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Hunan National Defense Industry Vocational and Technical College

Hunan National Defense Industry Vocational and Technical College is a provincial public full-time general higher vocational college approved by the Hunan Provincial People's Government and registered by the Ministry of Education. The predecessor of the college was the employee process technology training class established by Jiangnan Machinery Factory in 1962; in January 2008, the Hunan Vocational and Technical College of Science and Technology was officially established with the approval of the Hunan Provincial People’s Government; in April 2015, the college was transferred to the Hunan Provincial People’s Government and became The Higher Vocational College directly under the Hunan Provincial Department of Education. In January 2016, with the approval of the Hunan Provincial People's Government, the college was renamed Hunan National Defense Industry Vocational and Technical College.

The college is the only comprehensive vocational college in China’s ordnance industry that specializes in cultivating high-quality technical and technical personnel. It is the first vocational college in the country to train non-commissioned officers for the army, as determined by the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of Education. The first batch of national high-skilled personnel training demonstration bases and the high-skilled personnel training base of China's military industry are also the only training military industry in Hunan Province that relies on China North Industries Group to run schools, has a real sense of school-enterprise cooperation, and combines engineering and education. The provincial demonstration (backbone) higher vocational colleges and high-end equipment manufacturing military-local dual-purpose talents.

For more than 50 years of running the school, the college has adhered to the establishment of a high-quality school, a strong connotation, and a unique development; upholding the school motto of "combining morality and ability, and paying equal attention to action and knowledge", inheriting the people's military spirit of "dedicating everything to the party", and carrying forward the "military industry" The college’s core values of “Quality, Loyalty, Dedication, Integrity and Practicability”, adhere to the school positioning of “rooting the weapon industry, connecting high-end manufacturing, insisting on the integration of military and civilians, and creating three highlands”, and implementing the “combination of engineering and learning”. The talent training model demonstrates the military-industrial school-running characteristics of "integration of schools and enterprises, and military-civilian integration to cultivate military and civilian personnel", and is committed to establishing higher vocational education with distinctive military characteristics and well-known international and domestic. The college has made important contributions to the construction of my country's national defense and military industry and the development of Hunan's regional economy.

   Currently, the college covers an area of more than 430 acres, with a total campus construction area of 109,775 square meters, fixed assets of 150 million yuan, and a total value of 45 million yuan of teaching equipment. More than 28 million yuan has been allocated from the provincial finance for running schools. There are Non-commissioned Officers College, Weapon Equipment Manufacturing College, Weapon Equipment Maintenance College, Vehicle Engineering College, Construction Engineering Department and Public Basic Department "Four Colleges, One Department, One Department". There are more than 310 faculty members and more than 5,000 students of various types.

Relying on China North Industries Group to run schools, the college has created a team including professors, associate professors, researcher-level senior engineers, national skilled masters and technical experts, provincial skilled masters and technical experts, national labor models, national May 1st labor medal winners, and national gardeners. Award winners, winners of China Weapon Industry Yinhua Award, national outstanding teachers, Hunan Province moral model, Hunan Province Skills Competition outstanding coaches, senior technicians, and other outstanding dual-teaching teams. There are 230 full-time teachers and 93 part-time teachers.

   1. It was conceived in a military industry enterprise to form a military industry-specific professional system

The college always relies on China's weapons industry and national defense and military enterprises to run schools, and closely connects the four major business sectors of China North Industries Group: photoelectric information, weapons manufacturing, special chemicals and military vehicles, as well as the Chinese People's Liberation Army that uses weapons. It is professionally organized with weapon manufacturing technology as the core. We have established a professional group of weapons and equipment manufacturing, and formed a professional group of weapons and equipment maintenance with the application of electronic technology as the core, analyzed the relationship between the front and rear markets of military vehicles, and formed a professional group of military vehicles with the professional The manufacturing professional group is a demonstration and guide, the weapon equipment maintenance professional group is the main body, and the military vehicle professional group is a supplementary professional system.

The college takes the high-skilled talent training base supported by the central government as the leader, the "master studio" as the lead, the on-campus internship training room and the production workshop of China Weapon Jiangnan Industrial Group as the main body, and introduces in accordance with the real production environment of the enterprise The enterprise "6S" enterprise production management standard actively creates an industrial cultural atmosphere to help students develop professionalism, and has established sufficient internship training conditions with advanced equipment, complete functions, management integration, and school-enterprise cultural integration. There are 3 on-campus training buildings, 55 on-campus teaching-type training rooms, 7 on-campus productive training bases (including 3 "schools in factories"), and 95 off-campus practice and training bases (including "factories in factories") "8).

   2. Deep integration of production and education, production, education and research serving the development of weapon equipment manufacturing industry

After more than 50 years of school-enterprise integration, the college has deep integration of school-enterprise and successful experience in combining production, teaching and research. It has been praised by the main leaders of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, the Department of Education and the leaders of Xiangtan City, and has been selected by the Hunan Provincial Department of Education as a "higher professional school promotion Typical cases of "Service Industry Development Ability" are reported to the Ministry of Education for publicity and promotion. The college has become a model unit of vocational education school-enterprise cooperation between Xiangtan City and Hunan Province, and deep integration of production and education.

The college is a designated unit for the trial production of military research products of China North Industries Group, a cooperative unit for research and development and trial production of military research products of China North Optoelectronics Group, a cooperation base for production, education, research and personnel training of drone technology at the National University of Defense Technology, and many large backbones in Changsha, Zhuzhou and Tan. Enterprise-oriented personnel training, technical service and skill personnel training unit, and Hunan golden blue-collar project training unit. The college’s vocational education business has gradually shifted from “connecting industry and serving industry” to “upgrading industry and leading industry”, and strives to realize the transformation of quality-oriented development mode.

The college insists on requiring professional teachers to participate in the processing and production of real products, and has gradually formed a course system with real products as the carrier and work process-oriented. Due to teachers’ long-term participation in the production of real products, the quality of its processed products and the level of processing technology continue to improve. The level of processing some core R&D components of weapons is higher than that of similar companies, and has been highly praised by companies and the military. In 2014, for example, teachers participated in the processing of 69 types of products in 5 categories, and the processing output value exceeded 10 million yuan. In particular, teachers participated in the key research and development project of the Academy of Military Sciences, a long-range precision strike system for military weapons. The production quality of a certain key component of the company is far higher than that of the enterprise, and it has been highly recognized by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and the China Weaponry Group.

   At the 16th Beijing International Air Show in September 2015, our institute appeared in the drone zone as the only vocational college invited to participate. There are more than 1,000 UAV-related industries in my country, and there is a huge gap in UAV operation and maintenance talents. As a cooperation base for production, education, research and personnel training of the National University of Defense Technology’s Airline Research Institute, the college cooperates with the National Defense University of Science and Technology to mainly cultivate professional application talents using UAVs in military and civilian applications. At the same time, it conducts short-term training of remote-controlled UAV operators and general-purpose UAVs. Mid-term training of pilots and training of full-time drone flight controllers. The college has successively participated in the production of a certain type of UAV components used for aerial surveillance and reconnaissance at the National University of Defense Technology, the trial production and assembly of the whole machine, forming a five-in-one system integrating UAV trial production, assembly, control and maintenance, and personnel training. Fangwei service system. The college has established the only Blue Arrow unmanned aerial vehicle performance team in Hunan Vocational Colleges, performing various types of unmanned aerial vehicles jointly developed and produced by the college and the National University of Defense Technology in major events such as the provincial and municipal vocational education publicity week.

   3. Serving the army, serving the national defense, and cultivating high-quality technical and skilled personnel for the Chinese People’s Liberation Army

In 2014, the General Staff Department and the Ministry of Education joined the following "Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Pilot Work of Directly Recruiting Non-commissioned Officers in 2014" (see Dong [2014] No. 5), and approved our institute as a unit for direct-recruitment of non-commissioned officers. For the Guangzhou Military Region to train 100 non-commissioned officers in the direction of the use and maintenance of bullets and arrows, and the professional direction of armored vehicles. In 2015, the enrollment of non-commissioned officers in our academy increased from 2 majors in 2014 to 8 majors in 2015, and the enrollment scale was expanded from the first batch of 100 to 385, and the scale of non-commissioned officer training and majors ranked second in the country. In 2016, our Academy enrolled 390 students, 560 in 2017, and 820 in 2018. In the next 2-3 years, the number of students at school will reach about 2500.

   Fourth, build a first-class professional group of weapons and equipment manufacturing, and build a national defense vocational college with distinctive characteristics

  The college has always practiced the core values of "military industry quality, loyalty and dedication, ethics, and practical application", and is the "breeder" of skilled talents and the "spreader" of military culture. Looking forward to the future, the college will closely connect the national defense and military industry and the high-end equipment manufacturing industry in our province, continue to follow the road of school-enterprise integration and deep integration, adhere to the connotative development, and realize the quality-oriented development mode. By the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan, the academy’s weapons and equipment manufacturing professional group will be built into a national first-class military-industrial characteristic professional group, and the college will be built into a variety of school students with a scale of about 6000-8000 (about 3000 non-commissioned students), and a Chinese Weapon training and training of military industry professional technical and technical personnel, training of weapons and equipment after-sales service non-commissioned officers for the Chinese People's Liberation Army, training of high-end equipment manufacturing skills for the economic construction of the region, and a national defense vocational and technical college with distinctive characteristics of national defense and military industry.