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Jinshan Vocational and Technical College

Jinshan Vocational and Technical College is a full-time general higher vocational college approved by the People’s Government of Jiangsu Province and registered by the Ministry of Education.

  ■Beautiful campus with complete facilities

  Jiangsu Zhenjiang Yangzhong, where the college is located, has developed economy and beautiful scenery. It is among the first batch of "National Ecological Demonstration Zone", "China Engineering Electrical Island", and "Provincial New Industrialization Industry Demonstration Base", ranking first in the national county economic innovation evaluation. The college has 4 departments, 25 majors, a planned area of 1,000 mu, 400 mu was built in the first phase, 67 on-campus experimental training rooms, and more than 120 off-campus training bases. The campus has a reasonable layout and complete supporting facilities. The college has been rated as a "civilized unit" and "a green and civilized unit" by Yangzhong City, and as "Excellent Test Center for National College English Test Band 4 and 6 Jiangsu Province" and "Jiangsu Province Education" by the Provincial Department of Education. "Working collective", was rated as "Safe and Civilized Campus in Jiangsu Province" and "Safe Campus in Jiangsu Province" by the Provincial Department of Education, Provincial Comprehensive Management Office, and Provincial Department of Public Security, and as a "Garden-style Unit" by the Provincial Department of Construction.

  ■State-owned enterprise investment, public welfare education

The college is invested by state-owned enterprises, publicly-run and privately assisted, and has strong strength. In line with the mission of "being sacred and benefiting students", the college investors take higher education as the goal of all students, actively innovate the management system and the school-running mechanism, and strictly Run schools in accordance with the laws of education and do not ask for any financial returns. It is the first to adhere to non-profit education among similar institutions to ensure that students complete their studies smoothly.

  ■Strict management, service and education

The college has a team of dual-qualified teachers who are dedicated and dedicated to their jobs, and adhere to the guiding ideology of running the school and the people-oriented management philosophy of "all responsible for students, all preparations for students to become talents, and all efforts for the happiness of teachers and students". The administrative duty system, the class teacher's late shift and the weekend duty system help students solve problems. Most of the faculty and staff live on campus to ensure that they can provide students with a full range of services in a timely and effective manner. The school management is strictly standardized and meticulous. The teachers love their jobs and work hard, teach and educate people, which are well received by students and parents.

  ■Double certificate financing, special undergraduate study

The college insists on implementing the "dual certificate" system, focusing on strengthening the training of general skills and professional skills such as computer and English. In order to meet the desire of students to continue their studies, the college has built a "college transfer" and other entrance bridges, and organized experienced teachers to provide guidance. The number of students entering undergraduate colleges has increased year by year. The college has also established friendship schools with universities such as Kyoto University of Information Technology in Japan and Chubu University in South Korea to create "green channels" for students to study abroad after graduation.

  ■School-enterprise cooperation, smooth employment

The college deepens school-enterprise cooperation, innovates talent training models, accelerates the integration of work and learning, and cooperates with Nantong Sijian Group, Wuxi Little Swan Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Changfa Group, Daquan Group, China Power Group, Jiangsu Huineng Electric Co., Ltd., and Fels More than 30 large enterprises such as Jinling Hotel and SAIC have established school-enterprise partnerships. Schools and enterprises jointly formulate talent training plans and adopt flexible work-study alternate talent training models. What they learn at school can quickly adapt to market needs. Salary internship, directly enter the company's technical backbone or management positions after graduation. Graduates are widely praised by employers for their diligence, pragmatism, strong business, and outstanding performance.

   ■Rich activities and improved quality

  The college always promotes the school motto of "self-reliance, ambition, morality, and dedication", constructs a trinity training platform of "knowledge, quality, and ability", and comprehensively improves the quality of students through voluntary services, culture, art and sports, social welfare and other activities. The college currently has more than 30 student associations, including college student art troupes, calligraphy associations, taekwondo associations, roller skating clubs, and drama clubs. The students have a variety of extracurricular activities. Due to the distinctive themes, novel forms, and remarkable results of the college’s student activities, it has attracted the attention of CCTV, Jiangsu Satellite TV and other media. The patriotic series of themed activities organized by our college’s students have been reported twice by CCTV's "News Broadcast".

  ■Life is convenient, helping students worry-free

   The student apartments are spacious, well-arranged, well-equipped, equipped with air-conditioning, showers and other facilities, and connected to a gigabit broadband network, providing students with a good learning and living environment. The college has established a complete student financial assistance system. Impoverished students can obtain financial assistance through student loans, national scholarships, work-study assistance, and work-study integration to ensure that no student is allowed to drop out of school due to family financial difficulties.