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Hunan Vocational and Technical College of Information

A prestigious public school with an outstanding reputation. Our hospital is located in Wangcheng District, Changsha City, adjacent to Shichang Railway, Yuelin Expressway, Ring Expressway, Huangqiao Avenue, Changsha-Zhuhaitan Rail Transit Hub and Changsha High-speed Railway West Station, Metro Line 4, directly accessible via Leifeng Avenue and Jinxing Avenue The core area of Changsha City has a superior location, convenient transportation, beautiful scenery and pleasant environment.

Our college was founded in 1975 and moved from Huaihua to Changsha in 1991. In 1999, it merged with the Electronic Workers University and upgraded to a higher vocational college. It is a public higher vocational college directly under the Changsha Municipal Government and one of the first batch of state-educated colleges in Hunan Province. Higher Vocational and Technical College approved by the Ministry. Our school takes "serving the national strategy and cultivating technical talents" as the mission of running a school, and taking the creation of "information technology application pioneers and intelligent manufacturing talent cultivation bases" as the behavioral orientation, it has cultivated a large number of information skills for the development of the information industry and local economy. Specialized talents. It is the chairman unit of Hunan Information Industry Vocational Education Group, the lead unit of Hunan 3D Digital Technology Manufacturing Strategic Alliance, and the chairman unit of Hunan Electronics Society, Hunan Radio Society and Hunan Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Promotion Society. Known as the "Huangpu Military Academy" and "Information Hunan Army" for information technology talents in Hunan.

A distinctive school with a gathering of famous teachers. Our college now has a teaching structure of seven colleges and three departments. It has opened 31 majors in electronic information engineering technology, software technology, mechanical design and manufacturing, computer network technology and e-commerce, and built robots with information technology applications and services as the main line. Five characteristic professional groups: technology application, intelligent manufacturing technology application, mobile internet technology application, e-commerce technology and service. There are two provincial-level teaching teams applying electronic technology and software technology and a municipal-level teaching team of intelligent robots. It has 2 national-level key construction majors, 2 key majors of the Ministry of Education, 2 provincial-level characteristic majors, 1 provincial-level model characteristic major, 2 provincial-level characteristic majors, 5 provincial-level quality majors, and national quality courses 1 course, 1 national high-quality resource sharing course, and 20 provincial-level high-quality online open courses.

There are more than 10,000 students and 522 faculty members, including 186 associate professors or above, 336 teachers with doctoral and master's degrees or above, 2 provincial-level teaching teams, 4 provincial-level academic leaders, and provincial-level academic leaders. There are 13 key teachers, 38 domestic visiting scholars in China, and 1 national outstanding teacher.

Integration of production and education, employment orientation. There are 148 internship training bases of various levels, 79 off-campus training bases, 1 internship training base supported by the central government, 1 productive internship training base of the Ministry of Education, and dual-teacher internship training of the Ministry of Education There is 1 base, 1 provincial key training base, 2 provincial productive internship training bases, 1 provincial school-enterprise cooperative productive internship training base, and 25 provincial and above teacher training bases. The college has carried out various forms of in-depth school-enterprise cooperation with well-known domestic companies such as Huawei Technology, ZTE, Lenovo Group, Zoomlion, Wasion Electronics, Hongmeng Cartoon, Huashu High-Tech, and other well-known domestic companies. At the same time, it has actively carried out more than 60 cooperative development and technology promotion projects for intelligent robot technology, cloud computing technology and big data technology, 3D digital manufacturing technology, e-commerce technology and services, etc. for small and medium-sized talents in Hunan Province; it has been established as a "demonstrative occupation in Hunan Province" education group". 4 college students' innovation and entrepreneurship incubation bases, innovation and entrepreneurship practice bases and 13 innovation and entrepreneurship project development rooms have been established. Implement a full-process education mechanism for innovation and entrepreneurship of "three-year continuous line, hierarchical and progressive learning". The college has opened majors to connect with 22 industrial chains in Changsha, and the employment rate in the province has reached more than 65% in recent years. The employment rates of the college in the past three years were 91.39%, 89.91%, and 88.12%.

Lide tree people, cultural people. The college offers traditional cultural courses such as "Recitation and Writing", "Tea Art and Tea Culture", "Paper-cutting", and "Calligraphy" to strengthen the education of excellent traditional culture; it has launched a series of Erya general education courses, built an online learning platform, and broadened students' horizons; implementation The “four assessments” system, the “unsupervised” integrity test and the “paperless test”, which have become the core of habit formation, guide students to become talented healthily; follow the school motto of “share the responsibility of the family and the country, use both hands and brains”. "Keep the first button in life-entrance education" "A class before leaving school-graduation ceremony" "Xiangxin Festival-annual awards" "Lei Feng Spiritual Education" "Lei Feng Philharmonic Art Troupe" " "Lei Feng Hometown Volunteer Alliance" and other campus culture brands, as well as more than 30 campus club organizations with their own characteristics, the school regularly publishes "Journal of Hunan Vocational College of Information Technology" and "Journal of Hunan Vocational College of Information Technology". Our school publicly releases the "Annual Quality Report of Professional Talent Training", "Annual Report on Innovation and Entrepreneurship of College Students" and "Annual Report on Lei Feng Spiritual Education" to the public every year. Mainstream media such as "Guangming Daily", "China Education News" and "Hunan Daily" have repeatedly recommended our school's experience in running schools and educating people.