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Hunan Polytechnic Vocational and Technical College

Hunan Vocational and Technical College of Science and Technology is a full-time public institution of higher learning approved by the Provincial People's Government and registered by the Ministry of Education. The school is located in the central city of Xiangtan, the hometown of great people. There are 6500 students and 500 full-time and part-time teachers. 19 majors including photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation, industrial robots, mechatronics, electrical automation, engineering cost, accounting, animation design, etc., are enrolled in 16 provinces across the country. A comprehensive higher vocational college integrating science, engineering and literature.

   school is a rising star in higher vocational education that is making every effort to grow. It was founded in 1978. Forty years of forging ahead, the new era has emerged as a butterfly. After being placed under the supervision of the Hunan Provincial Development and Reform Commission in 2015, it insisted on innovation and leadership, focused on running schools with characteristics, and highlighted the development of connotation. It is committed to building a new Hunan army for vocational education in Hunan and entering the fast lane of comprehensive development. The school closely follows the market and industry, closely related to occupations and employment, optimized and integrated, and newly established the New Energy College, the Intelligent Manufacturing College and the Management Art College. In accordance with the idea of “closely connecting the school with the industrial park and deeply integrating the profession into the industrial chain”, we will cooperate with Xiangtan to build a public training base in Hunan Province, work with Zhuzhou to build China Power Valley College, and JD Group to form Jingdong College, and actively seek production with Changsha New breakthroughs in teaching integration, and the new vocational education model of "the core is boundless and multi-point running schools" is rolled out in an orderly manner. The school has quickly emerged from the "Xiaojiabiyu" that was raised in a deep boudoir, and has become a popular "big lady".

   The school is top-notch professional, and both supply and demand are booming. Adhere to a high starting point, high standards, and high quality, and focus on building special professional groups such as new energy, intelligent manufacturing, management art, etc., to create a professional plateau and create a peak of skills. In recent years, it has continuously won the first prize of national vocational college skills competitions such as photovoltaic electronic engineering design and implementation, installation and commissioning of wind and solar hybrid power generation systems, intelligent transformation and integration technology of manufacturing units, and continuous realization of Hunan Province in the national competition awards. The breakthrough reflects the strong professional strength of the school and the excellent skill level of the students. The demand for graduates is in short supply, and the employment rate is rising.

   The school has excellent teachers and promotes each other between production and education. Adhere to school-enterprise cooperation, collaborative education, and open up the construction of a first-class "double-qualified" teacher team. Relying on internal training and external introduction, make the core teachers better and stronger. Relying on the provincial scientific research platform of engineering laboratory and engineering research center, it integrates well-known teachers from the society. Relying on Jingdong Group, BAIC, China Power 48 Research Institute, China Mingyang Wind Power, Huahang Weishi, Southern Surveying and other famous enterprises in the industry, to create a full-time and part-time faculty team with both German and technical skills.

   The school teaches and educates people, with a combination of morals and skills. Insist on cultivating first-class application talents with core sentiments of science and engineering with virtue as the first priority. The "Science and Engineering Book List" was launched, advocating "one book per week, one language for each person, one lecture for each lesson, and one note per day", and strive to guide students to read sensibly, know the book and respect, and cultivate students' diligence, frugality, optimism, integrity, Cooperation, self-discipline, dedication, expertise, and innovative science and engineering professional feelings guide students to consciously become firm believers, active advocates and model practitioners of the core values of socialism.