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Jiangxi Construction Vocational and Technical College

The Xiaolan campus of the college is located in the Xiaolan Economic Development Zone of Nanchang, close to the beautiful Xianghu Scenic Area in Nanchang, and echoes the "Bada Shanren Memorial Hall". The Honggutan campus is located in the central area of Honggutan, Nanchang. The college covers a total area of 407,354 square meters, with a school building area of 309,760 square meters, fixed assets of 510,538,300 yuan, total value of teaching equipment and equipment of 59,994,800 yuan, and a library collection of 440,000 books. The college environment is elegant and the air is fresh. The campus has complete living facilities, including pedestrian streets, bookstores, supermarkets, bank 24-hour self-service terminals, telecommunications outlets, infirmaries, laundry rooms and other service organizations. The student dormitories are all 4-bed standard apartments, equipped with air-conditioning, water heater, and internet access.

School history

Founded in 1958, Jiangxi Construction Vocational and Technical College is affiliated to the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Jiangxi Province. It is a full-time general higher vocational college approved by the People’s Government of Jiangxi Province in 2003 and reported to the Ministry of Education for filing. It is the only ordinary higher vocational college in our province. A construction higher vocational college. It is a "demonstrative training base for the training and training of skilled talents in the construction industry" determined by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. The pilot unit of the modern apprenticeship system of the Ministry of Education.

School conditions

The college has teaching departments such as Civil Engineering Department, Architecture Department, Management Engineering Department, Environmental Engineering Department, Information Engineering Department, Basic Teaching Department, and Training Department. It offers general higher vocational education such as construction engineering technology, architectural design, town planning, and engineering cost. There are 27 majors, including 1 provincial-level model major, 2 characteristic majors, and 6 college-level key majors.

The college adheres to the combination of internal training and external introduction. Through the implementation of professional leader training projects, professional level improvement projects, famous teacher projects, double-teacher projects, etc., the overall quality of the teaching staff has been greatly improved, and a team of noble and professional teachers has been gradually established. A team of high-level teachers with a combination of reasonable structure and excellent quality. The college has 511 teachers, including 153 senior professional and technical personnel, 224 master's degree personnel, 5 provincial-level teaching teams, and more than 200 double-qualified teachers with professional qualifications such as national registered architects, structural engineers, and construction engineers. Dean Zhu Fan, Deputy Dean Li Hanhua, and Deputy Dean Liu Xiaoqing of our college were respectively hired by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development as the National Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Vocational Education Teaching Steering Committee for Construction Equipment, Municipal Engineering, and Engineering Management Professional Steering Committees Members.

The college has good practical teaching conditions. The college has an experimental training building, a green technology center, and an engineering training center. The building area is more than 30,000 square meters. It has 65 on-campus training bases in 4 categories and cooperates with 109 off-campus enterprises (affairs). Business units have established stable relationships. The college has social service organizations such as Jiangxi Modern Architectural Design and Research Institute, Jiangxi Construction Engineering Inspection Co., Ltd., and National Vocational Skills Appraisal Institute, which provides a broad stage for teachers to participate in professional practice, student experiments, internships, and skills training activities.

School characteristics

Our school insists on running schools with characteristics, and has always insisted on construction majors as the main majors over the years. The school has developed from 5 majors at the beginning of the school to 27 majors now, and firmly grasps the structural adjustments that appear in the development of the construction industry. According to the position that higher vocational education is employment education centered on social needs, we will actively develop emerging majors, adjust and optimize traditional majors, and continue to increase the development and construction of construction majors on the basis of consolidating the advantages of traditional majors. To speed up the development and construction process of majors in line with regional industrial development, and form a professional group layout with civil construction, project management, architectural design, etc. as the main features, and the coordinated development of construction equipment, urban rail transit technology, etc. .

The college continues to innovate the system and mechanism, deepen the school-enterprise cooperation, expand the field of school-enterprise cooperation, and establish a stable talent training and employment partnership with the construction industry and enterprises; it has formed a distinctive school-running characteristic, which adds vitality to the scientific development of the college.

Based on the industry, the college actively adapts to the requirements of the transformation of the construction industry and the regional economic development mode of our province, adheres to the service-oriented, employment-oriented, and development path of combining production, education and research; taking education as the foundation and teaching as the center , With the focus on connotation construction, combined with the actual development of the college’s own development, the establishment of “serving Jiangxi’s economic construction, relying on the advantages of the construction industry, maintaining the characteristics of construction majors, appropriately expanding the professional coverage according to social needs, and training high-quality, strong abilities, and peace of mind in production , Construction, management, and service of high-end skilled talents in the front line of work, serving the regional economy and construction industry" the orientation of running a school. In recent years, the college has taken the initiative to adapt to the requirements of the transformation of the construction industry and regional economic development mode in our province, taking education as the foundation, teaching as the center, focusing on the connotation construction, and on the basis of consolidating the advantages of traditional majors, continuously increasing the construction category. Professional development and construction efforts to speed up the professional development and construction process corresponding to regional industrial development, forming a coordinated development with civil construction, project management, architectural design, etc., combined with construction equipment, urban rail transportation and other categories The layout of professional groups. At the same time, the college has invested heavily in hardware construction in recent years. The campus area, teaching and administrative buildings, school building area, construction equipment, and library collections have reached the standard of 10,000 people in the school. The comprehensive development level of the college ranks first in the province, and is at the middle and upper level in the country.

School achievements

In recent years, the college has adhered to service as its purpose, employment-oriented, and strives to improve the conditions for running a school, adheres to teaching as the center, professional construction as the leader, and connotation construction as the focus, and continuously deepens the reform of education and teaching, and has achieved fruitful results.

The college has successively won honors such as the Advanced Group of Educational Work of the Ministry of Construction, Civilized Unit of Jiangxi Province, Advanced Group of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities of the Province, Advanced Unit of Communist Youth League Work of Jiangxi Province, Advanced Group of Teachers' Ethics Construction in Jiangxi Province, and Advanced Group of Student Funding Work in Jiangxi Province. The college has achieved remarkable teaching results. It has won 13 teaching achievements in Jiangxi Province, 9 provincial-level quality courses, 9 newly established provincial-level quality online open courses, 1 provincial-level talent training model innovation experimental zone, and the central government supports higher vocational schools to upgrade their majors 1 service capability project, 2 provincial-level teaching teams, and 2 national-level professional teaching resource library projects.

Graduate employment

Our college attaches great importance to the employment of graduates, adopts the method of "going out and bringing in", and has established a comprehensive employment information resource database through years of job market construction. At present, there are more than 3,000 units in the employment resource information database, which provide graduates with a large amount of job information every year. This year, our school held a large-scale campus job fair for graduates, more than 60 special job fairs, introduced more than 360 employers on campus, and provided more than 8,000 jobs. The employment rate of graduates in our college is over 95% every year, and the professional counterpart rate of graduates is over 98%. Graduates are well received by employers and have a good reputation in the society. Beginning in 2012, our institute signed an agreement with Nanchang Rail Transit Company to train talents for Nanchang Metro Construction. So far, our college has passed the acceptance inspection for three orders class graduates and started to work.

Over the past sixty years, the college has trained tens of thousands of high- and intermediate-level construction professionals for both inside and outside the province. Graduates are spread all over the country and have become the backbone of business and technology for various positions in the construction industry. He was praised as the "Whampoa Military Academy in the construction industry" for his welcome and praise.