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Jiangxi Vocational College of Applied Technology

Jiangxi Vocational College of Applied Technology is a full-time public higher vocational college sponsored by the Jiangxi Provincial Government and in charge of the Provincial Department of Natural Resources. It is located in Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, the central city of "Four Provinces", a national civilized city, and a national forest city. The school was established in May 1958 and has gone through five development stages: Jiangxi Institute of Geology, Jiangxi Provincial Geological School, Ganzhou Geological School, Southern Industrial School, and Jiangxi Vocational College of Applied Technology. It was originally a college directly under the Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources. After 60 years of accumulation, the school has strong strength, distinctive features and significant advantages.

In 2012, the school was established as a model higher vocational college in Jiangxi Province; in 2014, it was established as a backbone higher vocational college in the "National Demonstrative Higher Vocational College Construction Plan" and ranked among the top 100 in the country; in 2014, it was established as an ordinary college in Jiangxi Province Undergraduate colleges and higher vocational colleges jointly cultivate applied technology-based undergraduate talents pilot project; in 2015, it was selected as one of the 100 modern apprenticeship pilot higher vocational colleges nationwide. The school is a "double excellent school" in the evaluation of the level of personnel training in higher vocational colleges by the Ministry of Education and the evaluation of the employment of college graduates in Jiangxi Province. From 2013 to 2017, it was rated as the Jiangxi Province University Safe Campus Demonstration School for 5 consecutive years; in 2015, it was rated as "National Land and Resources Management System Advanced Collective"; in 2016, it was rated as "National Top 50 Higher Vocational College Service Contributions", " "China's Top 100 Vocational Education Employment", the 14th Civilized Unit of Jiangxi Province, and the National Quality Higher Vocational College Construction Project Unit; in 2017, the "2017 National College of Higher Education Competition Evaluation Results (Higher Vocational)" published by the China Higher Education Association Ranked 19th in the country and 1st in Jiangxi; ranked 29th in the country and 2nd in Jiangxi in the "Guangzhou Daily National Vocational and Technical College Rankings" (1358 domestic higher vocational colleges were included in the evaluation system); in 2018, it was selected as Jiangxi The provincial high-level higher vocational college construction project establishment unit and the provincial financial support construction project establishment unit; in 2018, it became the only university in the province to win the "6th Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Award" Excellent School Award; in 2019, it was recognized as a "national" by the Ministry of Education High-quality junior vocational colleges"; In 2019, it was selected as a high-level vocational school with Chinese characteristics and a high-level professional group construction unit of the professional construction plan (A file).

In the past ten years, from “National Key Vocational Colleges” to “National High-Quality Vocational Colleges” and then to “Construction Unit of High-level Professional Groups with Chinese Characteristics (A Grade)”, our school has become one of the three major national projects selected at the same time. One of the 131 colleges and universities in the province, and one of the three colleges and universities selected for the three major projects at the same time, to achieve the "Grand Slam" in the construction of three major vocational colleges in the country.

The school campus covers an area of 1262 acres, the school building area is 486,000 square meters, the total assets of the school is 897 million yuan, the experimental training equipment is more than 110 million yuan, the library has a collection of 810,000 books, a national vocational skills appraisal institute, and 33 professional positions. Skill appraisal qualification. Existing School of Resources, Environment and Jewelry, School of Automobile, School of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, School of Information Engineering, School of Construction Engineering, School of Surveying, Mapping and Geographic Information, School of Finance and Business, School of Materials Engineering, School of Design Engineering, School of Social Management and Military Sports Teaching There are 16,000 full-time students in 11 teaching institutions including the Ministry of Education.

The school has formed a professional system characterized by land and resources majors, engineering as the main body, and economics, management, service and other categories. There are currently 3 applied technology-based undergraduate pilot majors and 48 junior majors, including 6 key majors supported by the central government, 6 key majors supported by provincial finance, 5 provincial demonstration majors, 6 provincial characteristic majors, and national There are 5 modern apprenticeship majors at the provincial and provincial levels, 2 national quality resource sharing courses, 39 provincial quality resource sharing courses, 9 provincial quality online open courses, and 2 excellent courses by the Ministry of Education’s Education Commission. The province ranks first among similar colleges and universities.

The school currently has nearly 1,000 faculty members and 662 full-time teachers, including 192 associate professors and above, 52 professors, and 18 doctors. The double-teacher rate is 95.85%. There is a national-level teaching team. A provincial-level teaching team; 1 national high-level talent special support plan teaching teacher, 1 national-level teaching teacher, 4 Jiangxi provincial colleges and universities young and middle-aged subject leaders, 6 provincial-level teaching teachers, 28 Jiangxi provincial colleges and universities young and middle-aged Key teachers, more than 30 people hold important positions in provincial and ministerial academic organizations; the school has also specially hired a group of experts and skilled craftsmen from the front line of production management to teach in the school.

The school has established 2 national-level vocational education training bases, 2 national-level teacher training bases, 2 Ministry of Education "Professional Service Industry Development Ability Projects", 1 Ministry of Education Vocational Education Cooperation Project, 4 provincial-level talent training Model innovation experimental area, 2 provincial-level training bases, 22 on-campus training centers, 149 experimental training rooms, and 229 off-campus training bases built by school-enterprise cooperation. Adhering to the road of combining production, teaching and research, three school-run enterprises were established, namely, Rieter Technology Development Corporation, Testing Research Institute, and Land and Resources Survey and Planning Institute. Unite more than 200 government agencies, enterprises and institutions, scientific research institutes and foreign educational institutions to establish a cooperative development council, conduct deep school-enterprise integration with a large number of enterprises and institutions, and lead the establishment of the "Jiangxi Provincial Land and Resources Vocational Education Group". Shenzhen Xunfang Technology Co., Ltd. jointly established a mixed-ownership "Xunfang Technical College", and the school achieved a major breakthrough in the diversification of the school group.

As the first batch of applied technology-based undergraduate talent training pilot colleges in Jiangxi, it has jointly launched the applied technology-based undergraduate professional pilot program with Jiangxi University of Science and Technology. It has recruited students since 2014, and the social response has been good. The school faces the world, opens up schools, explores a variety of new paths for international cooperation such as base joint construction, school-school cooperation, project cooperation, and actively responds to the national "going out" strategy, related to Canada, Germany, UAE, Mozambique, Indonesia and other countries Institutions cooperate and social services go overseas.

The school pays attention to the training of students' vocational skills. The teachers and students of the school have won gold and silver in the national and provincial competitions for years. In the "2015-2019 National General University Subject Competition Ranking List of Higher Vocational TOP300" issued by the China Higher Education Association, the school ranks 15th in the country and 1st in the province. The comprehensive results of the National Vocational College Skills Competition are among the best in the country. The first National Vocational Skills Competition won the silver medal in cloud computing projects, and 3 projects were shortlisted for the 46th World Skills Competition China Training Team. The National "Internet +" University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition won 1 silver award and 3 bronze awards. Mathematical modeling leads the country. In 2019, it once again won the "Higher Education Club Cup", the highest award in the specialty group of the National College Students Mathematical Modeling Competition. Over the past 30 years since the National University Student Mathematical Modeling Contest was held, our school is the only university in Jiangxi that has won the "Higher Education Society Cup" and the highest number of national awards. It is also the university with the largest number of national first prizes and the largest number of national awards among similar institutions in the country. . After 16 years of accumulation, the school has become a well-deserved "leader" in the specialist group of the National Mathematical Contest in Modeling.

The one-time employment rate of school graduates has exceeded 95% for 15 consecutive years, and the school has been rated as an "excellent grade school" and an "advanced unit" for the employment of ordinary college graduates in Jiangxi Province for 15 consecutive years. The school has a variety of scholarship policies such as national scholarships, national inspirational scholarships, national grants, work-study subsidies, subsidies for extremely poor students, special school-enterprise cooperation scholarships, and alumni "inspirational" scholarships.

The school is the world champion base for rock climbing, with the first in the country and the world's first in competitive rock climbing. He has successively won 22 world championships, 21 Asian championships, more than 200 national championships, broke the world record 10 times, and 5 people have won the national "Sports Medal of Honor" 10 times. In 2009, he won the men's and women's championships in the World Sports Congress Rock Climbing Speed Race, and the five-star red flag was raised in Taiwan for the first time. It is now a training base for the National Rock Climbing Team. The Jiangxi Provincial Rock Climbing Association and the Jiangxi Provincial Rock Climbing Team are located in the school. Nearly half of the members of the national rock climbing team selected for the Asian Games in 2018 are our school’s students. In the 2018 Asian Games, our school’s students won "two silvers and three bronzes" with good results.

The school has been running brilliantly for more than sixty years, and has condensed the school spirit of "hard work, courage to climb, pioneering and innovative, and the pursuit of excellence". In 2021, standing at a new starting point, the school will take the initiative to adapt to the new normal of economic development, deepen reforms, forge ahead with determination, with one heart and one mind, full of confidence, and strive to build a national high-quality vocational college!