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Hunan Vocational College of Safety Technology

Hunan Vocational College of Safety and Technology is located at No. 304, Wanjiali North Road, Changsha City. It is a full-time comprehensive higher vocational college jointly established by the State Administration of Work Safety and the Hunan Provincial People's Government. The predecessor of the college was the Changsha Coal Mine Safety Technical Training Center. It was established in 1984 by the Chinese government and the United Nations International Labor Organization. National first-level coal mine safety training institutions. Over the past 30 years, more than 80,000 domestic and foreign security technical management personnel have been trained.

The college has a strong teaching team. There are 387 faculty members, including 283 teachers, and 218 postgraduate teachers (including 20 doctors); 85 teachers with associate professor titles (including 18 professors); 174 "double-qualified" teachers people.

The college has advanced teaching facilities, with 59 professional experimental training rooms such as geological surveying, electronic technology, organic and inorganic analysis, fireworks display, computers, and multi-functional economic and trade simulation; multimedia classrooms, digital libraries, and modern language rooms have been fully built; living conditions Continuous improvement has been made, air-conditioned student apartments have been built, and the campus network has achieved seamless coverage of the entire hospital with WIFI.

  The employment rate of college graduates has stabilized at over 90%, and has been rated as an advanced unit of employment in Hunan Province for many consecutive years. The college fully implements "order-based" training, and cooperates with Ersanye Construction Group, Panda Fireworks, China National Gold Group, Sinopec, PetroChina, Shanghai Rail Transit Group, Shenzhen Huawei, China National Nuclear Corporation, Hunan Haili Group, Tongcheng Group, More than 100 well-known enterprises such as Huaxing Construction Supervision have cooperated to cultivate talents, and 79 stable off-campus training bases have been established, creating good external conditions for students' internships and employment.

  The prosperity of the country is based on talents; the training of talents is based on education. As the country and society pay more and more attention to safety in production, the employment prospects and remuneration of safety professionals continue to be optimistic. The college will consolidate the foundation of safety and strong skills, and contribute its own strength to national safety production and local economic and social development.