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Changsha Electric Power Vocational and Technical College

Changsha Electric Power Vocational and Technical College (hereinafter referred to as the college) is the only electric public full-time general university in Hunan Province. It is affiliated to State Grid Hunan Electric Power Co., Ltd., and its education business is managed by the Hunan Provincial Department of Education, and State Grid Hunan Electric Power Co., Ltd. The Technical Skills Training Center implements the management model of "two brands, one team".

The college was founded in 1956 and was originally named Hunan Electric Power Technical School and Changsha Electric Power School. In 2005, it was upgraded to a higher vocational college. The college is located in the Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone, with a superior geographical location and convenient transportation. The campus covers an area of more than 400 acres, with a construction area of more than 126,700 square meters and fixed assets of 362 million yuan. Over the past 65 years of running the school, a total of more than 50,000 technical skills and management talents of various types have been delivered to the power industry and the society.

The college adheres to the school-running positioning of "based on the power grid, serving the company, and contributing to the society", taking the cultivation of "electricity craftsmen" as its own responsibility, and following the ideas of "administering the school according to law, promoting the school by quality, strengthening the school with talents, establishing the school with culture, and branding the school". Highlight the development of connotation, characteristic development, and innovation-driven development, with the help of industry advantages, continue to deepen the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, and comprehensively transform modern vocational education.

The faculty of the college is strong. There are more than 400 faculty members, of which 110 are associate professor or above, and 115 are "double-qualified" teachers. In recent years, relying on the advantages of enterprises in running schools, the college has continued to carry out the “double linkage” of school-enterprise talents, organized two-way exchanges between outstanding young teachers and enterprise team leaders, and the ability and quality of the teaching staff have been significantly enhanced. More than 20 teachers have been awarded as teachers in Hunan Vocational Colleges Teaching Ability Competition Award, a team representing Hunan Province won the first prize in the National Vocational College Teacher Teaching Ability Competition. At the same time, the college always hires engineering experts with practical experience, well-known university professors, and education experts as part-time teachers.

The college has outstanding professional characteristics. It has successively opened more than 30 majors in electric power, power, economics and management, and computer. At present, the core majors of the college include power plants and power systems, power supply technology, power system automation technology, transmission and distribution engineering technology, thermal power engineering technology, power generation operation technology, distributed power generation and smart micro-grid technology, and Internet of Things application technology And so on, the energy and electric power professional group built on this basis is the first-class characteristic professional group of higher vocational education in Hunan Province. Among them, power transmission and distribution engineering technology and power supply technology ranked first and third in the country respectively (Jinpingguo China Science and Education Evaluation Network).

The college facilities are well-equipped. It has built steam turbine maintenance, thermal (hydro) simulation, power transmission inspection, power transmission live work, substation maintenance, power distribution lines (outdoor, indoor), power cables, There are more than 90 training venues for electrified live work, meter installation and power connection, "Internet +" business halls, power safety, etc., with more than 80 smart classrooms and multimedia classrooms, as well as the State Grid Corporation's power transmission and live operation base, China Electric Power Cable accessory installation base, dispatch evaluation base of China Electricity Union. At the same time, there are standardized track and field sports fields, gymnasiums, wind and rain basketball courts, modern student restaurants, student apartments, student activity centers, and an elegant campus environment. It is an ideal place for young students to study.

The college has first-class personnel training. Actively adopt the "three-in-three-matching" model (instruction standard standard entry standard, teaching material entry, entry classroom, teaching scene docking production site, project docking production position, process docking production process) and “teacher and apprentice” mode (for each student Students arrange for corporate tutors) to build the “dual main body” of the college and employers, the “dual orientation” of professional standards and job standards, the “dual places” of classroom teaching and first-line internships, and the “dual certification” of academic certificates and vocational certificates. A dual" training model. In recent years, our students have performed outstandingly and performed well in various national and provincial competitions, demonstrating solid professional foundation and professional skills. The student representative team successively won the "Challenge Cup" National Vocational School Innovation and Efficiency Entrepreneurship Competition, the first prize of the National Higher Vocational College Intelligent Power Supply and Distribution System Installation and Commissioning Competition Group, and the Electric Power Supply Committee of the China Electric Power Education Association The first prize of the first prize of the metering device installation and commissioning competition, the first prize of the first prize of the national power industry large-scale thermal power unit centralized control operation technology skills competition, the third prize of the 13th National College Student Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Social Practice and Technology Competition, Hunan The third prize of Provincial Huang Yanpei Innovation Competition. At the same time, the college has a vocational skill appraisal station approved by the state, which undertakes the vocational skill appraisal work for all types of special work in the electric power industry and some common work types in the society.

The college has broad employment prospects. There is an employment guidance center, which is responsible for the employment guidance and graduate employment recommendation work of the whole college, conducts employment guidance throughout the whole process, broadens employment channels in various ways, and establishes a wide employment network for graduates. In recent years, the employment rate of college graduates ranks first in the province's colleges and universities (maintained more than 95%), the college's counterpart employment rate and employment quality are high (the counterpart employment rate is more than 80%), and most of the graduates are recommended to the State Grid Co., Ltd., China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd., China Nuclear Power Co., Ltd., China General Nuclear Power Group, China Datang Group, China Huaneng Group, Shenzhen Energy Group, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau Co., Ltd., Xiangtan Iron and Steel Group, Changsha Huanghua International Airport, Provincial (municipal) electric power construction companies, China Resources Hunan Electric Power Co., Ltd., Changsha Rail Operation Company (Changsha Metro), Hunan Yongqing Environmental Protection Group Corporation and other large state-owned backbone enterprises, as well as various new energy technology and emerging industry enterprises, employing units all over the country 21 provinces (cities) and autonomous regions. In 2021, 104 people were admitted to the State Grid Corporation, and 392 people were admitted to the Hunan Xiangneng Rural Power Service Company, accounting for 59% of the total number of graduates.

Since 2018, the college has continuously deepened the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, and continued to train power supply service employees for State Grid Hunan Electric Power Co., Ltd., and recruited more than 930 people from poverty-stricken counties and poor households in the province. Students from poor families have achieved "one vocational education, one job, and one family out of poverty". After graduation, students can directly work at the power supply station in the local township, which will directly drive the poor families out of poverty, and also cultivate a "professional work force" for remote and poor areas. , Can retain the power supply service team. The “education + employment” poverty alleviation work was approved by the Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Ulan, and was rated as the “Top Ten” Cases of Industry-Education Integration by the China Electric Power Education Association in 2020, Hunan Daily, China Electric Power News, Xinhua Net, People's Daily, Hunan Satellite TV Mainstream media such as Hunan Economic TV and Hunan Economic Television have carried out special reports, which have been recognized by all sectors of society.

In recent years, the college has successively won the Ministry of Education's Higher Vocational and Technical Talent Training Work Level Evaluation Excellent Level Unit, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security National Skilled Talent Cultivation Outstanding Contribution Award, the National Power Industry High-skilled Talent Training Base, the Ministry of Education National Excellent Education Institution, The National Youth League Central Committee’s National Advanced Unit for Social Practice of "Three Going to the Countryside", as well as Hunan Province Civilized Units, Hunan Province Civilized Universities, Hunan Province’s Excellent Universities for Implementing the Employment “Top Leader” Project, and Hunan Province’s Ordinary Colleges and Universities’ Employment and Entrepreneurship Work “Top Leader Project” Excellent Supervisory Unit , Honorary titles such as Advanced Unit of Enrollment in General Colleges and Universities in Hunan Province, and "Safe Colleges and Universities" in Hunan Province.

The college adheres to the connotative development path of "survive by quality and cast brand with characteristics". On the new journey, it is moving forward courageously towards the goal of high-level vocational colleges!