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Hunan Urban Construction Vocational and Technical College

The predecessor of Hunan Urban Construction Vocational Technical College was the Hunan Civil Architecture School established in 1958. It was renamed the Hunan Provincial Architecture School in 1972. In 2003, with the approval of the Hunan Provincial People's Government, the Hunan Provincial Architecture School and the Hunan Building Materials Industry School merged to form Hunan Urban Construction Vocational and Technical College. In 2008, the former Changsha Workers College (Hunan Construction Senior Technical School) was merged into the college. In 2011, it became a model higher vocational college in Hunan Province. In 2018, the project was established as an outstanding higher vocational college construction unit for higher vocational education in Hunan Province. In the course of more than 60 years of running the school, the college has worked hard and worked hard to cultivate more than 120,000 high-quality technical and technical personnel for the society, and train tens of thousands of business managers, project managers and construction industry professionals. It is known as Hunan Construction The cradle of talents and the "Whampoa Military Academy" of the Hunan Army with millions of buildings. There are 10,135 full-time vocational students.

The college adheres to the school motto of "Building a business with clear morals, building up energy with fine work", adheres to the school-running philosophy of "shaping personality, cultivating skills, publicizing individuality, and serving the society", and establishes "with independent intellectual property rights, distinctive characteristics of urban construction higher vocational education, and leading in the province , Domestic first-class, internationally influential and excellent higher vocational colleges" development goals, "Study with sincerity, doing things honestly" as the school spirit, "Hongde Jingye, righteous self-reliance" as the teaching style, "Study and be able "Adults to become talents" is the style of study to cultivate the "preferred high-quality technical and technical talents" who have a solid foundation, strong skills, and excellent quality to meet the first-line needs of production, construction, service, and management in the urban and rural construction industry.

The college now has the Department of Architecture, Department of Construction Engineering, Department of Construction Equipment Engineering, Department of Management Engineering, Department of Municipal and Road and Bridge Engineering, Department of Public Basic Courses, Department of Ideological and Political Theory Courses, 1 Advanced Technical School of Architecture, and 1 College of Continuing Education. The college has 23 higher vocational majors. The professional group of architectural engineering technology, architectural design technology, and construction engineering management are the first-class specialty groups in Hunan Province; the architectural engineering construction and management professional group with the architectural engineering technology as the core is the province -Level demonstration specialty group; engineering cost and architectural design technology majors are provincial-level characteristic majors and provincial-level quality majors; construction engineering technology practice training base is a vocational education training base supported by the central government, and Hunan Province’s vocational education key practice training Training base; construction equipment engineering technology major is a provincial productive internship training (teacher certification training) base project; engineering cost major is a provincial school-enterprise cooperative productive internship training base project; Hunan Construction Vocational Education Group led by the college It is a provincial demonstration vocational education group.

The college currently has 621 faculty members, including 437 teachers, 19 senior titles, 161 associate senior titles, and 330 masters and above. 3 provincial-level professional leaders, 12 provincial-level young backbone teachers, 2 provincial-level excellent teaching teams, 3 provincial-level professional teaching teams, and many teachers in the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, China Construction Education Association and Provincial Department of Education , Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Provincial Construction Human Resources Association and other departments (institutions) acted as experts.

The college was commissioned by the Provincial Department of Education to presided over the compilation of the "Hunan Provincial Secondary Vocational School Professional Teacher Training and Assessment Standards, Construction Engineering Technology Standards" and the three majors of Hunan Provincial Higher Vocational Colleges: Construction Engineering Technology, Engineering Cost, and Building Decoration Engineering Technology Standards for the sampling of professional skills of students, taking the lead in charge of the sampling of professional skills for students majoring in construction engineering technology and engineering cost in higher vocational colleges in the province; commissioned by the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Outline", "Construction Industry Migrant Worker Training Guide" and Hunan Provincial Construction Enterprise Professional Technical Managers (Eight Members and Ten Posts) Job Qualification Examination Outline, Remote Test Question Bank, Training Materials; Successively Completed Level One and Level Two Registered Constructors Continuing education and training, construction industry vocational skills appraisal appraisers training, and the province’s vocational colleges and universities construction engineering technology professional teachers’ enterprise on-the-job training and other training programs. It is the teaching guidance center and internship training of Hunan construction industry and construction vocational colleges Center, teacher training center, vocational qualification training center. It has played a huge role in advancing the technological progress of the construction industry, improving the skill level of construction workers, and leading the innovation and development of construction vocational education. It enjoys a good reputation in the industry and among similar institutions.

In December 2006, the college passed the first round of the Ministry of Education's higher vocational college talent training work level assessment and won the excellent grade. In December 2011, it passed the second round of the Ministry of Education's higher vocational college talent training work assessment and took the lead in the establishment. The Hunan Construction Vocational Education Group, which is also the chairman unit, is the first batch of national demonstration vocational education training units. The college is the director unit of the Vocational College Committee of the Hunan Construction Human Resources Association, and the Hunan Vocational Education and Adult Education Association Higher Vocational Civil Engineering Professional Committee Director Unit, National Prefabricated Building Technology Innovation Base (Hunan Prefabricated Building Technology Training Center), China Construction Industry Press Central South Region Vocational Education Textbook Publishing R&D Base, National Construction Industry Skilled Personnel Training and Training Base, National Building Materials Industrial talent training base, Hunan construction industry special engineering training base, Hunan construction enterprise professional technical management personnel training base, Hunan province enterprise high-skilled talent training provincial direct designated institution, Hunan Province first-level construction teacher continuing education designated training institution, Hunan Construction Industry Migrant Workers Continuing Education Training Base, Hunan Construction Engineering Group Skilled Talent Training and Training Base, Hunan Construction Industry R&D Center, Hunan Construction Education Training Center, are the first batch of "Building Information Model (BIM)" 1+X certificates in the country System pilot institutions, Hunan Province 1+X Certificate Teaching and Research Center (Building Information Modeling (BIM) Certificate), Hunan Province Virtual Simulation Training Center, Hunan Province Course Ideological and Political Teaching Research Demonstration Center, won the National May Fourth Red Flag Youth League Committee, Hunan Province Civilization Higher Education Institutions, Civilized Health Units in Hunan Province, Advanced Units in Vocational Education and Adult Education in Hunan Province, Advanced Units in Vocational Education in Hunan Province, Advanced Units in Employment for College Graduates in Hunan Province, Advanced Units in Enrollment and Employment in Higher Vocational Colleges in Hunan Province, Hunan Province It has been awarded the title of "Top-ranking Project" excellent school for employment of college graduates, and has been awarded as a civilized unit of Hunan Construction Engineering Group for consecutive years. The Hunan Advanced Technical School of Architecture, affiliated to the college, is a national key technical school and a demonstrative key technical school of Hunan Province.

On the road of struggle in the new era, the college holds high the great banner of Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, adheres to the direction of socialist education, adheres to the fundamental task of establishing morality, fully implements quality education, and cultivates moral, intellectual, physical, and artistic development. The socialist builders and successors of the People’s Republic of China strive to provide a satisfactory education to the people, never forget their original aspirations, keep their mission in mind, and aim for excellence with independent intellectual property rights, distinctive urban construction vocational education characteristics, leading in the province, first-class domestically, and internationally influential. The development goal of "high vocational colleges" is striving forward to build an excellent, cultural, and exquisite new school, and to demonstrate and lead the development of Hunan architectural vocational education! Work hard to build a prosperous, beautiful and happy new Hunan and realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!