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Hunan Petrochemical Vocational and Technical College

Hunan Petrochemical Vocational and Technical College was founded in 1978. Its predecessor was Hunan Changling Petroleum School. It was co-founded by Hunan Petrochemical Bureau and Sinopec Changling Refinery Refining training center merged. In May 2003, with the approval of the Hunan Provincial People's Government, it was upgraded to a full-time general higher vocational and technical college led by the government, sponsored by enterprises, jointly established by the government and enterprises, and integrating higher vocational education and employee training. In October 2013, the college was officially transferred to the Hunan Provincial People's Government from Sinopec Group Corporation and managed by the Provincial Petrochemical Administration Office. In May 2015, the college was placed under the direct management of the Hunan Provincial Department of Education.

The college mainly aims at the petrochemical industry and regional development to train high-quality technical and technical talents in petrochemical production, equipment technology and management services, and provides training services for petrochemical companies. The college has three secondary colleges: Petrochemical Technology Engineering College, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering College , School of Economics and Management Information. The petrochemical product production and storage and transportation industry group, the petrochemical equipment maintenance and control industry group, and the petrochemical-related service industry group in the petrochemical mid- and downstream industrial chain are fully connected, forming petrochemical production and storage and transportation technology, petrochemical equipment and control technology, petrochemical management and information Technology 3 professional groups, open petrochemical technology, industrial analysis technology, applied chemical technology, petroleum refining technology, coal chemical technology, chemical safety technology, drone application technology, electrical automation technology, chemical equipment technology (3D printing direction and Machine repair fitter direction), industrial process automation technology, welding technology and automation, oil and gas storage and transportation technology, logistics management (petrochemical logistics direction), marketing (petrochemical marketing direction), information security and management, mobile application development, etc. 16 main majors, And together with Xiangbei Women's School, it has established three majors for the connection of middle and higher vocational education: Applied English, Flight Attendant Service, Tourism Management and Service. The college has a strong ability to serve regional economic development. The school has established a national emergency rescue drill simulation training base, a national second-level safety training institution, a Hunan senior skilled personnel training institution, and a Hunan hazardous chemical and fireworks designated training base. Possess all the skills appraisal qualifications required for various job groups in petrochemical enterprises. The college is a training base for high-quality technical and technical talents in China's petrochemical industry, and a talent training and supply base for central enterprises such as Sinopec, PetroChina, and CNOOC. Social training is over 20,000 person-days.

In 2007, the college passed the first round of talent training evaluation by the Ministry of Education with an excellent level; since 2009, it has been rated as the outstanding unit of the “Top Project” for the employment of ordinary college graduates in Hunan Province; in 2014, it has 22 key evaluation elements All qualified outstanding results passed the second round of talent training work evaluation; in 2015, it was named the first batch of "college student employment and entrepreneurship demonstration schools" in Hunan Province; in 2015, it became the first batch of modern apprenticeship pilot universities by the Ministry of Education; the college was successful in July 2018 The project was established as the construction unit of "Safe Colleges and Universities" in Hunan Province. The college has been awarded many honorary titles such as Hunan Civilized Colleges and Universities and the Red Flag Youth League Committee of Hunan Province during the May Fourth Movement.

Graduate employment is a business card of the college. Its high employment rate (year-end employment rate of more than 97%) and good employment quality have been widely recognized by the society, and the source of students has expanded to 28 provinces and municipalities across the country. The college has opened a "green channel for student assistance" and strictly implements the national awards and scholarship system, with a student enjoyment rate of 70%. The college promises not to let students lose the opportunity to receive education due to financial difficulties.

The college adheres to the school motto of "Work Hard, Strive to Be First-rate", and has formed a school spirit of "Respect for Virtue, Refinement, Seeking Truth, and Innovation". Pay attention to learning the spirit of "dedication, diligence, precision, and joy in work", and strive to cultivate high-quality technical and technical talents with "humanistic qualities, petrochemical characteristics, and potential for model workers".