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Yanhuang Vocational and Technical College

Yanhuang Vocational and Technical College is a full-time private general university that was funded and founded by Mr. Jiang Zhiping, a Taiwan compatriot, educator, and patriotic industrialist from Lianshui, approved by the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government and formally filed with the Ministry of Education. The college implements the national unified recruitment plan, and issues college diplomas that are supervised by the Ministry of Education, electronically registered, and can be inquired online. Established in 1999, the college has gone through the process of preparing for the establishment of the school, affiliated school, independent schooling, official approval by the Ministry of Education, and successfully passed the qualification assessment of the Ministry of Education. The anniversary of our school is October 30th.

   At present, the campus covers an area of 206,000 square meters, the school building area is nearly 120,000 square meters, the collection of books is about 230,000, and there are more than 600 kinds of Chinese and foreign periodicals. The college has a three-year college and a five-year college. There are six departments including the Department of Construction Engineering, the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Information Engineering, the Department of Economics and Management, the Department of Fashion Design, the Department of Automotive Engineering, and the Department of Leisure and Tourism. Establish 35 majors such as automobile inspection and maintenance, computer application and maintenance, electronic information engineering, construction engineering technology, mechatronics technology, accounting, tourism management, applied English, character image design, flight attendant, etc., covering science, engineering, economics, etc. The five disciplines of management, management, and literature cover seven major occupational job groups and industries in manufacturing, civil engineering, electronic information, finance, tourism, transportation, and education.

At present, there are 88 classes in school, more than 4,000 students, 220 faculty members, 192 full-time and part-time teachers, including 59 with senior professional titles, 35 with postgraduate qualifications, and 62 with double-qualified (dual-teacher quality). A contingent of teachers with reasonable structure and excellent quality is initially formed with full-time teachers as the main body. Over the past 19 years of running the school, it has trained more than 14,000 graduates for the society, and has become an important base for training talents in higher vocational colleges in northern Jiangsu and Huai'an, and has made outstanding contributions to the local economic and social development of Huai'an and Lianshui.

   In recent years, the college has also been approved by the Provincial Department of Education to cooperate with a number of "211" colleges and universities in the province to run "specialized undergraduate" undergraduate classes, such as Nanjing Normal University, China Southern Airlines, Southern University of Technology, and Soochow University. In addition, it has also cooperated with the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and Huaiyin Institute of Technology to hold online education and adult education undergraduate classes, showing a trend of running schools through multiple channels. The college also conducts in-depth school-enterprise cooperation with many companies, such as the joint training of engineers with SAIC Nanjing Automobile Co., Ltd., Huaian Yuantong Hat Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Shagang Group Huaigang Company, China Youth Travel Service, Jinshiyuan Group, Derun Hotel, Foxconn, Zhending Technology, Darfon Electronics, a number of construction and decoration companies, auto repair shops, etc. have conducted in-depth school-enterprise cooperation to gradually achieve the goal of order-based training of talents.