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Suzhou Preschool Teachers College

Suzhou Kindergarten Teachers College is an independent public college approved by the Ministry of Education. The Suzhou Preschool Teachers' School was founded in 1976 by Zhaoduan. It is located at the mouth of Sihekou, Hushuguan Town, Wu County. It is the oldest school in the province that retains the name of "Kindergarten Teacher". In 1983, it was renamed as Suzhou Preschool Normal School of Jiangsu Province. In 2005, it was linked to the former Jiangsu Institute of Education and was renamed as Suzhou Higher Preschool Normal School. The license of Suzhou Preschool Education Branch of Jiangsu Institute of Education was added. In July 2014, the Provincial Department of Education agreed to prepare for the establishment of Suzhou Kindergarten Teachers College. In September 2015, the school moved from the site of Shantang Street at the foot of Huqiu Mountain to the new campus of Huayuan Road by Yangcheng Lake. The school covers an area of 370 mu, with a building area of 100,000 square meters. The campus has the characteristics of a modern Jiangnan water town, the spatial pattern of "water, bridge, and pavilion", the combination of "black, white, and gray" residential colors, the architectural style of "light, beautiful and elegant", "sentiment, interest, and spirituality". "Outlined cultural artistic conception. In January 2016, the Provincial People's Government agreed to establish Suzhou Kindergarten Teachers College.

The school has 233 faculty members (including 72 affiliated kindergartens), including 161 teachers in the normal department and 142 full-time teachers, including 9 full-time teachers and 56 associate professors. Associate professors and above account for 45.8% of the full-time teachers. They have master's degrees. There are 125 degree holders (14 PhDs), accounting for 88% of the full-time teachers, and there are more than 70 part-time teachers mainly composed of famous university professors, provincial special-grade teachers, and city subject leaders. The school has four affiliated kindergartens, namely Flower Kindergarten, Education Kindergarten, Guxiangyuan Kindergarten, and High-speed Rail New City Kindergarten (under construction). Existing libraries, performing arts center, performance center, international conference center, nursery teacher training center, early education center, preschool education center, etc., with preschool education such as simulation classrooms for children, construction rooms, nursery rooms, children’s life halls, etc. There are 22 professional training rooms, 22 vocal music classrooms, calligraphy classrooms, art classrooms and other art and sports professional classrooms, 230 piano rooms, and 84 off-campus practice bases.

The school raises the banner of teacher training, focuses on pre-school education, and focuses on reform and innovation. At present, it has opened three majors of preschool education, early education, and music education, and two non-teaching majors of fine arts and music performance. The school takes “the benevolent to love others and the teacher to be a model” as the school motto, pays attention to “two generations of teachers and models together,” and closely focuses on the fundamental task of talent training. The practical education and teaching system with the ability to care for education and education at its core has embarked on a road of running a school that seeks survival by quality and development with characteristics.

In the nine consecutive provincial teacher training basic skills competitions, the school’s awards are among the best of its kind in the province. The passing rate of the teacher qualification certificate examination for the first time is 96.89%, far exceeding the average pass rate of normal students. The school has repeatedly won good results in the art and sports competitions. The school currently has the second prize of national teaching achievement, the special prize of Jiangsu Province teaching achievement, and the first prize of 3 items.

Good school quality and social reputation make the school's enrollment and employment present a gratifying situation of smooth export and prosperous entrance. The school's five-year consistent admissions admission score has reached the four-star high school score, and the 2020 pre-school education professional high admissions admission score exceeds the second line. In recent years, the employment rate of school graduates has been steadily high, and the employment rate of graduates is higher than the average counterpart employment rate of the province in that year.

After completing the transition from secondary normal education to higher education, Suzhou Junior College, guided by the modern university system, promotes the transformation of school governance, effectively establishes an operating mechanism that is compatible with the internal management of the university, and comprehensively improves the work functions that match the connotation construction of the university Continually explore a school-running model that integrates with the development of the characteristics of universities, solidly promote the ideological and political work that corresponds to the ideology of colleges and universities, further emancipate the mind, keep the mission in mind, and seize the opportunity to build the school into a high-level, distinctive national first-class child Be dedicated and forge ahead!