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Hunan Modern Logistics Vocational and Technical College

Hunan Modern Logistics Vocational and Technical College was founded in 1965. It is the only public full-time general higher education institution in the country that specializes in modern logistics. It is located between Yuanda Road in Changsha City and Xin'an Road in Changsha County, one of the top 100 economic development companies in the country, adjacent to The national-level Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone has a unique location advantage and the foundation of running a school for more than 50 years. Our school is a college jointly established by the People's Government of Hunan Province and the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, a demonstrative higher vocational college in Hunan Province, an excellent institution for assessing the level of talent training by the Ministry of Education, a pilot institution for higher vocational apprenticeship designated by the Ministry of Education, The National Logistics Vocational Education Talent Training Base has been rated as the "Advanced Unit of Employment in Hunan Province" for 6 consecutive years. In 2008, with the approval of the Provincial Department of Education, our school led the establishment of Hunan Modern Logistics Vocational Education Group, the first vocational education group in Hunan Province. Chengsi is hailed as a typical group school model of "helping the industry and leading the industry". Our school's 2017 graduation design spot check pass rate was 100%, ranking tenth in the province. The qualification rate of the selected e-commerce majors in our school is 100%.

The scientific research work of our school enjoys a high reputation in the logistics industry and logistics vocational education. The Hunan "Internet of Things Perception Technology and Application" engineering research center jointly constructed with the National University of Defense Technology is one of ten engineering research centers established by the Hunan Provincial Development and Reform Commission. For one, our school is also the only vocational college in the province that has been among the construction of engineering research centers. The school, together with the National University of Defense Technology and Hunan University, has undertaken a major scientific and technological project in Hunan Province—"UHF RFID Chip Development and Application Demonstration". It is the only higher vocational college in Hunan that ranks among the major scientific and technological research projects in Hunan Province. .

  Famous major: The school is fully integrated with the logistics industry to create a large modern logistics professional group. Focusing on modern logistics, there are 6 secondary schools: Logistics Management School, Logistics Engineering School, Logistics Information School, Logistics Business School, Logistics Humanities and Arts School, and International Cooperation and Continuing Education School, offering logistics management, logistics engineering technology, and logistics Information technology, Internet of Things technology, e-commerce, logistics financial management, business English, international economics and trade, etc. 27 majors, of which logistics management is the first batch of exemplary specialty majors in Hunan Province; logistics information technology is a characteristic major of Hunan Province and the central government Supported key construction majors; logistics engineering technology is a key construction major supported by the central finance; accounting is a provincial-level boutique major.

  Famous teachers: The school has a strong team of double-qualified teachers. It has three provincial-level teaching teams including modern logistics professional group, logistics engineering technology professional, and logistics information technology professional. There are a group of provincial professional leaders, provincial teaching teachers, provincial young backbone teachers, and expert members of Hunan Logistics Industry Promotion and Development Committee And the expert member of the Hunan Provincial Logistics Standardization Committee, participated in the formulation of industrial development plans such as the implementation plan for the revitalization of the logistics industry in Hunan Province, the development plan of the logistics industry in Hunan Province during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, and the logistics plan of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Tanshan Logistics Co., Ltd., and undertook 165 national-level , Provincial-level scientific research projects and research and development of a group of enterprise projects.

Students: students pass the internship training base supported by the central government of the school, the key internship training base of modern logistics in Hunan Province, the professional teaching skill certification training base for teachers of logistics management in Hunan Province, the public logistics information of Hunan Province jointly established by the school and enterprises Platform, Hunan Province Intelligent Logistics Training Center, Logistics Engineering Machinery Operation Training Center and more than 20 on-campus training bases and more than 230 off-campus internship training bases for intensive training, and are uniquely endowed by the standardized venues of the school’s national logistics skills competition In the training and competitions, we have achieved great results every year and developed strong skills. Graduates directly entered COSCO Logistics, China National Reserve, China Railway Fifth Bureau, Sany Heavy Industry, Debon Logistics, Anji Logistics, Yili Logistics and Ping An More than 200 companies such as banks have stable employment and generous remuneration; in the Jinxia Logistics Park Employment and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base and the university student entrepreneurship park on campus, the real business is flourishing and a large number of students have been achieved.