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Yingtian Vocational and Technical College

Profound cultural heritage

   Yingtian Vocational and Technical College is a full-time private general college restructured on the basis of the Jiangsu Preschool Normal School with a history of 50 years. With 50 years of historical accumulation and ten years of reform and innovation, the school has continuously deepened the reform of education and teaching in the process of inheriting and developing Chen Heqin's "living education" thought, and has achieved fruitful results.

  Unique location advantage

   school is located in Xianlin University Town, Nanjing, close to more than ten universities such as Nanjing University and Nanjing Normal University. It has rich educational resources, strong cultural atmosphere, beautiful campus environment, convenient transportation, and direct access to the school by Metro Line 2.

  Advanced educational concept

The school adheres to the school-running philosophy of "student growth and development above everything else", establishes the training goal of "Honesty and Strength", and implements the school motto of "Teaching by nature, learning by doing, and doing The excellent school spirit of "seeking progress".

  Special professional settings

   In order to meet the needs of the society, the school has established majors and professional directions, covering teacher training, engineering, literature, art, economics, management and other categories. It has more than 7,300 students. It is the only private university in Jiangsu Province with teacher education qualifications.

  Excellent teaching staff

   The school has more than 500 full-time and part-time teachers with dual teacher qualities, among which more than one-third of teachers have senior titles, and more than one-half of young teachers with master's degree or above, which fundamentally guarantees the quality of talent training.

  Comprehensive school-enterprise cooperation

The school established the "Yingtian College School-Enterprise Cooperation Alliance", established more than 100 off-campus internship training bases, and cooperated with enterprises, schools, kindergartens and other employers in various forms to train talents, and constantly innovated talent training models to enable graduates to achieve The "zero docking" with employers has been established.

  Extensive international exchange

   The school has successively communicated and cooperated with famous universities such as the Carlow Institute of Technology in Ireland, the University of Western Oregon in the United States, and the Central University of Korea.

   Broad "upgrading" channels

   The school attaches great importance to the long-term development of students. The remarkable results of the "postgraduate transfer" and other work have enabled students who are willing to advance to college to realize their desire for college admission and undergraduate graduation.

  Excellent employment quality

The school closely follows the requirements of production, construction, management, and service first-line positions, timely adjusts professional settings, strengthens curriculum construction, strengthens practical teaching, highlights professional ability training, and implements the "dual certificate" system, which promotes the continuous improvement of graduates' competitiveness , The employment rate is over 98%.

   High social evaluation

  The school has been commended by the state and Jiangsu provincial authorities many times. It has been successively rated as "National Private Non-Enterprise Self-discipline and Integrity Construction Advanced Unit", "Jiangsu Province Spiritual Civilization Construction Work Advanced Unit", "Jiangsu Province University Harmonious Campus", "Jiangsu Province Safe Campus". The school’s provincial characteristic majors, key construction professional groups, key construction training bases, as well as a number of outstanding teaching achievement awards, skills competition awards, excellent graduation design awards, excellent courses and excellent textbook awards have won wide acclaim from the society and achieved results. The forefront of similar institutions.

Today Yingtian, set sail and break the waves, while striving to achieve the goal of a private college with "distinguishing characteristics, leading in the province, and influential nationwide", at the same time, we are advancing bravely on the road of raising the level of running a school and establishing an applied university.