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Huaihua Vocational and Technical College

Huaihua Vocational and Technical College is a full-time public general higher vocational college. The college was formed by the merger of Hunan Anjiang Agricultural School and Huaihua Mechanical and Electrical Engineering School in 2003. The college started in 1939 and has a history of 80 years. The Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Hunan Province and the People's Government of Huaihua City have a management system of "co-construction of departments and cities, with city management as the mainstay". Yuan Longping, a famous scientist, "Republic Medal" winner, and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, serves as the honorary dean. The college is the world-famous birthplace of hybrid rice, the first batch of national special invention award winners, the national key cultural relics protection unit, the national science and education advanced unit, the national science education base, the Ministry of Education evaluated excellent higher vocational colleges, and the National May Fourth The Red Flag Youth League Committee, Hunan Demonstrative (backbone) Higher Vocational Colleges, Hunan Patriotism Education Base, Hunan Civilized Colleges, National Unity and Progress Creation Demonstration Unit, Hunan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base.

The college covers an area of more than 1,000 acres, and has two campuses, Huaihua and Anjiang, of which the Huaihua campus covers an area of 480 acres, the Anjiang campus (a national key cultural relics protection unit) covers an area of 261 acres, and the Anjiang experimental mountain area is nearly 300 acres, with a total campus building area of 20 10,000 square meters, fixed assets of 350 million yuan, 360,000 books in collections, and teaching equipment worth more than 80 million yuan. The college currently has 432 faculty and staff, including 19 senior titles and 87 associate senior titles. There are ideological and political theory divisions, environment and biotechnology, animal science and technology, mechanical and automotive engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, construction engineering, and information With 9 teaching departments (departments) of art design, business management, humanities and technology, 28 higher vocational colleges have been opened, and the enrollment of 14 provinces and municipalities across the country has more than 8,000 students. There are 9 training centers and 62 training rooms for agricultural biotechnology, animal husbandry and veterinary, machinery manufacturing, construction engineering, computer training, business management, etc., and 3 majors supported by the central finance (seed production and management, animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, construction Engineering technology), 1 provincial demonstration specialty group (modern agricultural technology and service professional group), 1 provincial characteristic and quality specialty (seed production and management), and 2 provincial backbone majors (seed production and management, Animal husbandry and veterinary), is the vice-chairman unit of China Agricultural Vocational Education Group and Hunan Agricultural Vocational Education Group.

The college has made great achievements in scientific research, 8 of which have won national awards and 24 have won provincial and ministerial awards. Among them, the selected indica hybrid rice won the country’s first special prize for invention, making an important contribution to solving my country’s food shortage and increasing farmers’ income. . The scientific and technological services, training, and promotion of various new agricultural varieties carried out by the college have made positive contributions to the development of industries in the Wuling mountainous area and the poverty alleviation of farmers.

The college will closely focus on the development strategies of the municipal party committee and the municipal government’s "one pole, two belts" and "one center, four Huaihua" development strategies, fully implement the party’s educational policy, and insist on "relying on the market to run majors, run professional industries, and prosper industries. "Employment", adhere to the development path of "connotative, distinctive, and high-quality", comprehensively improve the level of school management, and strive to realize the "national first-class agricultural vocational colleges, Wulingshan district vocational and technical education core base, Huaihua" as soon as possible "Important technology and talent support for regional economic development".