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Zhengde Vocational and Technical College

Zhengde Vocational and Technical College is a full-time private general higher education institution approved by the People's Government of Jiangsu Province in 1998 and filed by the Ministry of Education. The college is located at Jiangjun Avenue, Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Zone, Nanjing, across the road from the Jiangning Campus of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. The location advantage is obvious, and the transportation is convenient and fast. The college has a modern campus with reasonable layout and complete functions. Among them, beautifully connected teaching buildings, advanced equipment experimental training centers, well-stocked libraries, multi-functional lecture halls, standard track and field stadiums, tennis courts, sports halls, college student activity centers and other facilities are scattered all over the green campus. . Green hills, clear water, red walls, and green grass all complement each other, which is a beautiful scenery under the Cuiping Mountain in Nanjing.

The college insists on running schools by experts and implements the dean responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors. The leaders of the institute come from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. They are all experts and scholars who have been engaged in higher education for a long time. The college has nearly 496 faculty members, including 312 full-time teachers, and the ratio of professors to associate professors exceeds 35%. The college has hired scholars, experts and skilled craftsmen with rich teaching and practical experience as part-time teachers from other universities and well-known enterprises and institutions. The college emphasizes the standards of teacher ethics of learning truth, professionalism, love for students, and fun to teach, and strives to build a team of teachers with sufficient numbers, reasonable structure, good quality, and suitable for higher vocational education.

Bright talent training concept

The college adheres to the advanced school-running philosophy, in accordance with the requirements of modern vocational education, and continuously deepens the reform of the talent training model of "integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, and work-study alternation", implements the "modern apprenticeship" and order class training, and strives to improve students' practical ability And professionalism. Establish "Zhengde and Integrity" as the school motto, with "people-oriented, quality first, and service to the society" as the purpose of running the school, and "three orientations" and "four societies" as education and teaching goals, that is, the professional setting is based on social needs and student employment As the guidance, the curriculum is oriented to improve students' vocational ability, and the development of the school is oriented to quality and characteristics, and strives to require students to "learn to be a person, learn to do things, learn to learn, and learn to create".

In the work of talent training, the college has always insisted on "taking the growth of students as the standard for testing our work", emphasizing the "integration of learning and doing", and advocating "happy learning". Guided by the core socialist values, we vigorously promote the "five-character culture" education of filial piety, generosity, honesty, responsibility, and perseverance to shape the core moral qualities of students. Actively promote the "dual certificate" system of academic certificates and vocational qualification certificates, so as to apply what they have learned. Efforts will be made to cultivate the "craftsmanship spirit" throughout the whole process of education and teaching, adhere to the principle of being student-oriented, ethical and cultivating people, innovating quality education carriers, carrying out entrepreneurship education, and vigorously implementing the "tutorial system" and "special class" education. According to the characteristics of students, focusing on the professional training goals and combining the requirements of professional literacy, carry out various educational activities with their own characteristics to comprehensively improve the comprehensive literacy of students.

The distinctive talent training model has produced fruitful education and teaching results. Since 2014, the college has won more than 120 awards in various national and provincial competitions, and the quantity and quality of the awards rank among the forefront of similar institutions in the province. Among them, in the Provincial Vocational Skills Competition, it won 3 first prizes, 16 second prizes, and 22 third prizes, which are the only universities of the same kind in the province. It has won the first prize and the title of "Professional Planning Star" in the Provincial Career Planning Competition for seven consecutive years, which is the only higher vocational college in the province. The college has successively won the "National Education System Advanced Group", "National Advanced Non-governmental Organization", "Jiangsu Province Educational Advanced Group", "Jiangsu Province Civilized Unit", "Jiangsu Province General University Admissions Advanced Unit", and "Jiangsu Province General University" Dozens of national and provincial honors such as "Advanced Unit for Employment" and "Safe Campus in Jiangsu Province". In 2018, the college was rated as an excellent unit for private higher education in Jiangsu Province, and won the provincial financial development award of 1 million yuan in supplementary funds, which is the only one of its kind in Nanjing.

Unique department setting and professional construction

The college now has 7 departments: Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Department of Economics and Management, Department of Art Design and Construction Engineering, Department of Automotive Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Department of Civil Aviation, and Department of Basic Education. A vocational skills training center has been established to strengthen vocational skills. For appraisal and vocational skills training, it has been approved to establish a training base for Ruijie network engineers and backbone teachers to continuously expand school-running functions, continuously improve the ability to serve society, and strengthen foreign cooperation education and exchanges.

In the professional construction, the college adheres to the "three docking" of professional settings and industry needs, curriculum content and professional standards, teaching process and production process, and adjusts and optimizes the professional structure in time according to the market demand orientation, and has established a group of influential Professional. The college has seven professional groups, including electronic information, finance, art and media, architectural decoration, mechanical and electrical engineering, automotive engineering, and civil aviation transportation services, with a total of 33 majors. Relying on China Southern Airlines' professional advantages and resource advantages, it successfully bid for five majors: helicopter driving technology, aircraft mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance, flight attendant, fixed-wing aircraft driving technology, and UAV application technology. , The development of mechanical and electrical machinery and service majors, creating a civil aviation professional group, and actively cultivating the "aviation" characteristics of some majors, forming a unique advantage of our college in the province's higher vocational colleges.

In the construction of characteristic majors and training bases, the college has strengthened investment and construction, building 9 experimental training centers with high standards and starting points, a total of 120 experimental training rooms. The two majors of "Electronic Information Engineering Technology" and "Numerical Control Technology" have been rated as characteristic majors of higher education institutions in Jiangsu Province, and the major of Electronic Information Engineering Technology has been selected as a high-level backbone major of higher vocational education in Jiangsu Province, indicating that the level of construction of this major in our college has been Walking in the forefront of the province's higher vocational colleges. "Electrical and Electronic Experimental Training Center" was rated as the experimental teaching demonstration center of provincial colleges and universities. The college’s electronic information technology professional group and electromechanical engineering professional group were again approved as the provincial key construction professional group, the "electronic information technology training base" was selected as the provincial higher vocational education training base construction site, the college’s provincial key construction project Several ranks among the forefront of private higher vocational colleges.

High-quality graduates and career advancement work

Over the past 20 years, the college has trained nearly 40,000 high-quality skilled talents for the society, with an average employment rate of over 98%, and the quality of employment has improved year by year. The college graduates are well-received by employers for their high theoretical literacy, outstanding skills, and strong professional quality capabilities. Favor. Graduates are widely employed in a number of well-known companies such as the 14th and 55th Institute of China Electronics Technology Group, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group, Mercedes-Benz 4S Store, and Procter & Gamble. The employment work has achieved the satisfaction of students, parents, and employers. Mainstream media such as China Education News, Xinhua Daily, Yangtze Evening News, "Jiangsu Higher Education" journals, Jiangsu Satellite TV and other mainstream media have carried out large-scale reports on the results of our college's talent training.

In addition, the college teaches students in accordance with their aptitude, trains them in different levels, and builds an overpass to pave the way for students to further their studies. Each year’s student promotion rate exceeds 20%. A total of more than 6000 students enter undergraduate colleges and universities to continue their studies. Ranked first among similar colleges in the province for 17 consecutive years.

At present, the college is following the "13th Five-Year Plan" layout, adheres to the path of "connotative development, characteristic development", actively adapts to the requirements of Jiangsu Province for accelerating the transformation of economic development mode and industrial optimization and upgrading, and implements the strategy of establishing a school by quality and strengthening the school with talents. With improving quality as the core, deepening reform as the main driving force, and cultivating high-quality skilled professionals as the fundamental task, we will continue to innovate, continuously enrich the characteristics and connotation of running a school, and further improve the level of running a school, and strive to make the college a "famous in China and within the province." "First-class, characteristic development, and social satisfaction" higher vocational colleges.