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Yueyang Vocational and Technical College

Yueyang Vocational and Technical College is a comprehensive higher vocational college organized by the Yueyang Municipal People’s Government and the Hunan Provincial Department of Education for business management. The school was merged and upgraded. The college was awarded the excellent grade in the 2006 "National Higher Vocational and Technical Talent Training Work Level Evaluation". In 2011, it passed the second evaluation of the Ministry of Education's talent training work. In 2012, it became a model higher vocational college in Hunan Province and successfully approved the project in 2016. The outstanding higher vocational colleges in Hunan Province became the third batch of national modern apprenticeship pilot units in 2018. In 2019, it became the "Double Ten" colleges and universities of student management and teaching management in Hunan vocational education, the national "high-quality junior vocational colleges", The national "double high school" (that is, high-level vocational school and professional group with Chinese characteristics) has established a project construction unit and obtained the admission qualification for foreign students in China. The college is a national 3A-level tourist attraction, with a campus area of more than 1,000 acres, a building area of 300,000 square meters, and a total fixed asset value of 690 million yuan (original value). There are 8 secondary colleges including the School of Engineering, the School of Bioenvironmental Engineering, the School of International Education, and the School of Social Training, as well as two public teaching departments including the Department of Basic Medicine and the Department of Public Basics. 28 higher vocational majors have been opened. The college has three secondary legal entities, including the Agricultural Center, Affiliated Hospital (Yueyang Aikang Hospital), and Guotai Sunshine Nursing Home (Geriatric Nursing Training Center), higher vocational education, elderly nursing, animal husbandry and veterinary, applied technology, Zhang Guying folk culture, 6 research institutes (institutes) including the development of modern logistics industry in Yueyang City. There are more than 800 faculty members (including 40 professors, 232 associate professors and other associate professors, 257 doctors and masters, and 92% of professional teachers with "dual teacher" quality), and more than 16,000 full-time students.

Since its establishment in 2003, the college has taken the initiative to adapt to the needs of regional economic and social development, with "learning for practical use" as the school motto, adhere to the school philosophy of "cultivating people by virtue, using the world, quality first, and establishing a school with characteristics". The school-running model of “government-led, industry participation, school linkage, and enterprise integration” is based on the professional construction ideas of “relying on industry to run majors, running majors to promote industry” and “relying on industries, connecting industries, locking occupations, and serving employment”. Deeply integrated into the industry chain, the teaching chain is deeply integrated into the service chain, school-enterprise integration, and work-study education, has successively trained more than 80,000 high-tech talents of various types. Graduates are well received by employers, and the employment rate remains at 95 % Above, providing strong talent support and technical services for economic construction and social development. From 2016 to 2019, students participated in the National Vocational College Skills Competition. Nursing majors won the first prize for 3 consecutive years and the second prize for 1 year. The application software majors won the first prize for 2 years and the second prize for 2 years. Clinical medicine The major won the first prize in 2018 and the first, second and third prizes in 2019. Participating in the 2018 National College Student Youth Health Stage Play Competition, our college team won the first prize with the first overall score. With the expansion of the school’s influence, in recent years, mainstream media such as Xinhua News Agency, China News Service, Guangming Daily, China Education News, Hunan Daily, Yueyang Daily, Hunan Economic TV, Yueyang TV Station, People’s Daily Online, New Hunan, Red Net, etc. It reported the development achievements and school experience of our school.

In recent years, the college has been awarded the "National Demonstration School for Campus Culture Construction", "National May Fourth Red Flag Youth League Committee", "Hunan Province Civilized College", "Hunan Province Civilized Campus", "Hunan Province Safe College", "Hunan Province Vocational Skill Appraisal Advanced Unit". More than 30 national and provincial honors including Hunan Advanced Unit of Vocational Education and Adult Education, "Advanced Unit of Hunan Scientific Research Work", "Excellent Unit for Supervision of "Top Project" of Employment and Entrepreneurship in General Colleges and Universities in Hunan Province", have become a national skill shortage Talent training base, the only talent training base of the National Amusement Facilities Industry Alliance, the country's first large-scale amusement facility inspection personnel verification and training base, vocational college migrant workers training base, Hunan poverty-stricken village entrepreneurship and enrichment leader training base, Hunan Province More than 20 training bases, including the localization training base for rural doctors and the Hunan Enterprise Talent Training Demonstration Base, are the "Hunan Province Social Science Popularization Base", "Hunan Province Educational Science Higher Vocational Humanities Quality Education Research Base", and "2017-2018 academic year full Provincial Rural Doctor Localized Talent Training Excellent Training School", 2018 and 2019 "Hunan Province National Vocational College Skills Competition Excellent Training Base" and the only main examination institution for the random examination and assessment of nursing professional skills in Hunan Province.

In order to highlight the characteristics of running a school and build a brand for development, the college based on the advantages of running a school, focusing on the big health industry, actively integrates into the "Healthy China 2030" and "Made in China 2025", adjusts the professional layout, optimizes the allocation of resources, and concentrates on building health services for the elderly, women and children health services , Health equipment manufacturing and maintenance, health product circulation services, healthy agriculture services, health information services, etc., focusing on the construction of three characteristic professional groups including elderly health services, maternal and child health services, and health equipment manufacturing and maintenance. A professional system with health services as the main line and distinctive characteristics, and strive to build a highland for training talents in the health industry, a service platform for technological innovation, and a booster for industry development. In 2014, the health service professional group was established as a model specialty professional group in Hunan Province. In 2018, three key professional groups including elderly health services, maternal and child health services, and health equipment manufacturing and maintenance were selected as the first-class specialty professional group construction project in Hunan Province for higher vocational education. . In 2019, the nursing (maternal and infant care direction) teaching team established the project "the first batch of national-level vocational education teachers' teaching innovation team". It led to the establishment of the National Alliance for Midwifery Talent Training and Grassroots Maternal and Child Health Care Cooperation. 34 higher vocational colleges and 12 hospitals within the United Nations jointly built a teaching resource database for the vocational education midwifery specialty (group). This resource bank was successively selected into the 2019 Provincial Professional Teaching Resource Bank and the 2019 National Vocational Education Professional Teaching Resource Bank.

The college adheres to the development of connotation, strengthens the development of characteristics, pays attention to the development of people, continuously improves the level of running schools and educating people, and cultivates and develops core competitiveness. It is currently moving towards the development goal of building a high-level vocational college with "distinctive characteristics, domestic first-class, and internationally renowned" Strive forward.