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Jiangxi Medical College

The predecessor of Jiangxi Medical College was the Fifth Medical School of Jiangxi Province, founded in 1951. It was renamed Shangrao Health School in 1953, Shangrao Medical College was founded on the basis of health school in 1958, and it was renamed Gandongbei Medical College in 1959. In 1978, the Shangrao Branch of Jiangxi Medical College was established with the approval of the Provincial People's Government. In 2013, Jiangxi Medical College was established.

The school covers an area of 814 mu, with a construction area of 331,700 square meters. The total value of school equipment is more than 58 million yuan; the collection of paper books is 460,000, electronic books are more than 1.2 million, and there are more than 580 kinds of Chinese and foreign periodicals. An advanced electronic reading room has been built; a comprehensive database has been built to realize the automatic retrieval and management of books and literature resources; all classrooms in the school are equipped with multimedia.

The school recruits students from 27 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and currently has 10,097 full-time college students. The school has 7 secondary colleges, including the clinical school of medicine, the school of medical imaging, the school of nursing, the school of pharmacy, the school of medical technology, the basic medical school, and the school of Marxism (the Ministry of Humanities and Social Sciences). It has a training center and 8 majors. laboratory. There are clinical medicine, stomatology, preventive medicine, general medicine, clinical pathology, health information management, nursing, midwifery, medical imaging, radiotherapy technology, medical laboratory technology, medical cosmetology, pharmacy, medical biotechnology, and rehabilitation technology There are 19 majors such as pharmacy, Chinese pharmacy, and optometry technology. Among them, the clinical medicine majors are the 25 superior majors supported by the provincial financial special funds of Jiangxi Higher Vocational Colleges and were selected into the "Higher Vocational Education Innovation and Development Action Plan (2015- -2018)" backbone majors; four majors of medical imaging, clinical medicine (general medicine direction), midwifery, and medical laboratory technology are provincial-level specialty majors. They regularly carry out teaching and research exchanges with the University of Lorraine in France and cooperate with them. Major in medical biotechnology.

The school and Beijing Han Group jointly established the Shangrao (International) Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine Production, Education and Research Base, and using this project as the core platform for open education, the Jiangxi Branch of the National Stem Cell Engineering Technology Center was introduced to our school. In March 2018, the Jiangxi Research Center of the WBBC project of West Lake University settled in Jiangxi Medical College. The school took this as an opportunity to establish the "Boyue Science Center" and introduced the team of Professor Zheng Houfeng from the School of Basic Medicine of West Lake University; Southeast University's Institute of Genetic Engineering Vaccines Professor Meng Jihong’s team; Professor Dong Xieping, Honorary Director of Orthopedics Department of Jiangxi Provincial People’s Hospital and Doctoral Supervisor Professor Dong Xieping’s medical 3D printing team, completed the construction of a high-level talent studio, and actively organized the implementation of the "Environment and Health Research Platform" and "Molecular Biology" There are three university-level public scientific research platforms including Research Platforms" and "Medical 3D Printing Innovation Research Center". The school currently has 1 directly affiliated hospital and 1 directly affiliated eye hospital. There are clinical practice bases in 11 large and medium-sized enterprises and 126 second-level and above hospitals across the country. Co-constructed "Jiangxi Medical College Medical Bioinformatics Production-University-Research Base (Hainan)" with Qianqian World Technology Co., Ltd. in Fuxing City, Haikou City, Hainan Province, and "Dedian General Medicine Class" with Guangzhou Dedian Group. Zhejiang Hekang Group jointly established the "Hekang Class", and school-college cooperation and school-enterprise cooperation have been standardized, deepened and normalized.

The school attaches great importance to the construction of the teaching staff and adheres to the strategy of “strengthening the school with talents”. There are 902 in-service staff, including 343 full-time teachers. Among the full-time teachers: 6 are doctors; 172 are masters; 25 are senior titles and 113 are deputy senior titles; There are 2 famous teaching teachers in provincial colleges and universities, 15 middle-aged and young backbone teachers in provincial colleges and universities, 7 talents in Raocheng, Shangrao City, and 21 school-level academic leaders. The two teaching teams of inspection and English were rated as provincial excellent teaching teams.

In recent years, the school has successively won the honorary titles of "Provincial Teaching Management Advanced Unit", "Provincial University Safe Campus Demonstration School", "Jiangxi Province Popular Science Education Base", etc.; in the National Vocational College Imaging Technology Skills Competition and Testing Skills Competition He won the first prize of the group in the teaching ability competition of nursing professional teachers, the second prize of the group in the National Vocational College Clinical Medicine Skills Competition and the National Colleges and Universities Medical Beauty Skills Competition, and the special prize of the National Medical Student Anatomy Drawing Competition. He first prize, the "2019 Zeiss Fitting Elite Challenge" won the first prize in the country, the first prize in the province's nursing skills competition, the province's higher vocational colleges English teaching competition and the province's college counselor skills competition for two consecutive years Won the first prize, the special prize in the Jiangxi Division of the 2020 Foreign Research Institute National English Writing Competition, the "First National College Ideological and Political Theory Teaching Exhibition" was selected as one of the top 200 in the country, and the second season of "I'm a Surgeon—Master of Surgery" in 2018 In the final, the first place in the preliminaries of the Guangzhou Division advanced to the final and won the National Cataract Surgery "Best Surgical Skill Award" with outstanding results.

In the course of nearly 70 years of running the school, the school has trained more than 70,000 graduates for the society. A large number of them have obtained master's and doctoral degrees through further studies, and more graduates have become medical and health institutions at all levels. Business backbone and leaders of primary health units. Served as Minister of National Health, the current Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, Professor Chen Zhu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a foreign academician of the French Academy of Sciences; Professor Han Zhongchao, a leader in national stem cell engineering and technology research, and an academician of the French Academy of Medical Sciences and the French Academy of Technical Sciences. It is the best among the many graduates of our school.

In recent years, under the leadership and support of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, the school’s party and government has led all faculty and staff to forge ahead, pioneer and innovate, adhere to the rule of law, actively deepen the reform of education and teaching, and propose to build an applied undergraduate medical school to achieve The development goal of "Second Entrepreneurship, Realizing Dreams Again", compose a new chapter in the school's history!