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Hunan Water Conservancy and Hydropower Vocational and Technical College

Hunan Water Conservancy and Hydropower Vocational and Technical College is a water conservancy public college approved by the Hunan Provincial People's Government and filed by the Ministry of Education in 2005 and included in the national unified enrollment plan. It is subordinate to the Provincial Department of Water Resources. In the nearly 40 years since the establishment of the college, the school’s results have been fully affirmed by leaders at all levels and from all walks of life. It has passed two evaluations of the Ministry of Education’s talent training work with excellent results. It has successively been awarded as National Water Conservancy Higher Vocational Education Demonstration College, Hunan Province Demonstration (backbone) Higher Vocational College, Hunan Province Civilized Unit, Hunan Province "Safety College" Founding Unit, Hunan Province Educational Science Research Base, Hunan Province Higher Vocational School Advanced unit for special enrollment and employment, advanced unit for physical education in ordinary colleges and universities in Hunan Province, innovative universities in Hunan Province, Ministry of Water Resources, and designated training center for employees of the Department of Water Resources. Innovative Application Demonstration Higher Vocational College, Hunan Vocational Skills Competition Base. From 2013 to 2017, it was awarded as the advanced unit of annual performance appraisal by the Provincial Water Resources Department for five consecutive years.

   College is located in Changsha, a famous historical and cultural city, and the transportation is very convenient. It covers an area of 666.9 mu, with a construction area of 159,200 square meters. There are more than 7,500 full-time students, more than 2,000 correspondence students, 350 faculty members, 182 full-time teachers and 168 part-time teachers. There are 96 professional and technical positions with associate high or above, of which 10 are senior professional titles, 91 are under 45 with a postgraduate degree or a master's degree, and 148 are "dual-teacher" quality teachers. There are 1 national “outstanding teacher” of Huang Yanpei vocational education, 2 members of the National Guiding Committee, 2 candidates for the Provincial New Century 121 Talent Project, 2 provincial and ministerial professional leaders, 5 teaching teachers, national water conservancy vocational education star 3 People, 1 provincial outstanding teacher, 5 provincial young backbone teachers, 2 provincial Huangyanpei vocational education "outstanding teachers", 1 member of the Provincial Education Informatization Committee, 1 member of the Provincial Diagnosis and Improvement Committee, national water conservancy industry "double teacher" 19 "type" teachers.

  The college has water conservancy engineering department, water conservancy construction engineering department, electric power engineering department, economic management department, basic course department (ideological and political course department) and continuing education college. There are 22 majors, covering 7 major categories and 12 sub-categories including water conservancy, materials and energy, and civil engineering, including 2 majors supported by the central government, 4 national water conservancy vocational education demonstration majors, and 1 national backbone major major in water conservancy. , 1 national water conservancy specialty, 1 provincial quality specialty, 1 provincial education reform pilot specialty, and 1 provincial demonstration characteristic specialty group. It has 1 training base supported by the central government, 1 demonstrative school-enterprise cooperation production training base in Hunan Province, and 1 national excellent internship training base for key majors in water conservancy. There are 59 on-campus training rooms and 96 off-campus training bases. There are 2 professional entity companies, the library has a modern information retrieval and automated management system, and a collection of more than 570,000 books.

  The "Hunan Water Conservancy Vocational Education Group" was established with the college as the main body. The group has 194 member units. It promotes the deep integration of higher vocational education into the water conservancy industry chain and provides talent support for the leap-forward development of water conservancy. More than 600 well-known enterprises and institutions such as the Hunan Hydrology and Water Resources Survey Bureau, the Central South Hydropower Survey, Design and Research Institute, and Guangdong Hydropower Group have become a stable employment base for the college and have opened up channels for sending defense non-commissioned officers to the military. The college has the National Vocational Skills Appraisal Institute, the National Computer High-tech Examination Station, and the Water Conservancy Industry-specific Occupational Skills Appraisal Station. Students on campus can obtain professional qualification certificates such as engineering surveying, maintenance electrician, CAD, office software applications, and electrical duty attendants. The employment rate of college graduates ranks among the top universities in the province. In the past three years, more than 100 training courses have been carried out for national (provincial) water conservancy directors, water resources management backbones, and safety management personnel of water conservancy and hydropower construction enterprises, training more than 60,000 people per day. Carried out the training and appraisal work of measuring line workers, water quality inspection workers, electrical watchmen and other types of work, and a total of more than 14,000 people were trained and appraised. Ranked 8th among the top 20 service contributions of higher vocational colleges in Hunan Province in the "Annual Report on the Quality of Higher Vocational Education in Hunan Province (2018)".

Adhering to the spirit of the school motto of "Goodness is like water, seeking truth and far-reaching", the college earnestly implements the "Opinions on Further Promoting the Reform and Development of Water Conservancy Vocational Education" jointly promulgated by the Ministry of Water Resources and the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Water Resources "The 13th Five-Year Plan for National Water Conservancy Talent Team Building" "Planning", clarified the development goal of building a "double first-class" higher vocational college in Hunan, committed to building the college into a training base for advanced technical skills in water conservancy and hydropower, a training base for employees in the water conservancy industry, the Hunan Water Culture Communication Center, and the research and development of Hunan water conservancy technology And service bases to train and train highly technical talents urgently needed in the water conservancy and hydropower industry.