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Jiangsu Aviation Vocational and Technical College

Public colleges and universities have distinctive characteristics

Jiangsu Aviation Vocational and Technical College (Jiangsu Aviation Institute for short) is a full-time junior college level public college approved by the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. It is the only aviation professional college in Jiangsu Province. The college has established the school motto of "Being virtuous and capable, dedication to learning and dedication", the school spirit of "Unity, forge ahead, rigorous and meticulous", the teaching style of "Leading by example, and the teaching style", and the style of study of "Morality first, skill with specialization". Take the road of cluster development and characteristic development, and gradually build a special professional group such as drone application technology, aircraft electromechanical equipment maintenance, aircraft airborne equipment debugging technology, flight attendant, airport operation service and management, and aviation material precision molding technology. The deputy director unit of the National Aviation Industry Vocational Education and Teaching Steering Committee, and the director unit of the UAV Professional Steering Committee of the National Air Navigation Commission.

Strong strength and extensive cooperation

Centering on professional construction, the college has established a team of high-quality, high-level teachers led by professors, senior engineers, doctors, and provincial and municipal subject leaders, with provincial and municipal backbone teachers as the core. Hire academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering as professional instructors in the fields of aircraft, aero engines, large aircraft, and aviation materials, and aviation-related entrepreneurs in the province as entrepreneurial and employment instructors. It has excellent teaching backbones such as national teaching teachers, provincial Qinglan project training objects, provincial "333" project training objects, provincial industry professors, Zhenjiang city "169" project training objects. In 2020, he won the first prize of Jiangsu Vocational College Teacher Ability Competition and the first prize of Jiangsu Micro-Class Teaching Competition. Instructed students to win the first prize of the National Drone Innovation Competition and the first prize of the National Artificial Intelligence Application Technology Skills Competition. Four.

The college pays attention to strengthening the construction of internal and external training bases, and achieves the three-in-one "teaching, learning and education". There are more than 60 aviation engineering training centers, 147 aviation maintenance training centers, aviation service training centers, drone collaborative innovation training centers, basic experimental training training centers, and Boeing 737-300 large aircraft training platforms. An experimental training place, outside the school, cooperated with more than 30 enterprises in Zhenjiang Aerospace Industrial Park to build a training base and carry out modern apprenticeship pilots, and signed a national aviation-related central enterprise, civil aviation, general aviation and other multi-level aviation training bases , Fully meet the needs of students' theoretical and practical learning.

The college is located in the famous historical and cultural town of Jiang, in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone. It is an important city in the southern part of Jiangsu and an important city in the Ningzhen-yang metropolitan area. The college covers an area of more than 700 acres. The campus is built in the Zhenjiang Aerospace Industrial Park, with Yishan Mountain to the north, Ruihu Lake to the east, and adjacent to the aviation education town. Education, teaching and living conditions.

Management norms, caring for students

The college emphasizes precise and precise enrollment, implements 6S management concepts and aviation service etiquette norms, pays attention to students’ aviation professional quality training, provides students with high-quality and comprehensive learning and life guidance while rigorously pursuing academic studies and standardizing management. It has established various scholarships, bursaries, and awards. Excellent students develop comprehensively in moral, intellectual, physical, and artistic, helping students in difficulties relieve their worries.

Worry-free employment, guarantee success

The college has established the school-running goal of "distinctive characteristics, industry-leading, and first-class in the province", adheres to the center of "cultivating people, developing students, and promoting employment" as the center, and is committed to guiding students to adults, accompany students to grow, and serve students to become talents. The college aims to cultivate high-quality technical and technical talents who are "reliable in life, skilled in employment, capable in entrepreneurship, and stamina for development", and strives to cultivate future aviation industry skilled craftsmen and artisans of great powers.

Students can obtain a basic civil aviation maintenance license through aviation "CCAR-147" project training during school, and a drone pilot license issued by the National Civil Aviation Administration through drone control and driving skills training. In 2020, the college will become the first batch of pilot colleges and assessment sites for the “1+X Air Crew Vocational Skill Level Certificate” and the “1+X UAV Driving Vocational Skill Level Certificate” in the country. The college has signed cooperative training agreements with China Commercial Aircraft Corporation, China Aviation Development Beijing Aviation Materials Research Institute and other aviation-related central enterprises, as well as many well-known domestic airlines, aviation manufacturing and maintenance companies, Zhenjiang Aerospace Industrial Park and related high-quality enterprises. Many ways to help students grow into talents. With Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and other prestigious undergraduate schools, the channel has been opened for undergraduate and undergraduate transfer, and a college-undergraduate linkage application-oriented talent training system has been established.