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Jiangxi Vocational and Technical College of Industry

Jiangxi Vocational and Technical College of Industry is the first batch of independent public full-time comprehensive higher vocational colleges in Jiangxi Province approved by the Ministry of Education in 1999, and is a model higher vocational college in Jiangxi Province. Founded in 1954, the school has successively undergone development stages such as adjustments, upgrades, mergers, and renames. It has a history of more than 60 years of running a school and occupies an important position in the overall layout of higher vocational education in Jiangxi Province and even the country.

The school is located in Nanchang, a famous historical and cultural city in the south of the Yangtze River, which is "a natural treasure and outstanding people". There are three campuses (Yaohu campus, Qingshanhu campus, and Gongqingcheng integration base for production and education). The life service and sports facilities of each campus are complete, especially the Yaohu campus is located in the Changdong High Campus of Nanchang City, adjacent to the beautiful Aixi Lake and Yao Lake, with a beautiful environment, fresh air and convenient transportation. The ideal place for life.

The school has a strong faculty, a reasonable team structure and rich teaching experience. Jiangxi Vocational and Technical College of Industry consists of 5 secondary colleges, namely the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the College of Electronics and Information Engineering, the College of Architecture and Art, the College of Economics and Management, and the College of Textiles and Clothing, with a total of 50 majors (directions). The school enrolled a total of 42 majors this academic year, with a total of 11035 students. Among them, the computer, art design, and automation majors are relatively large, accounting for 21.93%, 18.22%, and 9.81%, respectively. The total number of full-time academic education students in the school is 11035, the planned number of enrollment is 7127, and the actual number of admissions is 6468. The registration rate after admission is 90.48%. Among the new students in 2020, the proportion of students from this city is 15.89%. This city) accounted for 97.39%, and the proportion of students from the western region was 1.40%. Among them, ordinary high school students accounted for 74.7%, and secondary vocational students accounted for 22.6%. The school’s running conditions are improving day by day. Compared with the previous school year, the value of teaching and research equipment per student, the number of books per student, and the number of computers used for teaching by a hundred students have increased significantly, which has continuously adapted to and met the needs of the school’s talent training.

In recent years, the school has adhered to the direction of higher vocational education, the level of running the school has been rising year by year, the quality of personnel training has been significantly improved, and excellent results have been achieved. Has been awarded "Advanced Unit of Vocational Education in Jiangxi Province", "Advanced Collective for Employment of General College Graduates in Jiangxi Province", "Advanced Unit for Safety and Stability Work in Universities in Jiangxi Province", "Nanchang Spiritual Civilization Unit" and more than 30 provinces and cities , Department-level honorary title. Many outstanding graduates have emerged, such as the world famous model, Asian Queen Li Bing, and Jiangxi Satellite TV Metropolitan Channel host Yazhi. Many students at school have achieved excellent results in various competitions at all levels inside and outside the province, fully demonstrating the professional skills of our school students. The elegant demeanor demonstrates the school's characteristics of running a school and has produced a good social influence.

From the perspective of the number of employment, the employment rate of our school’s graduates in 2019 and 2020 is 93.34% and 91.67%, respectively. More than 90% of the graduates have confirmed their graduation destinations, and the employment of graduates has been implemented well. From the perspective of salary, the monthly income of our school's graduates in 2019 and 2020 is 3,598.71 yuan and 3,569.84 yuan, which have been basically stable in the past two years. It should be noted that the degree of relevance (64.24%) of the science, engineering, agriculture and medicine majors of our school's 2020 graduates is much lower than that of 2019 (75.74%), and the achievement of training goals requires further attention. From the perspective of employers’ evaluations, employers’ satisfaction with their graduates in the past two years is 96.65% and 97.64%, which are significantly higher. All reflect that employers have a high evaluation of the talents cultivated by the school and recognize the quality of the school's training. From the perspective of graduates’ satisfaction with their alma mater, the satisfaction of our school’s 2020 graduates with their alma mater is 97.64%, which is an increase from the previous year (96.65%), reflecting the further improvement in the school experience of our graduates.

The school actively implements the financial allocation in time and in full. The average financial allocation level for secondary colleges is 17,163.51 yuan, of which the annual financial special fund is 11,202.68 yuan per student, and the per student enterprise internship subsidy is 651.89 yuan, of which the per student financial special subsidy is 651.89 yuan. The average corporate internship liability insurance subsidy is 30.93 yuan, of which the per-student financial special subsidy is 30.93 yuan. All of the school's financial expenditures are used in the fields of teacher construction and campus construction. The facts that teachers and students have strong demands and have obvious feelings have been handled well, so that teachers and students can get more visible and tangible campus changes.

The school fully implements the party’s educational policy, adheres to the guiding ideology of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guidance, taking the morality and building people as the foundation, serving development as the purpose, and promoting employment as the guiding ideology; The school-running philosophy of "industry, connotation development, and distinctive features", practice the school motto of "ordered latitude and latitude, double morality and technology", and strive to cultivate high-quality technical skills that meet the front-line needs of various industries, have strong practical ability, and have good professional ethics. Talents, and strive to make the school become "the cradle of light textile talents, the center of vocational training, and the base of technical services", and play a leading role in accelerating the development of higher vocational education in our province.