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Mingda Vocational and Technical College

Mingda Vocational and Technical College was approved by the People's Government of Jiangsu Province in 1995 to be established. In 1996, it was affiliated to Yangzhou University for enrollment. It was approved by the Ministry of Education in 1999. It is a full-time general university with independent qualifications to issue college diplomas. The campus is located in Sheyang County, Yancheng City.

The college adheres to the school motto of "loyalty, sincerity, diligence, and harmony", adheres to the school philosophy of "respecting knowledge, advocating talent, diligence, and progress", and adheres to the school goal of cultivating high-quality and skilled talents in production, construction, management and service. . The college implements the dean responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors. In February 2018, the school's investment entity was changed to Beijing Northern Investment Group. Beijing Northern Investment Group is the country’s largest private education group. It has 16 colleges and universities that form the Northern International University Alliance. It has established a multi-channel and multi-mode school running mechanism such as inter-school integration, international alliances, and school-enterprise integration. Beijing Northern Investment Group joined Master Mingda College, ushered in a new development opportunity for the college. Beijing North Investment Group has strong financial strength and rich experience in running schools. It has a relatively high social status and strong influence in running schools in the domestic private higher education sector. This allows the college to share the group’s superior resources in running schools, and further improves the level of teaching informatization. The development of the college and the improvement of the quality of talent training have injected strong impetus.

The college covers an area of nearly 800 acres and has relatively complete teaching, training, and living facilities. There are more than 50 buildings of various types, with a total area of nearly 120,000 square meters, various administrative buildings of 50,000 square meters, various teaching and laboratory equipment worth nearly 20 million yuan, and a collection of more than 270,000 books. Now there are 28 majors in 5 departments including the Department of Information and Media, the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the Department of Economic Management, the Department of Construction Engineering and the Department of Basic Teaching. There are currently nearly 2,000 students and 120 faculty members.

Since the school started, the college has been increasing its investment in running a school year by year, improving the quality of running a school, expanding the influence of running a school, and expanding the scale of running a school. Especially after two rounds of education and teaching evaluation, the college has achieved significant results in professional construction, curriculum construction, training base construction, teaching level, and teacher team construction. It has gradually formed a distinctive school thinking and planning positioning, education and teaching The continuous improvement of the level and the continuous improvement of the quality of personnel training have become an important part of cultivating high-quality skilled professionals for local economic development. The college’s complete teaching facilities, rigorous student management, innovative school-running ideas, and characteristic school-running style have attracted widespread attention and praise from all walks of life. The college has established stable cooperative relations with hundreds of large-scale enterprises in Shanghai and major cities along the Yangtze River. The college implements the integrated management of graduate internship and employment and entrepreneurship, which effectively improves the quality of graduate employment. The college also actively builds bridges for students to transfer from undergraduate to undergraduate education and undergraduate education, and develops direct cooperation between undergraduate and graduate students in international study. After more than 20 years of hard work, although the college has experienced different periods of development, it has always taken the cultivation of high-quality and high-skilled talents as its own responsibility, and has formed a school model with its own characteristics, providing a steady stream of regional economic construction and development. The guarantee of talents has provided nearly 20,000 qualified talents with various professional and technical skills to the society.