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Insurance Vocational College

The Insurance Vocational College was founded in 1986, and its predecessor was the China Insurance Administrators College. In 2003, it was restructured into a full-time public higher vocational college. It is currently the only full-time public college that specializes in insurance education in the country.

State-owned enterprises run schools with profound background

The college is affiliated to China Life Insurance (Group) Company, and its education business is managed by the Hunan Provincial Department of Education. It is an excellent school for the evaluation of the talent training level of the Ministry of Education. , Standing Director Unit of China Insurance Society, National Financial May 4th Red Flag Unit, Civilized Unit of China Insurance Regulatory Commission, Civilized University of Hunan Province, Hunan Province's first batch of "safe colleges and universities" construction unit.

Lean teachers, scientific structure

   The college currently has 230 faculty members. High political literacy, 158 CCP members, accounting for 68.7%; reasonable age structure, 178 faculty members aged 30-49, accounting for 77%; outstanding professional skills, 59 senior titles, accounting for 26%, and 117 intermediate titles , Accounting for 52.7%.

The college has 2 experts enjoying special allowances from the State Council, 1 national financial May 1st Labor Medal winner, 1 national insurance system worker model, 2 national financial system outstanding league cadres, 4 Hunan professional construction and evaluation consulting experts, provincial There are 5 senior professional leaders and 2 gold lecturers in China's insurance industry. The college has also hired more than 150 industry executives, experts and professors as distinguished experts and part-time professors.

Characteristic education, double cultivation of morality and skill

   There are nearly 4,000 students in the college, and 6 full-time academic teaching departments (colleges, departments), 12 fine majors, and 7 majors have been opened closely following market demand.

The college has rich teaching resources, including the national quality course "Introduction to Insurance", the national quality resource sharing course "Insurance Principles and Practice", the provincial characteristic specialty "Insurance Practice", the provincial quality specialty "Marketing and Planning", and the provincial level. Excellent course "Property Insurance" and so on.

   The college has established an order education mechanism, and signed an order training cooperation agreement with China Life, Jixiang Life and other companies. The order students accounted for 30% of the total number of students in the college.

The college created a mechanism for attracting companies to the school, introduced China Life e-commerce Changsha (regional) branch to settle in the college, and established internship training and innovation and entrepreneurship incubation bases with many companies, forming a workshop and classroom integration, student apprentice integration, and teachers The "five-in-one" characteristic education model is the integration of masters, theory and practice, and the integration of education and production.

  The academy establishes a double-study mechanism for both German and technical skills. Vigorously promote socialist core values and corporate culture of the financial and insurance industry into teaching materials, classrooms, and brains, and carry out professional character and vocational skills education, cultivated Hunan Province moral model, Lei Feng-style outstanding college students, and won the 4th National Moral Model Nomination Award Bi Mingzhe, "Lei Feng-style college student in Hunan Province" Gou Luoan, the Communist Youth League Central "Advanced Individual Practicing Socialist Core Values" Zhang Bo and a group of outstanding students with both ability and political integrity. In the past three years, he has performed well in various national and provincial competitions and won nearly 60 awards above the provincial level.