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Hunan Sports Vocational College

Physical education in higher vocational education, the scenery here is unique. Hunan Sports Vocational College was approved by the People’s Government of Hunan Province and filed by the Ministry of Education. It was merged and upgraded in May 2002 by the Hunan Workers’ Sports Technical College (founded in 1984) and Hunan Sports School (founded in 1958). The full-time public general higher vocational college under the supervision of the Hunan Provincial Sports Bureau is the only full-time general higher sports vocational college in Hunan. In 2007, it was evaluated as "excellent" by the Ministry of Education's talent training work level. It was successfully shortlisted in 2012 Demonstrative (backbone) higher vocational college construction unit in Hunan Province.

The college is located in Changsha Sports New City, a city with outstanding talents, beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. It covers an area of 459,300 square meters. The courtyard is beautiful, elegant and quiet. It is an advanced unit of greening work in Changsha City and a "national high-level sports reserve talent base". "Special occupational (national) training base for sports industry", "Provincial primary and middle school sports teacher certification training base" and "Province sports traditional project school sports teacher training base", known as the cradle of Olympic champions and high-end sports talents base.

   The performance of competitive sports is brilliant. The college is the cradle of cultivating high-level competitive sports talents. It has trained 7 Olympic champions including Xiong Ni, Gong Zhichao, Yang Xia, Long Qingquan, Wang Mingjuan, Tian Qing, Xiang Yanmei, nearly 50 world champions including Tang Jiuhong, and more than 200 Asian champions. And the national champion, in the 26th, 27th, 29th, 30th, 31st Olympic Games and the 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 National Games consecutively created brilliant, for Hunan's competitive sports to enter and consolidate the forefront of the country. For his major contributions, he successively won the honorable titles of "Advanced Group for Completing Tasks in the National Games", "Advanced Group of National Sports System" and "Advanced Unit of National Mass Sports Work".

   The teaching staff is strong. There are 266 faculty members, including 157 full-time teachers, 7 experts who have made outstanding contributions who enjoy special government allowances, 31 professors, associate professors and senior coaches, and 98 full-time teachers with “dual professional” professional skills. There are 12 outstanding teachers (coachers) at the provincial level, 5 provincial-level young backbone teachers, and 12 domestic visiting scholars. At the same time, more than 60 experts and skilled craftsmen from the sports industry enterprises have been hired as part-time teachers. Through internal training and external introduction, a team of teachers with "high humanities and sports literacy, superb physical education skills, reasonable structure, and combination of professional and concurrent" has been established. Team.

  The professional system has distinctive features. The college has four departments: Physical Education Department, Social Sports Department, Sports Department, Sports Industry and Management Department, Ideological and Political Department, and Continuing Education Department. It offers physical education, sports operation and management, social sports, and sports health and rehabilitation. , Sports training, traditional national sports, golf sports and management, international standard dance, fitness guidance and management, e-sports sports and management, etc. There are more than 4,000 students (including secondary vocational schools) and 3 provincial-level Teaching team, 1 provincial-level quality specialty, 1 provincial-level characteristic specialty, and 2 central finance-supported construction majors. The college vigorously promotes the reform of the five-linked talent training model of "production, learning, research, training, and competition", and continuously adjusts the professional structure in accordance with the construction idea of "optimizing demonstration specialty, transforming general traditional majors, and adding emerging cross-specialties" , Optimize the professional layout, condense the professional direction, gather the academic team, and build a special highland. It is accelerating the construction of a professional pattern of "focusing on physical education, with economics and education as the wings, and coordinated development of medicine, art, literature, and management."

   The internship training conditions are first-rate. The college has 40 on-campus internship training rooms (bases) and 1 school-enterprise co-construction of "productive" internship training bases. Each training center, laboratory physical equipment, teaching system, training system and other equipment are sophisticated and fully functional. , The level of facilities and equipment has reached the first-class level in China and even in Asia. The school's "productive" internship and training base-Hunan Olympic Sports Sunshine Youth Sports Club is a national youth sports club. In addition, 74 stable off-campus internship training bases supporting professional teaching have been established in Changsha, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places, laying a good foundation for the establishment of a "integration of science, integration of work and study" practice teaching system.

   Outstanding quality of personnel training. Adhering to the tenet of "all for students, for all students, and for all students", the college follows the school motto of "Honesty, Strength, Courage, and Innovation", and has created "Education of all employees, all-round education, and all-round education". The campus culture atmosphere has established a four-way linkage education mechanism for schools, families, society, and employers. The college fully implements the "dual certificate" system for graduation certificates and vocational skills certificates. In the past three years, more than 2,000 students have passed various vocational appraisal examinations organized by the Labor Department, and the qualification certificate collection rate has exceeded 90%. With a solid technical level, students have repeatedly achieved good results in important events such as national and provincial college games, international and domestic sports dance competitions, taekwondo and martial arts competitions.

  The employment prospects of students are broad. Relying on the Hunan Sports Vocational Education Group, the college signed cooperative education and employment agreements with a number of well-known sports companies or educational institutions inside and outside the province, vigorously implemented the "order-based" talent training, and successively opened "Special Step Classes" with Xtep Co., Ltd. and Hunan Terraces The International Education Group has launched the "Preschool Education Teacher Class", and the "International Cruise Flight Order Class" with Hubei Haixin International Ship Management Co., Ltd., and has cooperated with Wuhan Institute of Physical Education, Hunan Normal University Sports College, and Hunan Agricultural University for undergraduate upgrading. To run a school, establish a joint training base for graduate students with Hunan University of Technology, and build a platform for continuing education for graduates. Over the years, the initial employment rate of graduates has remained above 88%. The initial employment rate of graduates in 2017 reached 93.52%. In 2016, the year-end employment rate of graduates reached over 96%. This has trained a large number of grassroots physical education teachers, coaches, and sports teachers. Outstanding sports talents in the front line of industry and enterprises, such as social sports instructors, health care and rehabilitation personnel, and sports management personnel, are highly praised by the society and employers.

  The monument is recorded in the annals of history, and the ambition will be renewed. The college will continue to adhere to the school goal of "run a school with soul and cultivate students with character", adhere to the school philosophy of "rooted in the industry, educate people, and serve the society", adhere to the "quality school, unique characteristics, and strong talents". The school’s strategy of running a school is “service-oriented, employment-oriented, focusing on connotative development, characteristic development, and scientific development”. The modern sports training center is working hard.