated to the Jiangxi Provincial Health Commission. The predecessor of the college was the Jiangxi Provincial Health School founded in 1955 and the Nanchang Railway Health School founded in 1958, both of which are state-level key technical secondary schools. In June 2004, approved by the People's Government of Jiangxi Province and filed by the Ministry of Education, the two schools merged and upgraded to Jiangxi Vocational and Technical College of Nursing. In April 2015, it was renamed Jiangxi Vocational College of Health. The college moved to a new campus in the Xiaolan Economic Development Zone of Nanchang in October 2012. There are currently more than 12,000 full-time students.

Good conditions for running a school

The professional setting has distinctive features. The college has seven departments and four departments: Department of Clinical Medicine, Department of Nursing, Department of Medical Technology, Department of Medical Laboratory, Department of Pharmacy, Department of Stomatology, Department of Midwifery, Department of Ideological and Political Theory Teaching, Department of Basic Subjects, Department of Public Subjects, and Department of Continuing Education. There are 1 undergraduate major and 16 higher vocational majors, all of which are medicine and health majors. Among them, clinical medicine, stomatology, and preventive medicine are nationally controlled majors, nursing and midwifery are rated as high-level superior characteristic majors in Jiangxi Province, and 5 majors in nursing, midwifery, pharmacy, laboratory, and dental technology have been awarded by the Ministry of Education. Approved as a backbone professional. The college was rated as a high-quality vocational college in Jiangxi Province.

The teaching staff is excellent. There are more than 400 full-time teachers, including 6 doctoral candidates, more than 150 masters and above, and more than 110 senior professional titles. There are 2 provincial-level teaching teams, 2 provincial-level teaching teachers, 5 provincial-level young and middle-aged backbone teachers, 3 academic and technical leaders in the health system of Jiangxi Province, and 1 person is selected as the "Hundred-person Voyage Project" in Jiangxi Province. The college employs more than 300 experts and technical experts from medical and health institutions and pharmaceutical companies to serve as teachers of clinical practice courses, forming a stable team of expert teachers.

Rich teaching resources. The college campus covers an area of more than 290,000 square meters, with more than 60,000 square meters of experimental training sites, 124 training laboratories and 9 on-campus training bases with distinctive professional characteristics and complete teaching and research services ( Center), there are 1 "Academician Studio" and 2 "Master Studios". It has the nation's largest nursing training base with first-class facilities and the highest degree of simulation, and the province's most advanced simulation intravenous infusion configuration center, simulation operating room and national college digital medical beauty training center. It has established a national physician qualification examination practice skill test (clinical category and public health category) base, and built a productive medical test center.

Complete living facilities. The college has a three-story large student dining hall. The student dormitories are equipped with air-conditioning and Internet broadband, with independent toilets and hot water baths. There are track and field stadiums, football fields, basketball courts, badminton courts and other sports venues. At the same time, the college has a cultural activity center and a hospital, with complete living facilities.

In-depth school-enterprise cooperation

The college further promotes school-enterprise cooperation and integration of industry and education, and gradually forms a talent training model of "school-enterprise linkage, work-study integration".

Cooperative order classes: Nursing majors cooperated with the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University to set up order classes for operating room nursing and ICU nursing. The pharmacy major cooperates with Yifeng Pharmacy and Huiren Pharmacy to set up "Yifeng Class" and "Huiren Class" order classes.

Cooperative construction of a training base: the dental specialty and Guangdong Huizhou Kunpeng Denture Co., Ltd. jointly established an industry-university research center; the medical laboratory technology specialty and the Zhejiang Ningbo listed company Meikang Biological Co., Ltd. jointly established a medical inspection center. The medical beauty technology major and Shenzhen Yahua Medical Beauty have carried out all-round cooperation, and the first Digital China Medical Beauty Training Center in a national university settled in the college; the medical imaging technology major and the Medical Imaging Center of Jiangxi Maternal and Child Health Hospital jointly established a teaching and training base; and The nation's largest third-party medical imaging center-Yimai Sunshine jointly cultivates high-quality, high-level and high-skilled medical imaging technical personnel. The pharmacy major and Nanda Bosch Pharmaceutical Group jointly established a production training base.

Opening of modern apprenticeship pilot classes: Since 2018, the college has successively opened three professional modern apprenticeship pilot classes, including Chinese pharmacy, medical beauty technology, and medical dental technology, with more than 200 students actively participating.

Cooperatively set up medical outpatient department: Dental specialty cooperated with Jiangxi Tianranju Technology Co., Ltd. to open an oral outpatient department; medical beauty technology specialty cooperated with a listed company-Hangzhou Meihengzhipin Medical Cosmetology Co., Ltd. to jointly build the college's medical beauty outpatient department to help students Apprenticeship, internship and employment.

Strong technological innovation and social service capabilities

Technological innovation: The college attaches great importance to the cultivation of innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities of teachers and students. In the vocational education track of the Jiangxi Internet + College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in 2020, our college’s "Yitantong" innovative project, AI alcohol-bone marrow cell morphological analysis intelligent diagnosis system and Medica medical head-mounted protective magnifying device protective masks have won gold, silver, and bronze awards, and they have signed strategic cooperation agreements with related companies. Among them, Medica magnifiers have been put on trial in six major hospitals in Jiangxi Province and won praise.

Serving the society: The college undertook the first aid training for teachers and students of the Jiangxi Provincial Red Cross, the rational application of national essential medicines for basic health personnel in the province, the vocational skills training for elderly care workers in the province, and the training for foreign aid medical team members before going abroad. "Baby nurse" vocational skills training and appraisal projects; the college’s dental clinic, medical aesthetics clinic and Nanchang Meikangshengde Medical Inspection Center carry out medical activities to serve the surrounding citizens; the medical inspection center carried out nucleic acid testing projects during the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The college has dispatched two batches of 19 medical service teams to support Nanchang County’s efforts to fight against the new crown epidemic; it has undertaken large-scale projects such as the national physician qualification examination practical skills examination (clinical category, public health category) qualification and practical skills examination, and achieved good results. Social benefits: For many years, it has undertaken the province's higher vocational nursing, health and social care, and Chinese pharmacy and other professional student skills competitions.

Fruitful school results

Outstanding alumni: For more than 60 years, the college has cultivated a large number of outstanding health talents for the society, and a large number of outstanding alumni have emerged, such as Chen Fen'er, professor of the Department of Chemistry of Fudan University, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and deputy director of the Organization Department of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee and Human Resources. Zhou Lining, Party Secretary and Director of the Department of Resources and Social Security, Du Weimin, Chairman of Shenzhen Kangtai Biological Products Co., Ltd., National Top Ten Nurses, Liu Xiaoshu, Director of the Nursing Department of Jiangxi Children’s Hospital, and Lu Qunfeng, Director of the Nursing Department of Shanghai Children’s Hospital, are all in our hospital An outstanding representative of alumni.

Recruitment and employment: The college recruits students from 14 provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions) across the country. The admission score in 2020 is among the best in the province's higher vocational colleges, with a registration rate of 95.4%, which is in a leading position among similar colleges. The college has been rated as an excellent unit for many consecutive years in the evaluation of the employment of college graduates in the province, and the employment rate of graduates in 2020 ranks first among medical colleges and universities in the province. In 2020, the pass rates of clinical assistant physicians and oral assistant physicians for clinical medicine and stomatology students are 61.09% and 59.25%, which are far higher than the national average. The passing rate of nursing and midwifery students was as high as 95.8%.

Student awards: The college attaches great importance to practical skills training. In recent years, teachers and students have participated in various skill competitions with excellent results: won 6 first prizes, 4 second prizes, and 1 third prize in the National Skills Competition. National vocational colleges have created innovations and achieved results. In the entrepreneurial competition, he won 1 first prize; 15 first prizes and 11 second prizes in the National Health Vocational Education Teaching Steering Committee Skills Competition; 11 first prizes and 12 second prizes in the Jiangxi Provincial College Student Skills Competition.

School awards: In recent years, our teachers have won 1 second prize of national teaching achievement, 1 second prize of provincial teaching achievement, and 1 second prize of teaching achievement of the National Health Vocational Education Teaching Steering Committee; won the second prize of national teaching competition There are 3 awards and 1 third prize; 6 first prizes and 4 second prizes in the provincial teaching competition; 7 provincial quality courses and 2 provincial quality resource library courses have been built. There are 10 provincial-level high-quality resources online open courses, and 2 provincial-level professional teaching resource libraries.

Entering the new era, the college will be guided by Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, earnestly implement the spirit of the National Education Conference, take morality and cultivation as the fundamental task, and build the province’s "double high" vocational colleges as the goal, adhering to the "quality" The school-running philosophy of establishing a school, developing the school with characteristics, and strengthening the school with talents, integrates the school motto of “benevolence, responsibility, and precision” into the whole process of educating people, vigorously promotes internal reforms, comprehensively promotes and strengthens connotation construction, and strives to improve talent training Quality, writing a colorful chapter for the economic and social development of Jiangxi and the construction of "Healthy Jiangxi".