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Hunan Vocational College of Art

Hunan Vocational College of Art is a state-run art institution of higher learning. In 2002, the Hunan Provincial Art School established in 1951 and the Hunan Provincial Film School established in 1979 were merged and upgraded to Hunan Vocational College of Art. It is currently a model higher vocational college of Hunan Province, a national grassroots cultural team training base, and a national cultural cadre training base , The national research and training base for non-genetic inheritors, successively won the national advanced collective of cultural work, the national advanced unit of school art education, the advanced unit of vocational education in Hunan Province and other honors. The college is located on the east bank of Songya Lake, a national ecological wetland park.

The school’s fundamental mission is to foster people through morality, and adhere to the school motto of “Shuangxin of virtue and art, dare to be the first; pursuit of excellence, never tire of ordinary” and the school philosophy of “centering on the stage to create talents; relying on culture and facing the market”, and constantly explore the school and enterprise. The road of cooperation is to strengthen the integration of industry, learning, and research, expand new concepts and new horizons of vocational education, vigorously promote the "artisan spirit" of literature and art, and cultivate high-quality and diversified artistic talents.

  The college now has six major departments of drama, music, dance, film and television, fine arts, culture and tourism, as well as the public teaching department, the art practice department, the art training department, and the Hunan Provincial Art School (Secondary School), with a total of 26 majors. The college is characterized by performing arts majors, with the advantages of drama, music, dance, fine arts, film and television, broadcast hosting and other majors, and has built a performing arts professional group, art design professional group, radio, film and television professional group, and cultural tourism professional group as the core Cultural and artistic professional clusters.

The college recruits students from all over the country and follows the laws of art education. It recruits five-year and six-year secondary school students for long-term art training and education at the same time as higher vocational enrollment. There are currently more than 6000 full-time students; 255 full-time teachers, Zhenggao There are 25 people with professional titles, 94 with deputy high-level titles, 107 teachers with "double qualifications", many of whom enjoy special allowances from the State Council, were selected as the "121 Talent Project" of Hunan Province, were rated as provincial-level teaching teachers, and were selected as the "Three Talents Support" of Hunan Province. "Hundred Projects". At the same time, the college has also hired a large number of famous artists from home and abroad to teach art at the school, and the overall level of the teaching team has gradually increased.

   Stick to the art-oriented principle, and be born on the basis of the foundation. In the process of running the school for nearly 70 years, the college has accumulated a profound humanistic and artistic background, and has trained nearly 50,000 artistic talents for all sectors of society. The teachers, students and alumni of the college are active in the field of art at home and abroad, creating one after another brilliant performances, art education, and artistic creation.

  The college strengthens close contact and cooperation with art universities and groups at home and abroad. With the continuous expansion of my country's opening up to the outside world, the college has gone abroad to Italy, Portugal, Tunisia, Jordan, Kuwait and other countries to carry out extensive cultural and artistic exchange activities with foreign art colleges or non-governmental organizations. At the same time, it receives visiting performances and cultural exchanges from art education colleagues from France, Italy, South Korea, Israel, Lebanon, Congo (Kinshasa) and other countries every year.

   New era, new journey. With a more open philosophy of running schools, Hunan Vocational College of Arts promotes the construction of Hunan Arts College, innovates talent training mechanisms, improves the quality of talent training, promotes cultural inheritance and development, serves the national artistic development, and makes new contributions to a culturally strong province.