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Changzhou Vocational and Technical College of Industry

Changzhou Vocational and Technical College of Industry, formerly known as Changzhou Vocational and Technical College of Light Industry, is a public full-time general college in charge of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education. Founded in 1958, the college has nearly 60 years of history of running schools with industry characteristics, and is a model higher vocational college in Jiangsu Province. The college is located in Changzhou, the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta, the most economically developed in China. It is located in the Changzhou Higher Vocational Education Park, which has beautiful scenery and modern atmosphere, and integrates teaching, scientific research, training, vocational skills appraisal and social services.

  The college covers an area of nearly 1,000 acres, with a building area of nearly 300,000 m2. There are the School of Materials Engineering and Technology, the School of Mechanical Engineering and Technology, the School of Electrical Engineering and Technology, the School of Economics and Trade Management, the School of Information Engineering and Technology, the School of Tourism and Culinary, the School of Art and Creativity, the School of Rail Transit Engineering and Technology, the School of Overseas Education, There are a total of 46 majors in teaching units such as the School of Marxism, the School of Continuing Education, the School of Quality Education and Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the Department of Sports Work.

The college closely combines the needs of industry and regional economic and social development, and has established a national-level numerical control technology training base, a mechatronics technology training base; a training platform for intelligent manufacturing production lines in Jiangsu Province, and a training platform for "Internet +" business scenarios; Jiangsu Provincial Home Appliance Testing and Maintenance Training Base, Polymer Material Application Technology Training Base, Modern Manufacturing Equipment Control and Maintenance Training Base; Jiangsu University Electrical and Electronics Experimental Demonstration Center, Chemistry Basic Course Teaching Experimental Center; Jiangsu Digital Design and R&D Center , LED application engineering technology research and development center and more than 100 experimental training centers.

   Adhering to the foundation of cultivating people with morality, the college has cultivated more than 50,000 high-quality and high-skilled professionals, represented by Deng Jianjun, a national model worker. Four times (2011, 2013, 2015, 2016) was awarded the honorary title of "Advanced Unit of Jiangsu Vocational Skills Competition" by the Provincial Department of Education, and was named "Advanced Unit of Vocational Skills Appraisal of Jiangsu Province" for 8 consecutive years, 2014 In 2015, the college was awarded the "Advanced Unit of Vocational Education in Jiangsu Province" and in 2015 was awarded the "Cradle Award for Highly Skilled Talents in Jiangsu Province". He has successively won 1 first prize, 2 second prizes of the National Teaching Achievement Award, 1 special prize of the Provincial Teaching Achievement Award, 1 first prize, and 8 second prizes.

  According to the employment rate data released by the Education Department of Jiangsu Province: The initial employment rate of college graduates in the past three years has been stable at over 93%, and the year-end employment rate is over 98%, both higher than the average level of higher vocational colleges in Jiangsu Province. According to the "Report on Employment, Early Warning and Talent Supply in Key Industries in Jiangsu Province", the college's 2013 and 2014 graduates' employment competitiveness ranks first and second respectively among similar colleges and universities in the province.

   The college currently has more than 10,000 full-time students, nearly 600 faculty members, 32% of associate professors and above, 66% of masters and doctoral degrees, and 88.2% of "double-teacher" quality. There are 2 provincial excellent teaching teams, 1 provincial excellent scientific and technological innovation team, 3 national outstanding teachers, 3 Jiangsu provincial technical experts, 3 Jiangsu famous teaching teachers, 6 "provincial 333 project" training objects, " The "Qinglan Project" has 16 trainees, 35 senior technicians, 59 technicians, and 8 college-level excellent teaching teams. Five professors were selected into the Changzhou City Government Think Tank to provide advice and suggestions for serving the local industrial structure and upgrading.

  In response to the development strategy of "Made in China 2025", the college develops majors related to emerging industries in accordance with the development of new technologies, new models, and new business formats in the industry. There are 2 key majors supported by the central government, 2 provincial-level brand majors, 5 provincial-level high-level backbone majors, 3 provincial-level key professional groups, 5 provincial-level characteristic majors, 6 national quality courses, and national quality products. 6 resource sharing courses, 5 national resource bank sub-projects, 25 national planning textbooks for vocational education during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” of the Ministry of Education, students won 13 first prizes, 12 second prizes, and third prizes in the National Vocational College Skills Competition There are 5 prizes, 16 first prizes, 30 second prizes, and 36 third prizes in the Jiangsu Provincial Higher Vocational College Skills Competition.

Adhering to the concept of "cooperation and mutual benefit, service area", the college actively expands the social service platform and strengthens the social service function. The group and large companies cooperate closely, and the school and enterprise have built 2 provincial-level R&D platforms and 3 municipal-level public technical service platforms. During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, it undertook 102 vertical projects and 193 horizontal scientific research projects, including 8 national-level projects, 20 provincial-level projects, and 47 municipal-level scientific research projects. Won 1 first prize of Jiangsu Science and Technology Award, 1 second prize of Jiangsu University Science and Technology Progress Award, 1 National Torch Program Project, 1 second and third prize of Jiangsu Light Industry Association Science and Technology Progress Award.

   The college continues to implement the school cultural construction project, forming a school culture education model of "craftsman spirit cultivation" and "gratitude and responsibility education" and "two-wheel linkage". Beginning in 2006, the college proposed to build a school culture centered on the outstanding alumni and "Great Power Craftsman" Deng Jianjun's "love and dedication, continuous self-improvement" spirit, and launched a series of school cultural activities centered on Deng Jianjun's spirit to cultivate students to love their jobs. Dedication, self-improvement, excellence, rigorous and trustworthy craftsman spirit; at the same time, starting from the deeds of the "National Civilized Family" of our school teacher Yu Meifang, who was received by General Secretary Xi Jinping, through a series of campus cultural activities, we cultivate students' integrity, friendliness, and filial piety. The spirit of oldness, gratitude and responsibility, cultivate the craftsman spirit with characteristic humanistic education. The characteristic culture of the college has become more “branched and lush” with the development of history, making the talent training of the college truly educate people-oriented and moral education first, which is conducive to the cultivation of professional ethics and craftsmanship, and promotes the all-round development of students , For the society to train a batch of high-quality and high-skilled professionals on the front line of production, construction, management, and service. With this feature, the college won the second prize of Jiangsu Province Teaching Achievement Award, the third prize of the Ministry of Education's University Campus Cultural Construction Achievement Award, and the first prize of China Machinery Education Association Quality Education Achievement Award.

In order to serve the national "One Belt One Road" initiative, the college takes the promotion of brand professional international cooperation project construction as the starting point, takes "going out" and actively develops technical skills training for enterprises as a breakthrough point, and promotes the training of international talents and courses in an all-round and three-dimensional manner. Internationalization work such as development, faculty, social services and academic exchanges. The college implements the "overseas training project" for the teaching staff, and has successively organized more than 150 professional teachers and management personnel to go to the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan and other overseas vocational education developed countries and regions for exchanges, learning, advanced training, and enhancement of teachers’ international Vision; Cooperate with Jiangsu Excellence Education Development Foundation to carry out overseas undergraduate through train projects to provide students with multiple channels for expanding out-of-home exchanges and learning; Cooperate with Germany's Baden-Württemberg State to carry out the Sino-German "Huge Teaching Model Reform" project, Explore the reform of teaching mode. Since 2016, the college has organized more than 60 outstanding students to study abroad at Longhua University of Science and Technology in Taiwan for a semester. At the same time, it has recruited more than 100 international students from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Sudan, Laos and other countries, which has enhanced the internationalization of the college. School level.

  At present, all the faculty and staff are uniting and making unremitting efforts to promote the school's connotative development, innovative development, and build a distinctive, domestic first-class vocational college!