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Taihu Creative Vocational and Technical College

Taihu Creative Vocational and Technical College is a full-time private general vocational college approved by the Ministry of Education and the People's Government of Jiangsu Province. It aims to cultivate high-quality technical skills with innovative spirit, entrepreneurial aspiration and creative ability for the creative industry and modern service industry. Talent.

The college is located in the cultural city of Wuxi, in the green mountains and green waters, with a beautiful environment and convenient transportation. It is an ideal place for students to study and become talents.

The college adheres to the development strategy of “establishing a school by quality, rejuvenating the school with characteristics, and building a strong school through innovation”, and adheres to the school motto of “Honesty and Fine Arts, Dedication to Learning and Innovation”; )’S education concept, focusing on personality shaping, highlighting creative features, highlighting practicality and skills; insisting on "two orientations" (oriented to enterprises, teaching on demand; oriented to students, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude), and actively implementing school-enterprise cooperation, industry-university Combination, work-study alternation, order training, and strengthening of practical training to meet the needs of enterprises for skilled talents.

The college is dominated by industry, commerce, and art, and has coordinated development of multiple disciplines, forming a number of professional groups with distinctive characteristics of higher vocational education that meet the needs of regional social and economic development and industrial transformation and upgrading. It has departments of economics and trade, engineering technology, art design, etc., with nearly 20 majors and directions.

Based in Wuxi, facing southern Jiangsu and radiating to the Yangtze River Delta, the college trains high-quality technical and technical talents required by the frontline of production, construction, management and service, and provides talent support and intellectual output for the transfer of labor, economic structure adjustment, and technological upgrading in the region.