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Jiangsu Vocational College of Finance and Accounting

Jiangsu College of Finance & Accounting (Jiangsu College of Finance & Accounting) is a full-time general higher education institution affiliated to the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Finance. Located in Lianyungang, the east bridgehead of the New Eurasian Continental Bridge, and at the western foot of the beautiful Huaguo Mountain, it is an important base for the cultivation of accounting talents.

Jiangsu Vocational College of Finance and Accounting, formerly known as Lianyungang Accounting Vocational School, was founded on September 2, 1964. In the half-century of running a school, he has experienced "Lianyungang Accounting School" (1965), "Lianyungang Finance School" (1973), "July 21 University of Finance and Economics" (1976), "Lianyungang Finance School" (1982), "Jiangsu Lianyungang Finance and Economics School" (1986), "Jiangsu Lianyungang Finance and Economics Higher Vocational Technical School" ("Jiangsu United Vocational and Technical College Lianyungang Finance and Economics Branch", 2004) and other development stages. The school was renamed in 2015 It is Jiangsu Vocational College of Finance and Accounting.

Adhering to the school-running philosophy of "accounting characteristics, quality first, equal emphasis on rationality and practicality, and open integration", the school has formed a distinctive school-running feature, and has trained more than 30,000 high-quality skilled professionals at all levels for national economic construction and social development , Has won a good social reputation and is known as "the cradle of Jiangsu financial talents." The school has successively won the National Advanced Unit of Financial Education, Advanced Unit of Vocational Education of Jiangsu Province, Advanced Unit of Moral Education of Jiangsu Province, Civilized Campus of Jiangsu Province, Safe Campus of Jiangsu Province, Price Integrity Unit of Jiangsu Province, Advanced Collective of Information Construction of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions, Jiangsu Province Advanced units in the logistics industry of higher vocational colleges and other titles.

In December 2012, the school moved into a new campus located at the foot of Huaguo Mountain and on the banks of Dasheng Lake. The campus has a completely new look. The new campus occupies an area of 576 acres, with mountains and rivers dependent on each other, picturesque scenery and beautiful environment. It has modern teaching facilities and first-class training venues. Classrooms are equipped with multimedia interactive teaching equipment. The construction of training rooms is becoming more and more perfect. It has covered every professional group. Now it has securities trading, logistics, ERP practice, tax matters, and computer networks. Dozens of training venues such as, e-commerce. There are standard track and field stadiums, cultural and art centers, and multiple indoor and outdoor stadiums. The digital campus was initially completed. All library services adopt RFID intelligent management. There are currently 366,000 paper books and the introduction of well-known domestic electronic resource databases such as Wanfang, HowNet, Chaoxing, and Baidu Library. The connotation construction of the school has been further improved, and outstanding achievements have been made in various tasks. Since then, the college has entered a new stage of historical development.

The school has 5 teaching departments, 2 teaching departments, and 15 administrative departments. There are 280 faculty members, of which 250 are full-time teachers, 82 are senior professional titles, and 200 are "dual-professional" teachers; 189 are teachers with postgraduate qualifications and degrees; 8 are provincial-level young and middle-aged teachers, Lianyungang There are 13 engineering talents in the city 521.

The school aims to serve students, promote employment as the orientation, and improve the quality of talent training as the core. It has big data and accounting, statistics and accounting, big data and financial management, financial service and management, insurance practice, and modern logistics management. , Chain operation and management, marketing, international economics and trade, e-commerce, software technology, big data technology, fiscal and taxation big data application, big data and auditing, application of Korean, customs and foreign trade services, social work and other 17 majors. The school continuously adjusts and optimizes the professional structure, based on the characteristics of the financial and accounting industry and the regional characteristics of the port economy, and focuses on the major groups of finance, commerce, electronics and information, and adheres to the principle of coordinated development of comprehensive construction and key construction. At the same time, pay attention to the coordinated development of professional groups, actively transform and support the growth of emerging information technologies such as the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence, and use these advanced technologies to transform accounting, finance, economics and trade, business management, e-commerce and logistics. Class and other traditional majors. The school's professional setting reflects the characteristics of the accounting industry and the port regional economy. It has formed a professional group system with accounting professional group as the leader, e-commerce professional group and software technology professional group as the main body, and the coexistence of industry and regional brand characteristics and advantages.

Over the years, the school has paid close attention to the employment of graduates, and established a number of stable employment bases for graduates in Lianyungang, the Yangtze River Delta and other regions. The employment rate of graduates has been above 98% for consecutive years. The school has a national skills appraisal office, organizes a variety of skills certificate assessments, and provides help for the smooth employment of students. In order to satisfy the desire of graduates to continue their studies, the school also opened a variety of ways for students to continue their studies, setting up Nanjing Audit University and Xuzhou Institute of Technology for undergraduate education, and Nanjing University of Finance and Economics and Nanjing Agricultural University.

The school focuses on Sino-foreign cooperation and exchanges. Cooperated with BPP University in the United Kingdom to open ACCA elite classes; signed a letter of intent with Taiwan Zhili College and Xingwu University of Science and Technology and carried out academic exchange activities such as teacher-student exchanges; cooperated with Korea Myongji University to develop "2.5+1.5" Korean undergraduate classes Project: Cooperate with Korea National Hanba University to carry out overseas study programs such as "3+2", "4.5+1.5", and open a through train for students to study abroad and upgrade their undergraduates. The 18th grade Haiben class students have successfully passed the entrance examination of Mingzhi University and successfully entered the undergraduate study. In cooperation with the Department of Education of Luang Namtha Province, Laos, we carried out an education program for foreign students. A total of 76 Lao students were accepted from 2018 to 2019, and the HSK Chinese level 4 pass rate was nearly 95%. This program has become the largest and most distinctive educational program for foreign students in Lianyungang.

Today’s Jiangsu Vocational College of Finance and Accounting is facing unprecedented historical opportunities. The members of the Institute of Finance will carry forward the excellent teaching tradition of dedication, erudition, love for students and good guidance, and the combination of knowledge and practice. The grand strategic goal of realizing the development of Jiangsu coast and Lianyungang is closely linked. We have clarified the development strategy goal of the school: build a higher education institution based on industry, service area, financial subject, accounting characteristics, exquisite management, and social satisfaction.